Risk reduction, hygiene … Drug addicts take refuge in Caarud Sacados in Orléans

“To the children I will say: “Don’t get used to this shit”. It prevents you from growing, from building yourself up. But I know that when you are young, you only see euphoria, you say to yourself: ‘It’s fine’ ‘. Julian is 49 years old and behind him,thirty years of bulging life

.Depending on crack for a long time , the Parisian managed to escape from it when he arrived in Orléans in 2005. If he tries to free himself from the addiction of the past, he still has his substitution treatment and cannabis. Less worse perhaps, but the forty-year-old makes no difference: “Hard stuff, soft stuff,the problem is the addiction itself

. “

Unconditional, anonymous and free welcome This Wednesday, July 13, 2022, sitting on a sofa, he participates in the common welcome time offered byCaarud Sacados

. A few hours to exchange with other peers and professionals. Far rue Sainte-Anne in Orléans, this reception and support center for risk reduction for drug users has been located at the former Madeleine Hospital since April 2022. The welcome is unconditional, anonymous and free.

His ambition? Accompany drug addicts upstream for a care course. This Apléat-Acep service receives active consumers. As explainedAnne-Christine Moreau

head of the Caarud department: “Most of them areinsecure and rejects care

. Some have psychiatric disorders. Nevertheless, it is never easy to know whether it is a pathology or the effect of the products. ” L’Apleat-Acep, health and solidarity association specializing in addiction treatment, manages thirteen companies in Loiret, Cher and Loir-et-Cher. It promotes access to care and rights for people in difficulty and combats all forms of exclusion. Indignantthe Caarud Apléat-Acep manages the Addiction Care, Support and Prevention Center (Csapa), located on rue Sainte-Anne, andCsapa La Station , boulevard Rocheplatte, for persons under 23 years. It has two therapeutic residential centers:The elevator , mixed, rue Guignegault ?; andThe preface boulevard Rocheplatte, for women with children. Parentheses

Therapeutic coordination apartments -, rue Sainte-Anne, accommodates people with chronic illnesses, in situations of psychological and social fragility that require medical supervision.Receive the free newsletter every Thursday “

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NL {“path”: “mini-registration”, “id”: “RC_Sante”, “accessCode”: “14160103”, “allowGCS”: “true”, “bodyClass”: “ripo_generic”, “contextLevel”: “KEEP_ALL “,” filterMotsCles “:” 6 | 10 | 97 “,” gabarit “:” generic “,” hasEssentiel “:” true “,” idArticle “:” 4160103 “,” idArticlesList “:” 4160103 “,” idDepartement “: “264”, “idZone”: “22117”, “motsCles”: “6 | 10 | 97”, “premium”: “false”, “pubs”: “banniere_haute | article | article2 | article3”, “site”: “RC”, “sousDomain”: “www”, “tagsArticle”: “# larepsante”, “urlTitle”: “reduction-of-hygiene-risks-drug-addicts-refuge-aucaarud-sacados-a-Orleans”}According to the pharmacist,men make up 85% of our audience . The average age is 40 years. We welcome 20 to 25% of new users every year.Many are poly consumers

. ” Since April, the center offers once a month a permanence at the AIDES association to support people who practice “chemsex”, that is, the use of drugs during the sexual act. “They are most active men, socially integrated,” he saysRobin Godard

special educator.

Robin Godard, specialist teacher, and Anne-Christine Moreau, head of the Caarud service. Photo by Anne-Laure Le Jan

Risk reduction Caarud does not intervene to reduce user consumption but toreduce the risks associated with their substance abuse

. For care, the center directs them to Apléat-Acep’s second service, Csapa. The job of the eight professionals working at Caarud is to analyze the habits of the people being received, their bad practices leading to the risk of infection or overdose; to give them advice. And offgive them the right equipment

whether the drug is ingested by injection, inhalation, “sniffing” or orally, to protect them as much as possible.

Caarud provides users with the appropriate equipment to reduce the risk, especially of infection, such as this crack pipe. Photo by Anne-Laure Le Jan

No drug use on site To do this, they receive them in a room of complete confidentiality. “We avoid reusing and sharing material”, insistsAnne-Christine Moreau . The center imposes a strict rule

: no ingestion of illicit drugs on the spot.

The center has two washers and two dryers. Photo by Anne-Laure Le Jan In addition to laundry and luggage storage, the establishment provides its audience witha bathroom .

“We supply shower gel, soap, deodorant, razors, sanitary protection”, lists Robin Godard. “We welcome those welcome to clean up after their visit,” he adds. It is largely for this service thatKarim , 38, goes there twice a week. “I’m arguing a little, thoughI come primarily for hygiene

. I’m not in the mood for addiction. Me, I dived into alcohol, ”says the 30-year-old who lives in his car.

Users can take a shower in Caarud. Photo by Anne-Laure Le Jan

“Breaks isolation” Caarud arranges times of collective reception so that discussions are born, and workshops (graffiti, origami, breakfast on the banks of the Loire …). It helps users with their administrative procedures and acts as a mediator. “Getting here allows them to put an end to their day, to break their isolation,” he explainsRobin Godard

. That’s what Julien is looking for when he “is not too grumpy”. The Orléanais family, who were homeless for a long time when he was still dealing with hard drugs, have been around for ten years. “The life I had on the street I can not afford to have at home,” explains the man, who welcomes the center’s existence:

“If there was not this structure, it would be even harder for us.”

The name has been changedCaarud is Open Monday to Friday , from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:00. People who want to find help there go to 1 bis, rue Porte-Madeleine. They call the intercom and wait for a professional to open the door for them. It is also possible to reach the center by calling

or by sending an email to accueil.sacados@apleat-acep.com

Social and health workers intervene directly in Caruud, but also during patrols. The mobile substance abuse and intervention team travels to homes, on the streets, to squats, etc.

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