Square Enix finally reveals why the game is going to be a PS5 exclusive

A month ago we announced that Final Fantasy 7 RebirthNext Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is set to be released in 2023, would become a PS5 exclusive. We now know why. This is a testament to Square Enix’s great ambitions.

A fine sprinkled game

Monument of the video game, the license Final Fantasy is a spearhead of the J-RPG and still inspires today gadget of the kind. Considered the main showcase, Final Fantasy 7 released in 1997 on PlayStation 1 is a benchmark in the fieldas it served to initiate the success of the PlayStation, as well as the export of J-RPGs in Europe.

Announced at E3 2015 by Square Enix, the remake of Final Fantasy VII causes a sensation. Released in 2020, titled Final Fantasy VII Remake, has been given a facelift through a total redesign of the gameplay, focusing on more demanding action RPGs, breathtaking staging, deep characters, refined graphics, but above all a reworked scenario. This by only focusing on the city of Midgard. We therefore expected a second opus, it will finally be 3.

An exclusive PS5, why?

The sequel was released last June, titled Final Fantasy VII Rebirthoffered a scoop trailerwhere Cloud was seen outside Midgard with Sephiroth and Zack (presumed dead) on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII. This announcement was accompanied by two important pieces of information: an exit window for winter 2023like’a PS5 exclusive. This hasn’t been a disappointment, while PS5s are still hard to come by.

But this supposedly strange decision is explained by the fact that: Square Enix wants to take full advantage of the power of Sony’s latest console† Yoshinori Kitase, producer of the game, confided this topic during an interview with the Japanese media gamer

FF7 Rebirth is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 because of the graphics quality, of course, as well as the speed that the SSD allows. Since the adventure takes place in a huge post-breakout world of Midgar, loading time stress is a key point we had to consider. We felt we needed the qualities of PlayStation 5 to overcome this, so that players could travel around the world more comfortably.

we know that SSD drastically reduces load timesEspecially for an open world game, extremely greedy in terms of game design. We know that Cloud, Tiffa, Barett Aeris and Red XIII escape from Midgard at the end of Opus 1 to discover the vast world. Welcome news if you know that the remake’s loading times were significant.

This means (we suspected) that the game will not be released on Xbox Seriesdespite the SSD storage onboard Microsoft consoles. A release on PC cannot be ruled out in the long termif we know that PC gamers have been able to discover Final Fantasy 7 Remake after its temporary exclusivity.

On the other hand, Yoshinori Kitase announced that: most of the team members who worked on the first opus have been renewed for its continuation to maintain a certain osmosis: “a teamwork, their know-how and their momentum.‘ to quote his words. This same team will also be in charge of the last part of the trilogywhich the producers say will bear the same name in “R”, in the same vein as “Remake” and “Rebirth”.

An alternate history, but…

This is what will certainly raise high expectations on the part of the fans. Square Enix took the risk of deviating from the original script of FF7 at the dawn of an alternate history, where Zack’s character isn’t dead, and where the illustrious antagonist Sephiroth doesn’t seem to have the same ambitions.

As such, Tetsuya Nomura, another producer of the game, claimed that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will tell a story that can also speak to players who could not enjoy the remake. So he described it as a story”quite massiveand reminded players that some of the game’s narrative events will be rearranged, and that from “new mysteries” will be added.

This does not mean that the most important passages will not be recorded. Other elements related to the scenario and link to the game released in 1997 were released by Kitase.

The central point of the story has not changed And as for the new arcs that are different from the original, they will allow players of that era to enjoy the game in a new way. The challenge we faced for this project was to record them without deviating from the original. As for the progress of the game, there will be some changes. If during gameplay you feel like a passage has been removed, it’s because the structure of the story has changed a bit since it’s a trilogy. While the order in which you visit certain locations may change, our policy is not to cut anything.

The ambitions are undoubtedly very high at Square Enix.

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