The Big Con: Grift of the Year Edition (Nintendo Switch) – The Test

after going out computer in August 2021, The big setback from the Canadian studio Mighty Screamcomes to us today, in his Grift of the year edition, on our Nintendo Switch. The chance for us to return to this title that wants to pay tribute to the years 90 and video tapes, magical artifacts of level 99 which only initiates can control without danger. So this big scam, we are talking about the literal translation of the title, is it worth living? This is what we’re going to see right away.

Video Kill the radio star

The big setback is a story that tells us the adventures of Ali Barlow who tries by all means to video store of his mother, prey to the greed of a few loan sharks. It is no less than 97,000 € that it must find in just a few days to keep its local movie rental. Because yes, dear reader, a few years ago, movies were not downloaded directly to our 100 cm diagonal screens. You either had to wait for them to come out on a big chain, or buy or rent them on a medium the size of a large book called a ‘cassette’, unbelievable, isn’t it?

And it is exactly the shop that houses Mrs. Barlow, Ali’s mother. She helps her by advising clients on films that might interest them. For this, she does not hesitate to spy on their conversations to find the work that meets their expectations. This ability to make his ears hang out will be very helpful to him as it will be his starting point in the world of scams.

Because yes, if his mother’s company is in danger, the only solution is to invoke illegality. Thanks to the help of an artist of the genre, Ted, we learn the tricks of the trade and set ourselves a goal: to help him set up his big scam, hence the title, in Las Veganza, and then the income and the family business get back. But to fund our trip from our small town of Lisbon, we need to start with the basics: pickpocketing.

From the streets of Lisbon through Mallton’s shopping center to Las Veganza’s casino, this activity will feature prominently in our tour† For the rest we will have to let our ears drag to provide each everybody what he expects and thus receive a just reward in return. This can be in the form of cash, but it can also take the form of a code that allows us to enter an otherwise unreachable place.

Usually, just playing pickpockets is enough to unlock the next stage of our adventure, making The big setback a simple simulation of pickpocketing would be too simplistic. The pleasure that is experienced is primarily in the multitude of thefts that have to be committed. For this you have to invest in the dialogues so as not to miss anything. Of the collectibles are also part of the game in the form of stickers or objects. Depending on our discoveries, we will be rewarded with valuable tickets.

Scams, crimes and herbal products

The title of Mighty YeloI take the form of an adventure game in which we will have to discuss, choose the right dialogue, the articles needed and succeed in the small minigames available. To steal the contents of a wallet, you must pass a meter game. An arrow moves on a rectangle in which a small blue area shrinks over time, it’s up to us to release the button in the blue area. If this mechanism is simple and effective, it will take more and more time as we progress through the levels. However, it is possible to have it run automatically at any time if too much fatigue is felt. We can then focus more on the narration, but we lose the only difficulty of: The big setback

Another minigame is to to fade, that is, to ask for change for a large amount, then deconcentrate the counter to make it start again from the beginning, despite the amount already accumulated. Again, the idea is interesting, but the execution is way too simplistic. There are only two clues to remember, a sigh and we tell a joke, a surprise and we tell nonsense. This is more than enough to double our bet on every try. But we’re still spinning in circles too fast.

Side quests will define our adventure. They will usually ask us to reach such and such a place and then find the right one item† Nothing too transcendent except the narration. References to years 90 are part of it. Whether it’s the graphic part, which recalls the design of t-shirts whose carriers were all the rage in the playgrounds, or the multiple objects that have now fallen into disuse, we navigate a world so similar to our own yet so far away.

Stop me if you can !

If from a substantive point of view and to play, the observation is quite pleasant, from a technical point of view the result is much more contrasted. First, there is the short lifespan. It is entirely possible to complete this story in just five hours. And when it’s fun, it’s hard to come out completely satisfied, because we always seem to be doing the same thing during our adventure. the to play just doesn’t renew itself enough and spending his time stealing and defrauding people without any scruples or remorse isn’t very rewarding either.

Management is also questionable. If the basic operations are not a problem, triggering a theft and starting a call is done with the same key. Too often the actions are confused and we have to try pressing the Y key several times, hoping not to restart the same dialogue for the fifth time. These dialogues, fully translated into French, are of very good quality and have the most appeal of The big setback because of their humor.

The graphics part is much more polished. With a design straight from Saved by the bella sitcom for teens from the years 90, the sets are loaded with detail and give prominence to a deluge of colors, each stranger than the last. The result is a wonderfully strange game that never gets tired and regularly manages to surprise us by diverting posters of, for example, cult films.

More tricky, small bugs have dotted our gaming sessions. First, there are the few lines of untranslated text, not much of a problem, but never pleasant. More complicated, for every hour of play, one to two full blocks appeared after an automatic save. Thankfully, restarting the game sent us back to the missed skit’s launch. However, it remains unpleasant.



  • The 90s aesthetic is beautiful and packed with fun details.
  • The soundtrack can be listened to without hindering the progress.
  • Overall treatment is effective.
  • The gameplay mechanics are easy to understand.
  • The narration is effective and captivating from the first to the last minute.
  • The dialogues are very well written.
  • Fully available in French.
  • It is possible to automate sniper flights.


  • Small bugs are annoying.
  • The phases of pickpocketing are quickly redundant.
  • The double use of the Y key is confusing.
  • The phases of flouze are really too simple.

Note detail

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  • Soundtrack

  • Gameplay

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  • story

  • Price / Lifetime

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