Sales: Cdiscount is selling at a loss and we’ve found the best deals

Cdiscount, the e-commerce giant is crushing all competition with prices completely exploded. For example, we find smartphones, PC gamers, video games and many others at fairly accessible prices. This is the final write-down, so you need to act fast!

Summer Sale 2022: Cdiscount wants to dominate the competition

Cdiscount is one of the largest leaders in e-commerce in France. Cdiscount was founded in 1998 by the Charle brothers and has been part of the Casino group since the 2000s. Cdiscount can be considered the king of bargain prices in France.

Take advantage of the 2022 Summer Sale on Cdiscount

TV, smartphones, screens… anything is possible! And a word of advice: if something catches your eye, don’t risk waiting too long, because you’re unlikely to find the same reference for the same price next week.


  • Summer Sale 2022: Cdiscount wants to dominate the competition
  • Summer Sale: The Best Deals on Smartphones at Cdiscount

Summer Sale: The Best Deals on Smartphones at Cdiscount

Lenovo’s Legion 5 loses $500 on sale!

Here it is ! The famous Legion 5 from Lenovo that looks great with its 15-inch IPS panel that can reach 120 Hz.

Boosted by an AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor clocked at 3.3GHz, its power is coupled with 8GB of RAM, ensuring perfect fluidity when you open a lot of programs.

We now turn to the graphics card, which is none other than an RTX 3060, a proven GPU with its 6 GB GDDR6 dedicated video memory. Suffice it to say, you won’t have any problems getting your games off the ground at 120 fps, ideal for competition.

Speaking of games, you can easily store them thanks to the 512 GB M.2 SSD that this model Legion 5 is equipped with. Especially since the write and read speed of these storage spaces is known to be very fast, so you can use your laptop in a quarter of a second.

Buy the Legion 5 for €799 at Cdiscount

The MSI GF63 gaming laptop loses almost €250 on Cdiscount!

Sales: Cdiscount is selling at a loss and we've found the best deals

With the GF63, MSI aims at a price-conscious target group that wants to be able to play the latest games well.

Equipped with an RTX 3050 and an i5 11400H, the game will be possible without any problems, if you agree to some concessions.

Ray Tracing can even be activated in compatible games!

On the other hand, it will sometimes be difficult to achieve the famous Ultra quality. While that’s ideal, that’s clearly not the point of a laptop at this price.

For competitive games, on the other hand, you come out in good conditions thanks to the 15.6-inch Full HD screen and the excellent refresh rate of 144 Hz.

  • As a reminder, a screen’s refresh rate is equal to the number of images per second it can display.

Ideally, you’ll add some RAM in the future to achieve perfection with 16GB!

Buy the MSI GF63 for €801 at Cdiscount

Fixed PC gamer: get 1TB more for cheap with this reference signed Crucial

Sales: Cdiscount is selling at a loss and we've found the best deals

At Crucial we know the subject of SSDs well. Crucial is a specialist in everything related to storage media and memory and has expertise in this area.

So the MX500 has plenty to rejuvenate your setup. Indeed, we find in him a sequential write speed of 510 MB/s and a sequential read speed of 560 MB/s. This will largely enable you to initiate, process and manage the data in your possession the way you want.

In addition, with its 2.5-inch size, you can easily install it in a fixed PC, even if it is a bit dated. This is especially possible because Serial ATA (SATA) ports are common on motherboards.

It will be much less obvious to install it in a laptop, even if some big old models allow it.

But until you decide to switch machines, it’s a cheap and ingenious way to extend the life of your PC.

Buy the MX500 for 89€ at Cdiscount

Take advantage of sales on SSDs at Cdiscount

Xiaomi’s Redmi 9C smartphone is on sale during the summer sale on Cdiscount

Sales: Cdiscount is selling at a loss and we've found the best deals

Equipped with a 6.53-inch Full HD display, the Xiaomi Redmi 9C is a smartphone that includes the minimum expected features and is mainly aimed at the smallest budgets.

It is clearly an entry-level smartphone and concessions will have to be made in particular on the power. On the other hand, considering the price, this deal remains very fair.

In terms of power, we’re going with a MediaTek Helio G35 3.2GHz processor paired with 2GB of RAM.

On the battery side, it’s honorable. We are talking about a 5000 mAh battery which should be enough to last you an entire day or more depending on your usage.

If we are interested in the camera, on this model we have an ultra wide angle of 13 Mpx and a macro lens of 2 Mpx.

Finally, the Xiaomi Redmi 9C has the advantage that you can use two SIM cards at the same time. So you can opt for this smartphone and use a personal line and a professional line without purchasing a second phone.

Buy the Redmi 9C for 139 € at Cdiscount

This 50-inch Samsung reference is on sale at an unbeatable price

Sales: Cdiscount is selling at a loss and we've found the best deals

This year’s sales are clearly the way to go to find a nice 4K TV for a low price.

With the 50-inch Samsung TU7022, or 125 cm diagonally, the Korean giant is establishing a foothold in the entry-level/midrange TV market, without sacrificing too much in quality.

If it does have HDR technologies, that is clearly not the main purpose of this TV, which mainly offers good picture quality in SDR with very good contrast.

It’s perfect for having fun watching a Netflix series, a Prime Video movie, or even watching the latest YouTube video from your favorite content creator.

It will remain a pleasant experience for the game. While purists will tell you it’s impossible to game without the 120 fps of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with a 60 Hz display like this you can play perfectly.

Buy the 50-inch TU7022 for €419 at Cdiscount

Philips 4K TV in 65 inch is for sale at Cdiscount

Sales: Cdiscount is selling at a loss and we've found the best deals

Want to have a good time in front of a big 4K screen on your couch without breaking your PEL?

This Philips 65PUS7556 is an excellent choice!

It has a 65-inch panel, a gigantic 164 cm diagonal, illuminated by LEDs.

For the video game on the latest generation of consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series, it is a good model, even if it is not able to reach the famous 120 Hz.K 60 frames per second, which is more than enough for the vast majority of games right now!

It’s a Smart TV, so you can access all the usual apps, such as Prime Video, Netflix, Youtube, among others!

With compatibility with HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG10, it can also display your High Definition programs without any problems.

Finally, it has 2 built-in speakers for sound (20 Watts in total) and is equipped with Dolby Atmos technology.

Buy the 65PUS7556 for €499 at Cdiscount

Xbox: This accessory is a must and costs only 18€!

Sales: Cdiscount is selling at a loss and we've found the best deals

If you have a wireless controller, it is essential to have a charging station. Several models are offered on the web, but the DOBE charging station compatible with Xbox Series X, S, One, One X, One S and One Elite is undoubtedly a good deal.

With this charging station you can easily and quickly charge two controllers at the same time. With its sober and sleek design, it fits perfectly next to your console. After your gaming sessions, all you need to do is place them on the charging dock and fully charge the battery.

It can also be connected directly to your Xbox Series X or S or to any computer and USB sector using the included charging cable. The LED indicator will turn off when the power supply is complete.

Your controllers are also protected against overload.

Buy the Xbox Series controller charging station for 18€ at Cdiscount

Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Remakes are at the lowest price during the sale

Sales: Cdiscount is selling at a loss and we've found the best deals

The remake isn’t just about graphics. The developers have worked on reworking the battles to make them more dynamic than before and revised the animations to make them a bit smoother.

Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl replicate the exact systems and events from the original games of the same name.

You will have to do your best to defeat both the eight arena champions and the League, and most importantly take care of Team Galaxie. All in all, even 15 years later, Diamant et Perle’s common thread is quite well run and offers a varied adventure, far from being stuck in a routine.

And the most nostalgic of the title finds with great pleasure the small excursions in the underground network of Sinnoh, the secret bases, the Pokémon competitions but also the preparation of delicious Poffins.

With details like this, these Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl managed to appeal to the biggest aficionados of the license.

Buy Pokémon Sparkling Diamond for 29€ at Cdiscount

Buy Pokémon Shining Pearl for 29€ at Cdiscount

Take advantage of the 2022 Summer Sale on Cdiscount

Is Cdiscount participating in the 2022 Summer Sale?

Cdiscount is one of the brands entering this year’s 2022 Summer Sale with
Shopping district and Amazon

What promotions can we expect during the summer sale at Cdiscount?

Before the summer sale, Cdiscount was able to offer a lot of discounts, especially on high-tech, hardware and gaming products.

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