Violence on the sidelines of a bicycle race in Moulins (Allier): prison for the two defendants

It could have been a happy and family evening in Moulins town center, where parents and children were numerous to take part in a bike race. But two out of control people’s violence turned the sports festival into news.

It was during this competition that it all started on Friday, July 8, around 8:40 p.m., avenue Théodore-de-Banville. Already very drunk at this point, Alexis Charvet, 30, and one of his girlfriends, Cindy Cournol, 25, are walking down the road. The peloton of riders is approaching at high speed. An organizer asks them to pull over. Apparently completely full, the duo takes the fly. The tone also rises with two retirees asking the two drunkards to calm down.

A brave young Moulinois intervenes: broken jaw

And then a fight breaks out when a young 16-year-old Moulinois bravely tries to intervene. He wants to protect the elderly, as he sees physically threatened by the extremely aggressive attitude of Alexis Charvets and Cindy Cournols. Beaten by Charvet, the underside of the Moulinois miner literally exploded. A broken jaw and four loose teeth, which the next day at the University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand will give him a major surgical operation. Serious leg injury to another man who will also try in vain to neutralize the liberated couple who hit him. A broken ankle and 45 days of ITT.

The boss, robbed, takes justice into his own hands: he is judged by the court in Moulins (Allier)

“Dirty whore, I hope your kids die”

The two attackers were arrested by police a few minutes later. Cindy Cournol is still not calm. “Hysterical,” she tries to evade his arrest. Without success: “Dirty bitch, I hope your kids die!” She says to a policewoman. At the bar at the court in Moulins, Tuesday afternoon, she confirms immediately after that she does not remember anything. Before the fight, this self-described “alcoholic” young mother of three might have drunk a bottle or two of whiskey.

His sidekick, also a father, also makes no secret of his addiction to alcohol and narcotics. While only admitting a dozen “strong beers” that night, he talks about his brain like a Swiss cheese full of holes: “No memory!”. The fading memory. But concrete blows that created chaos: “They hit all their targets with precision,” claims Master Falco, the lawyer for the two wounded.

3 and a half years and 18 months imprisonment

The Attorney General thanked them warmly for their intervention: “Few people would have had the courage to do so”. For it is indeed two excessively violent persons who have been portrayed. By highlighting their substance abuse problems as the main trigger for this outbreak, their respective lawyers invoked the duty of care. But the court preferred to follow the requisitions. Pulled out of their cell for the trial, Alexis Charvet and Cindy Cournol returned directly there. He was sentenced to four years in prison, including three and a half years. She is two years old, of which 18 months are fixed.

Antoine Delacou

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