Pixelmator 2.7 gets a modern overhaul, support for Pixelmator Pro docs, more

Pixelmator 2.7 was released today with a modern redesign, support for Pixelmator Pro documents and performance improvements, thanks to the use of metallic graphics.

The company warns that support for Pixelmator Pro docs is currently limited, but promises more to come.


Pixelmator is a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Available on the App Store, Pixelmator includes advanced image editing features such as layers, brushes, effects, filters, and more. Use various selection tools to precisely edit specific areas of a photo, or use content-aware fill to automatically remove elements from a scene. Pixelmator is regularly updated to support the latest Apple platform technologies and features, and uses iCloud to sync and collaborate on projects across the iOS and macOS apps.

Pixelmator 2.7

The company made the announcement in a blog post.

An updated design complements the fresh, modern look of iOS 15 and makes Pixelmator for iOS easier to use than ever. These changes affect just about every part of the app in one way or another. We’ve added helpful new features, improved usability, and an updated menu and button design to make you feel right at home with the latest versions of iOS.

Pixelmator for iOS can now open and export Pixelmator Pro documents! We call this initial support because a number of different things aren’t fully supported, but now it’s much easier to use Pixelmator for iOS in workflows with Pixelmator Pro.

By leveraging the powerful Metal graphics technology for its graphics pipeline, Pixelmator for iOS is now even faster than before. You should notice performance improvements across the board, although they are greatest in the paint engine.

The company said it is working on improving the Pixelmator Pro integration.

We plan to add important new features, keep improving support for Pixelmator Pro documents, and make it an even more amazing layer-based image editor on iPhone and iPad.

Recent Pixelmator Pro Updates

It follows an update to Pixelmator Pro in May.

Pixelmator Pro for Mac has received a major update that introduces an all-new Photo Browser, along with other improvements such as better support for PSD and SVG files and better management of photos stored in iCloud.

Photos stored in iCloud are now automatically downloaded at their full resolution when you open them in the app [and] are now organized into the same categories as Apple’s Photos app, including Recent, Favorites, Panoramas, Selfies, and Screenshots. In addition, any edits made by the user in the Photos app are reflected directly in Pixelmator Pro.

A month earlier, the layer management was much better.

This includes a redesign of the Layers sidebar to make it easier to manage all your layers in a document. In addition, there are brand new features with the addition of color adjustment layers and effects.

The new layer user interface provides more at-a-glance information about the contents of each layer, with clearer iconography to distinguish the different types of layers.

There is also a menu of display options that allows you to customize the appearance, including configuring thumbnail size, blending position, and whether to display layer descriptions. Layer masks also appear as separate rows in the sidebar and can now be detached from their parent layer, making layer mask management much easier in practice.

Pixelmator 2.7 for iOS and iPadOS is rolling out today.

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