“Renewal”, the key word under AG at the Châtenoy Rugby Club on Friday 8 July.

The Châtenoy Club, the players have greatly contributed to the revival of the club and its growth.

A general meeting to make many association chairmen dream, yes, the club’s meeting room was well filled with an impressive number of players, supervisors, parents of children from the rugby school. A first time for this club, whose managers are doing everything to continue the revival of rugby in Châtenoy.

It’s impressive this world on a GA, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it Said Henri Lombard, sports assistant present at this meeting. Jean-M. The Micheli president of the WHO, Xavier Merle president of the CODEP, Philippe Leger elected from the league and vice president Jean-François Contant (sorry) were also present at this GA.

Some important items in the statutes have been changed to give the club more guarantees.

Secretary Jean-Claude Reynaud: “We have adopted the renewal of the new articles of association, the strengths of which are as follows:

– CRC name exclusive to the club after submitting name, logo and acronym with INPI. No one may use this “company name” other than the club and without its permission.

election of the management committee every 4 years with reference to the Olympic year. Next renewal in 2024

– the executive office consists of either a chairman and a vice-chairman or two co-chairs, a secretary, a treasurer

– The Executive Board consists of all managers.

Adoption of internal rules reminiscent of the payment of contributions from all members of the association and the concept of respect for persons and property entrusted. »

Activity report from Secretary Jean-Claude Reynaud

Jean-Claude Reynaud: We had a full sports season …. or almost, which was a relief for us to be able to practice our sport, moreover with not too bad weather, except for the match in Auxonne where it was better to be on the bus (which I did) than on and at kl. edges of the field.

The senior team played 17 Territorial Championship matches and 2 friendlies (Verdun sur le Doubs and Ils sur Tille).

The territorial “championship” was something I would say “popular”, insofar as it was announced in a Group C form with 2 pools of 8 clubs and a pool of 7, then transformed a few days later into Brewing Pools, to determine the 4 series levels…, we therefore played 8 matches in Brassage and classified ourselves in the 2nd Regional Series (out of the 4 at the moment), and lacked the 1st series for one or two points in the general classification, but had still achieved 6 wins for 2 defeats (against our friends and neighbors of the Givry-Cheilly deal).

In the 2nd series qualifying group we played 7 matches out of the 8), ie. 5 wins for 2 defeats, both against Bourbon-Lancy, who will also beat us in the final of Beaune 16 to 20, after a very good match and a rejection try it could have changed the situation … A season that started on the 17th. October 2021 and ended on May 7, 2022, i.e. 7 effective months on the calendar, but at a rate of two matches a month, or even three in March 2022, it is not very motivating from a sporting point of view, when in all this you have the end of the year … »

The secretary called on the association to revise the calendar in order to plan the season. For him, it is essential to make rugby profitable and to pick up or return players, whether they are seniors or juniors, but also on a par with the basic training, which is the Rugby School.

In terms of education, the steering group will reflect on one or more training options for the Federal Optimization Certificate for categories over 18 years of age. “A rugby school has been reborn at CRC for this season 2021-2022. Certainly not with an overstaffed workforce. In the beginning we had just over fifteen girls and boys”.

The club had the will to set up a rugby school as it had for a certain period and to combine the principals of the primary schools of Châtenoy le Royal with Rugby Tango Chalonnais who intervened in these schools, the league which supported the project with various authorities and materially the city of Châtenoy le Royal and of course CRC.

René Chambaz was kind enough to take his crampons on every Wednesday and Saturday morning to supervise the children on his own to begin with, then parents came to help him and one of them, Ludovic Devlieger, became the manager.

The club leaders met Christophe Cabadaïs, technical director of the Chalon club and Sylvain Guyon, head of the Chalonnaise rugby school, to complete the operation for the 2022-2023 season. An education project will be established in the schools of Châtenoy le Royal, but also in Saint Rémy, managed by the RTC and its team of apprentices in the Professional Certificate. They also want the mission to make it known that rugby is present in Châtenoy le Royal for 5 to 10 year olds. The elderly, aged 11 and over, will be referred to the RTC, if possible and with the consent of the parents, under the CRC license. A baby rugby level (5/6 years) will be open to the club. U8 and U10 teams, depending on the current workforce, will train alternately in Châtenoy and Chalon, just to prove that rugby has its place in Chalonnais with two partner clubs.

6 U12 and U14 players have developed at RTC, under CRC license, in the last season.

We have planned the Letter Fédéral Baby and the Letter Fédéral Initiation training for the season 2022-2023. added the secretary.

Towing will be carried out at the schools for the start of the school year.

Like other activities in CRC: participation in the monthly meetings of the municipal sports office. Attending a CODEP 71 meeting in Givry is without a doubt the first! Participation in WHO Sport Trophies evening. Participation in the WHO’s inter-associative petanque competition.

A rugby animation during the Bodeg’Arts Festival organized by the Banda Desperados de Châtenoy.

CRC arranged two events: the flea market on 12 June 2022 and the so-called closing day with oysters, snails, etc. on 4 December 2021.

The secretary thanked the players and managers for trusting him.

I’m glad to see that CRC has regained its colors, it’s thanks to all of you players, coaches and managers who make them shine even more next season. Welcome to new licensees and managers, you arrive at a club of friends who like to play rugby, with pleasure, as real amateurs, if you know what I mean. Thank you for the past season and thank you in advance for the one you will offer usr ”concluded Jean-Claude Reynaud, club secretary.

Financial Report of Treasurer Paquerette Calon

One point that the members gathered for this AG have been eagerly awaiting is the status of the club’s accounts. Treasurer Paquerette Calon made a flawless presentation of the accounts, accounts which were closed on June 30, 2022

It turns out that for this end of the year for the 2021/2022 season, the health condition of the accounts is still green, proving that good management can quickly put money back. Having a healthy cash flow satisfies not only the leaders, but also the players, the coaches, the parents of the rugby school’s children and the municipality, who in no way wants to see a club disappear, especially if, like CRC, it develops into members, it makes his school grow and exports the image of the city when playing outside.

Rugby school sports report by René Chambaz

René Chambaz gave his presentation about the rugby school with his satisfaction at seeing the children’s champions in group C in Autun. He thanked the parents for their commitment to the life of the rugby school, Ludovic, who is very approachable, and Sylvain Guyon from the Chalon club for his precious help, not to forget Jean-Claude Reynaud, who is 100 percent invested in the club and rugby school. A school where the little ones want to renew next year, where they have fun and win. From 4 to 10 years, these children know that they will be able to continue, because after rugby school there is still rugby, and who knows, maybe see one develop and reach a high level. For René Chambaz, it is important to swell up in the ranks.

Moral report by President Thomas Bouillot

In the speech of Thomas Bouillot’s co-president, a word very often came up “Renewal”. “Renewal” of the club after a certain period of uncertainty, “renewal” at the end of the agreement with St Firmin, “renewal” with the rugby school, “renewal” with the creation of Babyrugby. He sent his congratulations to the players. He announced a new coach for the senior team plus Clément Raviot as physical coach. When he spoke to the players, he told them that they had relaunched the club and that he did not want to lose them, that recruitment was not for it.

He recalled and thanked the former management team for the work of the club. Like he thanked the president of the WHO, the representative of the league, the president of CODEP and the representative of Châtenoy municipality for their presence and help in the development of rugby.

The club registers 19 new players or senior managers, taking into account departures or stops, the number of seniors employed for 2022-2023 will currently be 45 players.

The president then gave the floor to the authorities present before launching a call for candidates to join the steering committee. Six contributions to the steering group were noted: Paquerette and Yohan Calon, Clément Raviot, Rann Van Der Stel, Mickaël Cléaux and Ludovic Devlieger
The Board of Directors then resigned and the new Executive Board was elected: it consists of two co-chairs: Tony Pandrot and Thomas Bouillot, a secretary: Jean-Claude Reynaud and a treasurer: Paquerette Calon.

Commissions will be awarded on Friday, July 15, 2021.
The club was waiting for a wise decision: to be involved in the R2 regional championship due to the possibility of hiring a reserve team at 12 noon.

The decision came on Monday 11 July and was announced to Thomas and Tony (the 2 co-presidents of CRC) by the president of the league Jean-François Contant, CRC will play in R2 next season, a real return to the Honor Promotion level with 2 senior teams involved (R2 Regional 2, second level under Federal 3).

Senior training will resume on Friday 29 July 2022 at 18.30 at Charréconduit Stadium. For the rugby school, which is open to children aged 5 to 10 years, registration will be made at the Forum des associations de Châtenoy le Royal on Sunday 28 August 2022 or from Wednesday 7 September 2022 at 14.00 at the rugby stadium 33 rue de Charreconducted.

GA ended, everyone gathered around a cozy buffet where discussions could continue.

C. Cleaux

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