Laetia’s father said Johnny Hallyday would ruin his life without him and his daughter

Although Johnny Hallyday had a strained relationship with his stepfather, André Boudou, he still loved his daughter. In addition, the deceased rocker had tried to be as present as possible for his two younger daughters.

It happens sometimes that André Boudou talks about his relationship with Johnny Hallyday. Moreover, during an interview, Taulier’s father-in-law had suggested that the latter would not be anything without him and his daughter. We’ll tell you more.


In December 2017, the French mourned the disappearance of the eternal Idol of young people. Johnny Hallyday died at the age of 74 after battling cancer for several years. Years after this tragedy, the rocker still remains in the hearts of his many fans and loved ones.

Andre Boudou attends the grand opening of Amnesia Nightclub on October 21, 2011 in Miami Beach, Florida. | Photo: Getty Images

The proof? In 2020, during the 3 years he died, they paid tribute to him during a guard at the cemetery in Lorient in Saint-Barthélemy. A ceremony marked by the presence of a character that marked the Taulier’s life: it is apparently his stepfather, André Boudou, that he remained angry at for a long time.

It’s actually no secret that the two men had a strained relationship during the Taulier’s lifetime. However, it is thanks to André that the love between Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday was born.

In fact, in March 1995, the rocker’s future father-in-law was invited to dinner with the musician, and his daughter had accompanied him. From then on, Laeticia Hallyday never left the father of her daughters again until his death in 2017.

French actor Jean Reno, his wife Zofia Borucka and André Boudou, father of Laeticia, arrive to attend the funeral ceremony of the late French singer Johnny Hallyday in front of Madeleine Church in Paris, December 9, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images

If Johnny and André were very complicit in the beginning of the idyll of Laeticia and her treasure, things took a different turn with time. The father-in-law and son-in-law had a good quarrel.

Moreover, in the book “Laeticia: the real story”, Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle recalled a conflict between the two men while on a boat.

Laurence and François had revealed that Johnny Hallyday had provoked his stepfather that day and called him his “c * n”. A provocation that had affected Laeticia’s father. Therefore, the latter decided to leave the boat.

French singer and actor Johnny Hallyday poses for a portrait during the 18th annual City Of Lights, City Of Angels Film Festival at the Directors Guild of America on April 21, 2014 in Los Angeles.

For her part, Laeticia had also not appreciated the behavior of his treasure and made him understand. A remark that apparently had not pleased the rocker since he then pushed her into the water.

Aside from this provocation, Johnny also did not let his stepfather take care of his own affairs and did not call back. To him, according to a close source, André Boudou was a villain. However, Laeticia Hallyday’s father confirms that Johnny would have died long before without him and his daughter.

“If Johnny had not met my daughter and me, he would have died long before and been destroyed,”

he declared.

Singer Johnny Hallyday arrives at AFI FEST 2016 Presented by Audi – Opening Night – Premiere of 20th Century Fox’s ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ at TCL Chinese Theater on November 10, 2016 in Hollywood, California. | Photo: Getty Images


Despite his conflict with André Boudou, Johnny Hallyday never in his lifetime stopped loving the latter’s daughter until his last breath. With Laeticia Hallyday, the performer of the song “Allumer le feu” was able to rediscover fatherhood after adopting Jade and Joy.

For the latter, as he had stated during an interview with Inrocks, Johnny wanted to live as long as he could. If the Taulier wanted to be alive until he was 85 years old for his “little girls”, he unfortunately only lived on earth for 74 years.

Of course, her younger daughters were affected by her disappearance in 2017. And even years later, the pain is still present in Jade’s heart. The latter actually paid tribute to her late father the day after the sad anniversary of her father’s death, in 2021. Through an old photo of her and the man of her life, Jade shared her grief.

“I miss you Dad, I miss you all. I just wish I could hug you. I love you more than anything else on Earth”,

she wrote.

For her part, Laura Smet also had a very bad experience of her father’s disappearance in 2017. Especially since the Taulier had inherited his eldest daughter and his son, David. So to relieve her pain a bit, Laura decided to write a posthumous letter to her father. In this letter, she asks her deceased father why he did not leave them an inheritance.

But despite this, there is no doubt that Laura Smet will always love her father.

“I have an unconditional love for my father, I love him as the apple of my eye”,

she said in her father’s lifetime.

A year after the rocker’s disappearance, his eldest daughter also admitted on social media that she missed her father very much.

Note that Johnny Hallyday is the father of four children. David Hallyday was born from his relationship with Sylvie Vartan at the time, Laura Smet, from his romance with Nathalie Baye. Years after the birth of his elders, Taulier had adopted Jade and Joy with his last companion, Laeticia Hallyday.


In addition to his personal life, fulfilled by his children, Johnny Hallyday had also had great success in his career. And despite the fact that he is no longer among us, the rocker continues to mark the world of music.

The proof? He heads the list of the greatest artists, compiled by Le Parisien at the end of 2020. According to the analysis of Yves Santamaria, a historian and former speaker at Science-Po, Jade Hallyday’s father is considered one of the greatest singers of recent decades because “he also had the talent to appeal to new generations of writers every time”.

He then adds that the interpreter of the tube “Allumer le feu” “has never gone out of fashion”, which makes the authors more than happy to collaborate with him.

After Johnny Hallyday we find especially Céline Dion then Stromae. Followed by artists like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Vianney, M. Pokora, Britney Spears and many more. Celebrities who each have their talent.

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