Resorts are struggling to complete their staff of animators

Crafts and seasonal jobs lack labor, camps and holiday centers are no exception.

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Apple pickers, pickers, waiters, dishwashers, hostesses, cashiers … we never stop discovering the sectors where there is a shortage of labor this year. Like the lifeguards and lifeguards, it is the “camp” animators whose absence is particularly noticeable at the start of the summer season.

The reasons are similar to those affecting other sectors. The health crisis, the increase in the cost of transport and accommodation, in addition, it must be said, lack of motivation among students in particular, and young people in general. A phenomenon of global demotivation after post-covid issues.

For resorts, this is nothing new. For years, BAFA, the Letter d’Aptitude aux Functions d’Animateur open from the age of 17 without diploma requirements, has had less and less success. And it goes without saying that Covid has not improved things since training has been canceled. The decline is double-digit, – 20% in a year since the health crisis. In 2021, 31,000 BAFAs were issued, which is 2,000 fewer than the year before.

It has become a headache for the organizers, which the Ministry of Youth and Sports still imposes on the presence of a quota of BAFA holders per. activity and per. team. Impossible to recruit adults even if the management considers them competent without having the famous diploma. When management is reached, and this is not the case everywhere, the threat of absence in connection with the return of the Covid point drifts home. The Dordogne Education League, which organizes residencies every year, fears that the one-time problems that arise as a result of Covid will become permanent.

Delphine Martin, general delegate for the Dordogne Education League

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The crisis has not bypassed the authorities. In an attempt to motivate graduates, the state awards a bonus of € 200 agitation to 20,000 young people who commit to completing their education. Today, pIf the courses are resumed normally in the gyms, the results will not be felt until next year.

It is also true that the list above technical skills and “soft skills” do not seem to correspond to the number of zeros on the payslip. We ask the candidate, who of course is already able to supervise a groupe of childrento be dynamic and motivating, observant and reactive, patient, organized, having good physical and nervous resistance, acquiring animation techniques, regulatory knowledge of safety and responsibility, mastering first aid movements and child psychology. ” All this to work for consecutive hours in an insecure position (part-time, seasonal, temporary) and for the minimum wage.

If they do not have a strong calling or desire to pursue a career in education, many graduates are reluctant to pay for education, leave their homes, possibly take up residence, sacrifice their vacations and their weekend and commit to taking on a great responsibility 24 hours a day for a few hundred euros.

On the other side of the scale, being a speaker, leading a group, sharing a team spirit, and becoming an educational beacon for children in construction is an experience that is truly invaluable. The graduate animators often come from families where they have already passed BAFA, or they themselves have benefited from the inspiring example of animators in their childhood. Finally, successful coaching after passing BAFA is also an excellent line that can be added, from the age of 17, to your future resume.

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