Sleeve. Settlement with chains and broken bottles

Hit with a chain, the victim broke a bottle to defend himself. (© Illustrative photo)

The case was under investigation and was almost sent to the Assize Court for attempted murder. It’s final High Court (Sleeve) which has prosecuted three men for aggravated assault.

Resentment and desire for revenge

In the night of April 23, 2020at Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouetthree men, drunk, crashed into a residence where several people were, including the one that WT accuses of having insulted him, of mocking him and of having set a trap for him. ONE fights break out. The victim is strike with a chainshe has broke a bottle in self-defense. One of the attackers did the same. Results of many wounds in the hand, behind the back and one large tear 10 inches on a cheek that will leave one persistent scar. Doctors issued one 45 days ITT. Other people received less severe chainsaws.

WT has been detained for two years. He explains that the day before attackhad he contacted a girlfriend of the victim to give him cocaine. Agreed in an alley. He went there, accompanied by LM, in the latter’s car. Several people arrived, including the man who was to be beaten at night and who asked them to get off. When they refused, the future victim smashed a car window. WT and LM called AK for help and picked him up in Fougères. Then they went to make up for his expense.

In the box, WT explains that he was angry at the victim, whom he suspects of having insulted him in a case of drugs.

“I wanted revenge, but I did not want it to go that far. »

AK claims he would be a broker, just like a big brother, and when WT called him, he told him they would correct a man armed with a Japanese sword. He took the chain from the car so he could defend himself.

LM recognized in prison have participated in the sentencing expedition but did not attend the court hearing.

“For these men, the codes of crime are more important than life in society”

For Lawyer Mickael Giraudetthis violence was committed by the group effect and the effect of the alcohol. None of them would have gone there alone. He explains to the defendants that they could submit a complaint if they considered themselves attacked, and does not do justice to himself.

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“You have uneven paths and you have not integrated the codes of life into society. »

Of sentences 3 to 5 years in prison were required.

Me Henry Ermeneux, from Rennes bar, defends AK. He evokes the trauma of his youth, when a juvenile judge sent him on a break in a structure in Africa. The facilitator, a former soldier, had very violent methods. He claimed “not to bring up, but to tame these children”. He had refused to send him back to France at the end of this stay and told him he would make a killing machine out of him. He returned two years later when the official was prosecuted for the death of a teenager.

WT is defended by Me Simon Ball requesting division of responsibilities as the victim bears part of the responsibility for the acts committed by his client and his friends.


The court handed down prison sentences. WT, 26 years and 6 mentions in the criminal record, is sentenced 5 years in prison, including 2 years probation, and brought back to Coutance’s jail at the conclusion of the hearing. LM, 30 years old, sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, of which 1 year conditional. As to AK, 36, his judgment of un years imprisonment will happen with one electronic bracelet in his mother’s home, near Orléans.

The court has no did not retain the division of responsibilitiesdue to the mismatch between the acts committed.

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