Meeting with Niçois Adamé and Andreas, “sound brothers” with several projects

These two do not have the same blood. But it’s like. And the passion for music has always flowed through their veins. Adam Taride, aka Adamé, and Andréas Salon grew up as two real brothers.

When they were still young, Adam’s father, a drummer who had his glorious moment with the group Plein Sud, started a new life with Andreas’ mother.

The two children followed the path. Early on, they found out they were jamming with family and friends. Collective adventures, solo experiments: Regardless of their current projects, Adamé and Andreas move forward hand in hand.

It is the same in interviews, where paths and answers inevitably intersect.

Andreas, what was the inspiration that nourished your latest EP, baptized Paris / Nice?

Andreas: I worked on it for two years. I arrived in Paris just before Covid. I wrote my first title at the time, so I made many others, only to keep five in the end when I returned to live in Nice.

Did you need to see something else before you got homesick?

Andreas: Yes, I like to go far. And at the same time, when I’m gone, I realize I’m from here, a real Niçois. I lived two and a half years in London. I worked in digital and banking. After that, I had the click I wanted to devote myself entirely to the music. When you are in Nice, you are often tempted to go to Paris. And when you are there, you realize that the south is not that bad. One of the songs is called Paloma, he talks about the beach of the same name in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. We hear my cat’s voice on a voice memo. We discussed how we felt on this beach. We are still in the most beautiful region in the world …

What is important to you when composing?

Andreas: I am originally a bass and double bass player. The groove is always very important to me, everything starts from there. I like to mix the French Touch side, soul, electro. I’m not trying to find myself in a box.

Adamé, you got a breakthrough on national radio with Sunburna cover of Richard Cocciante’s hit …

Adamé: On my scale, it was very good to get on national radio stations. I’m not going to spit on this lighting, I’m happy. I was approached by labels that pushed me to continue on the cover of the years 1970-1980. I did A beautiful story by Michel Fugain. I love it, but I did not want to lock myself inside this watch. Prior to that, I had released three titles each month during my imprisonment. One of the three came up with a clip.

And you just released a new single, Cucaracha

Adamé: Yes, it had been ready for several months. It’s a summer song. And at the beginning of the school year, I hope to come back with an EP, more personal, with more in-depth lyrics.

Last year, you played for the Crossover Summer in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, before Kid Francescoli. Always the same vibes hip hop site?

Adamé: I gradually detach myself from a rather urban side to get closer to the song. For Crossover Summer, it was my first concert as Adamé, after making several DJ sets.

Adamé and Andreas, did you have many common experiences before you went solo?

Adamé: We have always played together since we were children. It got more serious in high school. We started with a group called Aadjam. For our age we had shot quite a lot in the bars, it was a good start. Then there was the Adamandy project. It was something else, our separate universes fused well together, there was also a bit of a jazz side to it.

You walked through the Conservatory of Nice. You seem to have quickly detached yourself from this academic education …

Adamé: Even under the conservatory, we were not very academic. We had a special bond with the teacher, Fred Luzignan, who is a very good friend of my father.

Your father, Gérard Taride, was a drummer in the Plein Sud group in the 1980s. Can you tell us more?

Adamé: It’s a group that had a certain aura here, they had entered the top 50! At home, we hear all the time about this time. Their period was quite short, perhaps three or four years. But they still had the glory of their little quarter. We have stars in our eyes when my father and his friends tell us their stories.

There are other artists in your family …
Adamé: We have always been immersed in the artistic environment, that is true. My grandfather, Bernard Taride, is a sculptor. He is an encyclopedia, a musical nut that knew many of the great jazz men of the 1960s. [interview réalisée le 26 juin, avant la disparition de Bernard Taride, ndlr].

It also looks like you’re writing your lyrics with your mom?
Adamé: Yes, because she writes very well and is a great reader. She’s not in the music business, but she’s a dance teacher.

How do you go about producing your music?
Andreas: I’m enough old-fashioned, I record everything with old drums, I also have a lot of analog synths. As soon as I make some money, I invest in it!
Adamé: Me, I regret it a little, but I let go of the instruments. When I concentrated on production, I rather look for samples, I sequence my drums … These are other habits, I also try to change them.

To make a DJ set together by the sea for La Crème Festival, is …
Andreas: A break is so cool. Although we have two separate universes, we listen to the same music. For such a place we would play Tame Impala, Channel Tres, Disclosure, Toro y Moi and Kendrick Lamar. More classics and bangers.

Their playlist and their dream collaboration

What is the title of the other you prefer?
Adamé: Beach love, a number he will soon publish. Otherwise, I really like Secretwhich is on his EP.
Andreas: I really like Iodine, a track he posted on Soundcloud. And there is Candywhich also suits him really well.

The song that takes you back to childhood
Adamé: Georgy Porgy, by Toto. And a little later there was Septemberof Earth, Wind & Fire, which we set every new year at midnight.

The must-have track for every family jam session?
Andreas: Rapper’s Delight, by Sugarhill Gang. I send the bass line and Adam starts rapping. Since he was ten, it’s been his thing. He can say anything, but with his energy, his groove, it does.

The piece that makes you think of a summer on the Côte d’Azur
Andreas: Nino Ferrer, South.
Adamé: Me, that would be The sun, from Myd. As soon as I listen to it, I have pictures of Nice or Cannes, of the sea.

The piece that stays in your head?
Andreas: I’ve been “grinding” an artist named Heather for weeks. He’s a friend of my pianist friend Elijah Fox. his piece shy is sublime.
Adamé: Me, I really like a recent title from Lous and the Yakuza called Patterns.

The property of your dreams?
Adamé: I have to say Drake. It would be a weird association, but hey, I adore her.
Andreas: I really want to meet Toro Y Moi and work on a title with him.

Next date for Adamé: July 17 at Folies des Lacs, in La Colmiane, with Jack Daniel, Blonde and Madame Monsieur. FREE ENTRY. Information here.

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