Amazon Prime Day 2022: Smartphones, SSDs, Bose headphones, … These are the best live offers

live feed Amazon Prime Day 2022: Smartphones, SSDs, Bose headphones, … These are the best live offers

That is it ! Prime Day has finally arrived! Amazon is getting ready to deliver its promotions and discounts! And we can say it’s good for the wallet, because in the world of high-tech and hardware, discounts are always welcome! And at Amazon, the choice is endless! Hence the interest of this live to highlight the best offers of this Prime Day 2022!

Prime Day 2022: Amazon’s Best Deals to Compete with Sales!

Here you will find the best offers currently running at Amazon for Prime members! Feel free to click on the links while there is still stock

To take advantage of this, you must be subscribed to the Amazon Prime service. Although it is paid and costs 49€ per year, the first 30 days are free! This means that you can fully try the program during Prime Day and thus take advantage of promotions and other services such as Prime Gaming, Prime Video, Prime Music, etc.

  • The 4th generation Echo Dot with clock costs €27 instead of €39 during Prime Day
  • The Fire Stick TV 4K Max for €36 instead of €64
  • The Nintendo Switch MicroSD card for €49 instead of €93 at Amazon
  • The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor + Echo Show package for €79 instead of €139
  • The HP OMEN 15-inch Laptop PC with RTX 3070 for €1090 instead of €1496 at Amazon
  • The Bose 700 Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for €179 instead of €259 for Prime Day
  • The Rowenta Silence Extreme+ fan for €69 instead of €89 for Prime Day
  • Buy the Asus RTX 3070 for €599 instead of €669 at Cybertek
  • Buy the package including the Samsung S21 FE 5G + the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for €539 instead of €858 at Cdiscount

Enjoy Amazon Prime for free for the first 30 days

Prime Day is finally back! Amazon’s big promotional event finally takes place in this month of July! And it’s your wallet that will be happy with all the discounts, promotions, discounts and specials you can take advantage of!

Indeed, whether it be smartphones, connected objects, PCs, SSDs, games or anything that revolves around audio, Amazon benefits from a great offer that will finally allow you to consider living in a smart home for less.

That’s why we’re bringing you this live highlighting the best deals currently on Amazon to mark Prime Day 2022!

Prime Day 2022: Amazon Delights Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series Owners

When we talk about many products outside the comfort zone of the JV site during sales, how could we miss video games and gaming. Be that as it may, video games cannot be separated from technology as there are so many products that fit perfectly with it.

Our picks during these sales will focus on games and accessories of the new generation of consoles that are making the news in the market: the PS5, the Xbox series and the Nintendo Switch.

All kinds of controllers, games and accessories, owners of these consoles have a wide range of promotions. So prepare your shelves and your TV cabinets, as they are likely to welcome new tenants.

High-tech does not refer to a specific product, but to a large number of products that can be linked together in one way or another.

As specialist journalists, we closely follow the news from all these sectors, however varied they may be. Our goal is to try to pass on, popularize and share our knowledge with you.

For someone who is not quite versed in the subject, it is difficult to see clearly in this very thick catalog. Benefit from good advice on the characteristics of the products, what are the best prices. The aim is to follow developments in order to inform you as well as possible.

All our teams are looking for the best offer, the best promotion for high-tech products. And all this for you!

  • Echo Dot Connected Speakers
  • Boost home WiFi with Eero
  • Turn your TV into a Smart TV with the Fire Stick TV
  • Get reading again with the Amazon Kindle

Prime Day 2022: Gaming prepares for discounts

If Prime Day is also popular with gamers, it’s probably because of the tempting offers that affect PCs. Graphics card, processors, screens, mice or keyboards, there is something for every budget and every taste.

If some took advantage of the sale to complete or improve their setup, Prime Day could allow them to turn a good setup into a great setup! The prices already low thanks to the sales will undoubtedly become even more on this “blessed” day at Amazon.

So prepare your credit cards, because Prime Day is short and very intense!

  • Take advantage of deals on gaming laptops
  • Take advantage of offers on PC gaming screens
  • Take advantage of prices on gaming graphics cards
  • Easily increase the size of your laptop or desktop PC!
  • Get ready with everything you need for cheap gaming

Prime Day 2022: If you want a smartphone for the summer, Amazon definitely has what you need

If you want to switch smartphones, Prime Day may be the perfect opportunity to opt for a new, more recent model. Apple, Samsung, Oppo or even Xiaomi are all looking for their best promotions.

By constantly offering more and more advanced models, the leading brands in the market are constantly renewing their models in the pursuit of perfection. Amazon has understood this and is preparing to release a slew of promotions for its subscribers.

  • Take advantage of offers on smartphones

How can you take advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day?

Prime Day promotions are for Amazon Prime members only. If you are not a member, you can start with a 30 days free trial without obligation that allows you to take advantage of Prime Day offers. The free period offers you the full range of Prime member services (Prime Video, Prime Music, 1-day delivery, etc.).

What are the best Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals?

The event taking place on Tuesday, July 12 and Wednesday, July 13, 2022 on Amazon features ultra-competitive promotions. For example on the Fire TV Stick at -50%, on the HP Omen PC with RTX 3070 at 1099€ or on the iPhone 11 at 474€! Come and discover our selection of the best promotions.

How much does an Amazon Prime subscription cost?

The subscription price is set at €49 per year (or €5.99 per month) after the end of the free trial month. You also have the option to opt for monthly payment. You only pay when the free period ends and only if you decide to remain a Prime member.

Don’t forget to activate your 30 day free trial before subscribing!

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