10 feel-good movies that do not focus on love or relationships, according to Reddit

Emma Thompson’s recent outing Good luck to you, Leo Grande made viewers laugh right from his first trailer with his nonchalant attitude to adult humor and love. But it seems that some viewers are tired of the need for romance and relationships in feel-good movies.

Reddit users have carefully compiled a list of satisfying movies that are safe for fans who may be crushed or just tired of watching romance in movies. Whether it’s a motivational film about self-confidence or a cult classic that brings back the familiar childhood nostalgia, these ten films avoid romance but still give viewers that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Little Miss Sun. is a movie that is still mentioned on many different forums and often has a place among fans favorite movies. While the film focuses on deeper themes, its overall plot follows Olive and her family as they embark on a mission to bring Olive to a beauty pageant, but their road trip has also led them on their own journey of self-discovery.

The film ultimately avoids a predictable plot, and as Redditor acknowledges, littlemoonwitch focuses on family dynamics rather than romance by showing increased family closeness through conversation, conflict, and forced closeness. This healthy film combines humor with in-depth character development to create a fun film that “always does [viewers] feel good”.

Billy Elliot (2000)

Billy Elliot is one of the best dance films ever and continues to tell a strong story even today, where the film sheds light on stereotypes, masculinity and poverty. The one love story he focuses on is Billy’s newfound love of ballet, as he finally saw him let go of his own gender expectations with the help of his no-nonsense dance teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson.

The film is still considered an important film because of its vital social commentary on gender expectations. Billy Elliot ultimately elevates its viewers by promoting the idea that what they believe can be achieved. But the film also highlights the importance of educating others about “the unknown”, through stellar performances that caught the attention of a Redditor who shared that “Julie Walters and Jamie Bell were amazing”.

Sing (2016)

To sing lit on viewers’ screens with music, dynamism and positive energy. This funny film follows Buster Moon as he tries to save a dying theater by hosting a singing competition featuring a variety of animals with great personalities and loud voices.

The film is packed with fun as it caters to the whole family with a combination of child and adult humor that is well complemented by the film’s revival of oldschool hits that many fans have followed. HalXQuixotic explained how their “daughter accidentally found [it] on Netflix “before he said it” turned out [to be] a surprisingly funny film ”filled with laughter, friendship and incredible melodies.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

My neighbor Totoro is such a visually stunning film that fans can watch it on mute, with many viewers simply admiring its high-quality animation style and unique characters. Although the film’s overall plot is a bit darker than the stories typically associated with children’s films, My neighbor Totoro teaches younger and older viewers important messages of death, grief and kindness.

The film’s dynamic animated style appeals to young fans who may not understand the seriousness of its plot, while emphasizing the importance of friendship. My neighbor Totoro creates characters that play on the magic of childhood and deliver a sweet story that uses nature to its full advantage, where Emilyam tells how “Ghibli movies are good for [them] when [they’re] in this state of mind ”.

Support Me (1986)

support me has certainly earned its place in the movie pantheon, where many call it a cult classic. The film follows a gang of four boys who seek to recover the body of a missing boy, but it is the band’s journey along the way that steals the show, focusing on friendship, childhood adventure and nostalgia.

The film captures the essence of growing up and the friendships one makes in childhood, which often follow them into adulthood. The charming group played on viewers’ own memories through not only the teasing shared between them, but also their vulnerable moments, which led EnoughItem to declare it “one of their favorite movies.” [despite] the end [being] rather sad “while giving viewers the familiar feel-good vibe.

Men in Black (1997)

men in black is one of the craziest sci-fi movies ever, and it’s safe to say that the franchise’s later film has also lived up to its silly charm. The film rejects the romance and replaces it with a dynamic duo who somehow seem to escape the strange events they witness, without even a scratch.

The sophistication of the film is only made possible by the character’s characteristic costume and sunglasses, not to mention their cool gadgets. men in black gives a crazy story that suits the whole family and always guarantees viewers a laugh because of its grotesque alien antics, prompting Redditor PegasusReddit to share that “Comic sci-fi does [them] happy ”among many other fans.

Wonder (2017)

Wondering follows Auggie as he navigates everyday school life with a condition often referred to as Treacher Collins Syndrome, inspired by the author’s own encounter with a similar condition. The film moves away from creating a romantic story based on the impact of Auggie’s condition on her parents’ relationship and instead offers viewers an uplifting story of friendship and diversity.

Despite its feel-good mood, the film does not avoid the problems Auggie faces, but sheds light on the bullying he faces and gives viewers, young and old, important reminders of how to teach others. Reddit user whitemm2 explained how “Wondering is an incredible film ”that shows how love always wins over hatred through the sweet friendships Auggie makes along the way.

Pride (2014)

Despite defending people’s right to love, Pride actively avoids a predictable LGBTQ + romance and instead gives viewers an enjoyable depiction of the moment in history when two unlikely social groups became best friends. While the film touches on deeper topics such as homophobia, most of its playing time shows the budding friendship that develops on the screen between the LGBTQ + community and minors.

The film features a number of unique and loud personalities that fans quickly became attached to as the story progressed, especially as these personalities sparked friendships with others who resembled them. Pride played on 80s nostalgia and created a light-hearted clock without romance that remains as strong a story today as it was then. One Redditor even explained how “it’s okay if you want to cry [both happy and sad tears] but no romance ”.

Wild Peoples Hunt (2016)

Wild People’s Hunting is one of Sam Neill’s finest films to date as he plays alongside Julian Dennison, whose character Ricky slowly becomes friends with the man he calls uncle after his adoptive mother’s death. However, it’s not as simple as it seems when the duo unleash a manhunt while flying out into nature, where the film’s silly plot is both fun and packed with action.

The duo both have sarcastic wit and a desire to see life as an adventure because of their combined imagination and contempt for authoritative persons. Wild People’s Hunting made viewers scream from start to finish, with Taika Waititi’s unique film style gaining a permanent place in the hearts of fans, as highlighted by a Redditor who said it was “one of [their] all-time favorites! ”.

Paddington (2015)

Paddington saw many viewers’ favorite childhood stories come to life and is a feel-good film that avoids any mention of romance unless it’s about Paddington and his beloved jam sandwich. Paddington offers fans a heartwarming story of a home away from home, while including plenty of fantastic London footage and a bit of mischief to keep the laughs alive.

The film kept fans entertained through its incredible scenery, amazing plot twists and sweet messages of friendship that led many viewers like MaxSupernova to call it “one of the most entertaining films.” [they’ve] seen for a long time ”.

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