At the table! Our selection of dreamy dining rooms

Do you have no inspiration to decorate your home or do you just want to dream away while discovering sublime interiors? Weekend LeVif searched his archives and found a few gems. This week zooms in on the dining rooms that give only one desire: join us to enjoy an extensive meal

second Life

This old monastery table belonged to the family of Ilse Popelier, interior designer and artist. She needed a new coat of paint, that’s why Ilse and her daughters covered it with words and drawings randomly and in bright orange† “We like to spread messages throughout the house. On the wall, in the cupboard, under the oven, here and there we write small sentences for each other in chalk. These are beautiful memories. I wanted to do the same with the table. I bought a can of bright orange paint and went for it without hesitation. A crown, a mouse, a singer, I drew everything that came to my mind. We had a great time. The funny thing is that several customers have now asked me to do the same on one of their furniture.‘ she said to Klaar Wauters.

sausage bread

mr frank

Betty Kafouni & Frédéric Zouag have carefully chosen the smallest work of art that adorns their home. In the dining room there is a huge fresco depicting a sausage roll and the words NO CARBS, made by Bieke Buckinx† As a reminder so that we don’t forget to eat healthy at every meal. “This Flemish artist made ten hot dog paintings based on existing company billboards. Ours is from Saint-Gilles. It’s a nod to our neighbourhood,” explains Betty to Fanny Bouvry. The dining table itself is custom-made and inspired by a design by Jean Prouvé

the tree table

Photo Laurent Brandajs

This modernist house in Ixelles has been boldly renovated by Edgar Architecture. He was also the one who designed the entire kitchen. Above the kitchen island hang Multi-Lite lamps, a reissue of a 1972 model by Louis Weisdorf, but it is mainly the beautiful wooden table, in which we recognize the shape of the tree into which it was cutwhich deserves all the attention.

A haphazard decoration

Photo Michel Figuet

At Maison Boxy in Deurle we do not like uniformity. On the other hand, we like a lot mix different objects and designers† Around the aluminum kitchen table, a T88A ST93 designed by Maarten Van Severen, several chairs were collected, including one by Hans Wegner. The candlesticks are from Tapio Wirkkala. “We kind of hit everything that way, haphazardly. There is nothing to look for behind the presence of such and that object, except that:we like it explains Carine Boxy to Amélie Rombauts.

Plastic, it’s fantastic

Photo Jan Verlinde

In his kitchen, which dates from 1979 and which has remained in its original condition, Pieterjan has a table and chairs made of Vico Magistretti† The dishes are Walter Van Beirendonck‘s flower vase Wouter Hoste† The man from Ostend who lives and works in Ghent is as much an interior designer as he is a collector, especially of Space Age and Radical design, writes Thijs Demeulemeester.

Heritage and modernism

Photo Jan Verlinde

The 2021 Heritage Prize has been awarded to this beautifully renovated modernist house located in Roeselare and designed by Joseph De Bruycker† Residents Katrien Jansoone and Tom Priem have been restoring their home with great patience and passion for over twenty years. Jacinthe Gigou was lucky enough to be able to visit it. Their dining room is where the terrace used to be, in the rounded part of the facade. On the left we see a spectacular stained glass window with a maritime scene† It was placed after the construction of the house, when the terrace was closed in 1934.

Homemade is good!

When Hugues Delaunay and Kenny Decommer moved into an artist’s house with high ceilings, their belongings suddenly seemed very insignificant. Something to motivate them and give them the courage to design their own furniture and launch their Studio label. Cobra they confided in Amélie Rombauts. Around their unnamed marble and resin dining table is a zigzag chair made of Gerrit Rietveld and a chair Luck in Paris. The pen drawings in the background are by the Antwerp illustrator Nicolas Colert, with whom Hugues worked for Essentiel. The blue artwork comes from Italian Luchipeand the metal lamp on the table is a prototype of “Otho” from the Solids collection that Cobra Studio launched in 2021.

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