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At the beginning of a new romantic relationshipthe pink glasses we wear can easily make us confuse passion and novelty with Great love. As our world begins to revolve around this one person, butterflies in the stomach hole can mislead us about the intensity of our emotions. To better understand our feelings, and whether this romantic relationship is likely to survive the ravages of time, is here seven questions to ask yourself which allows you to find an answer!

Are we able to sacrifice for each other?

One of the main ingredients in love is not passion as one would think, but security. Knowing that the other will be there for us, no matter the time of day or night, no matter the problem. Although this feeling of security and trust in the relationship evolving with time and experience, you should feel this reassurance before declaring your love for your significant other.

Think back to the small difficulties you have encountered since the beginning of your relationship. Is your partner ready to bring you soup when you are sick? Is he ready to accompany you to an important event for you, but if he prefers to do many other more interesting things? Is he responds quickly to your calls and messages and make you a priority?

Am I ready to fully share my life with my partner?

In the early days of a romantic relationship, it is normal for both partners to want to show their best side. It’s healthy to want to look perfect When you start a new relationship, however, making love also involves sharing all aspects of your life. Are you really ready to be completely honest with your partner and let them discover all aspects of your life, even the less glamorous ones?

Does my partner help me get better when I’m not feeling well?

For a romantic relationship to work, it is important to communicate and that your partner becomes your confidant. But it is not enough just to trust yourself to your dreams and your hopes, but also to share your fears and doubts ! Do you naturally manage to approach your partner when something is wrong? Is it able to make you laugh and lift your spirits or does it completely ignore your feelings?

Do I include my partner in my life plans?

Many couples end up going apart, despite the love they have for each other, because both partners eventually realize that they have opposite life plans. If one of you wants to settle down and start a family, while the other wants to travel the world, it’s important to know that from the beginning. Ask yourself where you see yourself in 5, 10 and 20 years!

Do we really know each other?

It is not necessary for a relationship to function to know absolutely every second of your partner’s past. Opposite to, know the important events in his life helps to understand how he became the person he is today. Ask yourself if you really know yourself. Have you seen each other in your worst and best times? Do you really know how your partner reacts to exes and crises for example? Do you still respect and value your partner in the worst of times?

Can I overlook my partner’s flaws?

Are you in your relationship able to overlook your partner’s mistakes or do you tend to constantly judge them? Can you easily compliment him? About you spend your time criticizing your partnerwhether you tell him it directly or it’s in your head, your relationship will definitely not work.

Am I happy when my partner is successful?

Share your partner’s successes, whether these are minimal or not is very important! If you can not be happy with your partner, do not stay in the relationship. On the other hand, if you show yourself to be as happy as your partner, hold parties, etc. to congratulate him: that’s it signs of a relationship that needs to last !

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