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At the center of all concerns in “Here it all begins”, the Vatel Prize will be awarded at the beginning of next week in the TF1 series. Will Theo (Khaled Alouach) win this prestigious award despite Louis’ quarrels?

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the next sections of Here it all begins. If you do not want to know anything, do not read on!

While the summer intrigue Here Everything Begins, centered on the National Pastry Championship, in which Teyssier, Noémie, Greg and Anaïs in particular will take part, is gradually being put in place, another major event is currently marked by the series of TF1: the race for The Vatel award, which could allow Double A to be considered a real gourmet restaurant.

The only problem: Théo (Khaled Alouach), on whom all the pressure rests as a chef in the restaurant, is torn between his desire to win this prestigious award and his desire to follow Célia (Rébecca Benhamour) to Paris and give them a real chance to their love story.

Ready to do anything to not miss such a reward, Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) has therefore got his son to sign a contract, which binds him to Double A for a year and at the same time secures him the coveted position as referee chef for all Auguste Armand’s restaurants around the world. Which apparently did not please Louis (Fabian Wolfrom) at all, who is convinced that he is in the best position to perpetuate Auguste’s legacy.

In the next few episodes, Louis, assisted by Claire (Catherine Marchal), will plan behind the backs of Teyssiers and will manage to postpone the arrival of the Vatel price inspector for a day without anyone knowing. By not seeing him arrive on the scheduled day of the evaluation, Theo will therefore believe that Double A is no longer in the race and will give up everything to leave with Célia.

Louis will thus take the opportunity to regain the leadership position at Double A. But one last twist will once again turn everything upside down for the heroes in Here it all begins.

Lisandro (Agustin Galiana) will notice the presence of the Vatel price inspector in the application restaurant and will actually pressure Teyssier to call Theo back as soon as possible. The local teacher is convinced that they have a better chance of winning the prize with Theo than with Louis.

Without hesitation, Theo will find his brigade and will provide the best of himself, despite a moment of doubt during the preparation of the dessert. Enthusiastic about the meal he has just tasted, the Vatel price inspector will not fail to congratulate the young chef, adding in passing that he was “pleasantly surprised” know what was offered to him.

But will Theo’s efforts pay off? Will he succeed in winning the Vatel Prize?

Screenshot / TF1

Theo manages to make his father proud

Without waiting for the broadcast of Monday’s episode, TF1 has just given the answer a new unpublished excerpt from Here it all begins posted online in advance. In the institute’s courtyard, Theo reads the many congratulatory messages he receives from chefs he has always admired. This is how we understand that Charlène’s brother actually won the Vatel Prize!

“It’s normal you’re one of the profiles you need to see now”launches Teyssier to his son before in return expressing all his pride to him. “You deserved this award. Really”.

Théo then makes an unexpected confession to his father, which he already tried to look like when he was a child: “You know, when I was little, I trained in the bathroom to do as you do. I took shower gel, shaving foam, toothpaste, as if they were ingredients, and I tried to reproduce your gestures. (…) I have always wanted to do it. like you since i was little even though you were ashamed of me “.

In a rare moment of father-son feeling, Emmanuel then swears to Théo that he is wrong and that he has never shamed himself, even though his son has often had the impression of being a “ball” to his eyes. “Stop, I never felt ashamed of you. (…) I had seen your potential, I wanted you to surpass yourself. I did not want you to be just good, I wanted you to was the best. “.

And while Theo says he’s proud to be the son of chef Teyssier, Emmanuel then comes up with the most beautiful statement for him: “You’m wrong. I’m the father of Chef Teyssier”.

The beginning of a more peaceful relationship between father and son Teyssier? Answer in the sequel to Here it all begins, which in particular should reveal to us whether Théo will follow Célia to Paris, or whether his victory will ultimately force him to stay in Calvières, at the helm of Double A.

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