The story of the first names of Kelly Hélard’s children (mothers and celebrities)

Reality TV, maternity … reality TV for Kelly Hélard

In 2011, when she was only 18 years old, we discovered Kelly in the program “Les Ch’tis”, which was broadcast on W9. Although the pictures did not show it, but instead revealed a rather strong character, the young woman actually hid a terrible discomfort. Kelly was categorized as “fat on duty” by her competitors from the reality TV world, and suffered terribly from her body and the image it sent back to her. Falling into a real spiral (drugs and cosmetic surgery …), it was finally love and her husband Neymar who put their feet on the ground again. Over the years, and after becoming a mother twice, first to Lyam, then to Lyana, Kelly has finally come to terms with her image. She tells this in her book “All that for my weight” (Talent editions), where she tells about her life course and her various weight losses. More calmly, she has appeared for several years in the program Mamans & Célèbres (TFX) accompanied by her beautiful little family.

The story of Kelly Hélard’s son’s first name

Lyam, Kelly and Neymar’s first child, was born in November 2015. When asked how she came up with the name of her first boy, she immediately answers “Good question”. Before you remember. “Basically it was delirium. Neymar and I went on holiday to Egypt. It was our very first trip. We were not parents yet, I was not pregnant at all. I am no longer really what happened, but Neymar said to a man , which should definitely annoy me: “We have a child together, his name is Lyam.” Then this first name stuck! We were also looking for a first name in accordance with my husband’s and Christians’ Muslim confession.

The 30 extra pounds recorded during her first pregnancy marked the beginning of a new battle for Kelly, that with a new weight loss. Motivated by her child, for whom she wanted to be a satisfying mother and good in her body, but also by the picture she sent back on television, the influencer with 585,000 subscribers managed to lose 13 kilos and noticed the development of her body, followed by viewers of Mamans & Célèbres … before getting pregnant for the second time.

The etymology of the name Lyam

Lyam / Liam is the Irish diminutive of William. It is also a first name of Hebrew origin meaning “the people for me”. Characterology of Lyam: cognition, wisdom, counsel, peace, conscience, according to L’Officiel des Prénoms 2021 (first editions). Liam is the 46th most given male first name in France since the year 2000, attributed to almost one in 120 boys today. Lyam is ranked No. 152 on this list.

The story of Kelly Hélard’s daughter’s first name

Lyana was born on December 27, 2020. For her children, Kelly wants names that fit well together. “To my daughter I would definitely have a name similar to Lyam”. That’s how she and her husband immediately agreed on the first name Lyana, whose first 3 letters are similar to those in her brother’s first name. “Y” by the first name Lyana, but also by Lyam, also makes it possible to recall this gift in the first name of his two parents, Kelly and Neymar.

For her second pregnancy, Kelly gained 25 pounds. A new sports program, new supplements, food rebalancing and a new organization have enabled him to regain control. The young mother, who today publishes images without filters on her networks, has above all realized that women can be beautiful with their shapes, and that in order to be fulfilled, one must accept oneself as one is.

The etymology of the name Lyana

Lyana comes from the Latin Light. In 2021, it is one of the fastest growing first names in the top 100 attributions. Characterology, according to L’Officiel des prenoms: strategy, vitality, leadership, empathy, achievement.

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