The Rolling Stones at King Baudouin Stadium: Satisfaction on All Floors!

The Stones celebrated their sixtieth career Monday at King Baudouin Stadium. An impeccable concert from start to finish. A little miracle.

Brussels – King Baudouin Stadium: The Rolling Stones in concert. Monday, July 11, 2022

We don ‘t think it’s a single second when Mick Jagger sings (I can not get no) Satisfaction ! The Stones have just spent two hours playing all the smiles and having fun as kids on a playground. We also have the banana. It was not expected. A Rolling Stones concert in 2022 at a stadium, for 150 euros per seat (minimum), what could it give? Well, that’s good! A demonstration, yes!

It started with a video tribute to Charlie Watts, the historic drummer who died in 2021. Already, it’s beautiful. And then the riff sounded off Street fighters, the anthem from May 68. The time is 20.45, and the laggards are screwing up. We meet an old gentleman who sprints with his trolling so as not to miss anything. Next door, children, open their eyes like saucers in front of these extraterrestrial grandparents. Everywhere t-shirts with the tongue hanging out. Who are these people who, as they approach the 80s, give off just as much energy as if they were thieves?

Brussels – King Baudouin Stadium: The Rolling Stones in concert. Monday, July 11, 2022. © JC Guillaume

Magritte and Captain Haddock

Mick Jagger moves his hips, walks on the huge stage, speaks to the spectators, speaks to him in fluent French as well as in Flemish: “Are you okay?”. When he sings, he has the same voice as sixty years ago. When he moves, that is, all the time, he gives the impression that time has not caught up with him. Between titles, he is barely out of breath, even when he comes out of a rage Bitch stands out for the first time on this trip.

By his side, “The Magritte of the Marolles”, as the lead singer will introduce him, Ronnie Wood, colored hair, English class right out of Carnaby Street while jumping on his guitar. By his side, he who should have been dead a thousand times, but who stays there, laughs on the edge of his lips, dark glasses to better address death and this clothing detail that makes the guy even cooler than we had imagined: a tie with the image of Captain Haddock dangling from his belt! And suddenly, filiation so obvious! Keith Richards is not a pirate, he’s a long distance captain, a thousand ports!

And music in all that? This is the heart of the show. No big show, but timeless songs, that’s what it is! We wondered what it could provide, old rock from the 60s to the era of hip hop and the base all the way. Well, rock still has beautiful remains, thanks for that! All the songs pass the ramp of time with brilliance, clumping right from the beginning 19th Nerve breakdown and too late to hymns You can not always get what you want picked up by the crowd and Honky Tonk women. Bluesy, dirty, terrific catchy. The fact is: it works!

Rolling Stones - King Baudouin Stadium © JC Guillaume

Brussels – King Baudouin Stadium: The Rolling Stones in concert. Monday, July 11, 2022. © JC Guillaume

timeless songs

King Baudouin Stadium is not full. This provides space in the pit to easily circulate, breathe or just see what is going on on stage. Don’t worry, it’s full enough for the concert to be in full swing. The atmosphere is relaxed, everyone gets going, we never get bored for a single second, even when Keith takes the microphone for two songs, just to let Mick breathe.

When the latter returns, it’s for another concert part in apotheosis. Stir time: Miss youfunky at will, Midnight hikeblues and sticky, the black diamond Paint it black, Get me started and his riff right out of rock school, Give me shelter with pictures of the ruined Ukraine and finally one Jumpin ‘Jack Flash still effective. There is still a reminder that the party must be complete: Sympathy with the devil And this Satisfaction misleading. For yes, the Stones gave us satisfaction. And much more. When will we meet again?

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