Replace your screens with these 15 ideas for manual activities, ideal for children and adults

What do you need to do to employ your children? Crafts are your best friend! Discover 15 ideas for manual activities for young and old.

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Why practice manual activities?

To develop your children, take an interest in manual activities. Credit: iStock

Reconnect with manual activities. Excellent for concentration and development of the imagination, manual activities also have many de-stressing properties. Whether it’s for kids or adults, they allow you to record your time while having fun.

In the digital age, children are increasingly busy spending their days on screens. Televisions, telephones, tablets or video games, screens pollute their playground. On the occasion of the holiday or a weekend, you can have fun with your children and perform one of these 15 manual activities.

1. Coloring, for children and also for adults

Here is a manual activity that can delight your children. Credit: iStock

Coloring has relaxing benefits. Whether it’s for kids or adults, there are thousands of drawing and coloring books! With this manual activity, your child will be able to choose the drawing he likes and connect the colors according to it. If the drawing depicts flowers, your child will use his imagination to color the drawing.

Coloring has also become more popular among adults. For both adults and children, this manual activity has soothing and anti-stress properties.

2. Follow a tutorial and do DIY

A tutorial, a DIY, you can make a great decoration. Credit: iStock

“Do it yourself”, literally “do it yourself”. Develop your creativity with hundreds of do-it-yourself videos on the web. Choose a video tutorial (tutorial) that you like and get started!

To make a good gesture, you can also recycle your everyday items such as rolls of toilet paper, ice lollies or boxes of eggs. You will be able to instill new values ​​in your children: recovery!

Make homemade slime!

This manual activity has been very modern for a few years and kids love it. Credit: iStock

Slim has been the fashionable manual activity for a few years. Do not know what mucus is? Ask your kids, they definitely want to make some! For the recipe, it is better for adults to take care of it. In a bowl, mix 250 ml of liquid glue and double the amount of shaving foam. Add 1 tablespoon baking powder. Mix! To loosen the mucus, add 40 ml of saline solution. Now the kids can have fun decorating it. Glitter and dyes will delight the most creative children!

Make your own water bombs (your kids will be happy)

For the summer, kids will love this manual activity … water is one of their favorite pastimes. Credit: iStock

To combine business with pleasure, nothing better than a good water fight with homemade water bombs! We must not lie to each other, this manual activity is rather made to entertain your children. Fill balloons with water, tie them together and have fun! With this manual activity, your kids will enjoy their vacations.

5. Make your own candles using a set

This manual activity is original and useful. Credit: iStock

Would you like to make your own candles? What’s so cool about manual activities is that you can do everything yourself. Using the set, modeling your own candle will be a breeze!

6. Go to the stove, in the kitchen!

Get your child creative by getting him to perform manual activities. Credit: iStock

Manual activities do not only count as do-it-yourself, painting or decoration. Cooking is also a great way to express your creativity. Make (almost) starry dishes with your kids. To do this, select the recipe you want to make, for example a cake! Watch a video tutorial and presto, in the kitchen!

This manual activity will allow your child to be creative and even decorate the cake!

7. Paint by number, for young and old

Painting is one of children’s favorite hobbies, so have fun with them! Credit: iStock

Painting is one of the favorite manual activities for children and adults! To paint is to express your creativity, make your imagination work and sometimes renovate the house. This manual activity requires some material: a sheet or canvas, a brush and paint. Paint by number is the perfect manual activity for children. For the painting to be successful, it is enough to apply the correct color code to the drawing. For example, the color red corresponds to the number 4. The child must color all the parts of the drawing red with the number 4.

This artistic activity allows children to work on their memory and review numbers and colors.

Paint by number is also available for adults, no jealousy!

8. DIY, simple and effective!

Change the decor and make small crafts with your child. Credit: iStock

DIY is a controversial manual activity. There are those who love DIY and who would assemble wooden furniture for hours. And those for whom it is excluded. Forget the endless hours of DIY, we’re talking about beginners DIY. Get creative and do it yourself using video tutorials.

9. Start sewing

Sewing is a perfect manual activity to relax. Credit: iStock

For this manual activity, make room for adults! Sewing is not an old-fashioned activity, on the contrary! For Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas, make great gifts with sewing. Are you a beginner? Do not panic, you will find many DIYs and video tutorials on the internet.

10. Learn about ceramics with a complete set

With a ceramic set you will have fun with your children. Credit: iStock

Among the manual activities you can do with your kids, there is pottery! As with all other manual activities, watch DIY videos and go from beginner to expert. To possess your child or to create a Father’s Day gift, purchase a set of products at a game store or online.

This activity will be fun for your child. He will discover new textures and will be able to model and decorate all the shapes he wants.

11. Start knitting

What are the children’s favorite manual activities? Credit: iStock

Get creative and get started knitting! Are you a beginner? It is nothing, there is a beginning to everything! You can create so many things with knitwear: clothes, decoration or knitting with accessories (beads, flowers). Vary the colors and be creative!

12. Try origami as a family

This is a manual activity with little material. All you need is paper. Credit: iStock

Origami is the art of creating different shapes with a sheet of paper. For this manual activity you do not need a lot of material: paper, paper and paper! Choose a theme with your kids and make thousands of paper origami.

13. Make your own decoration for each party!

Halloween, Christmas or Easter, discover the manual activities you can do with your kids for these holidays. Credit: iStock

Halloween, Christmas or Easter, have fun with your kids by creating homemade decorations. Creating decoration is one of the favorite hobbies of children. They like to imagine decorations, create objects and bring them to life by playing with them. To create a decoration, give your children carte blanche: paint on canvas or wood, salt dough, models, bead sets, drawing or card making for each party.

To be part of the theme for each party, here are some activity ideas. For Halloween, invite your kids to decorate a pumpkin. The essential purpose of this candy party, you want to share a good time with your child. To celebrate Easter, offer your child an activity of making a rabbit mask or drawing an Easter egg. Finally, make a homemade Christmas card for Christmas to send to grandparents. You will find video tutorials on the internet to fulfill all your child’s desires. In addition to delighting the family, you will have a great creative time with your child.

14. Create your own kitchen garden

Bring your children closer to nature with the creation of a kitchen garden. Credit: iStock

Switch to classic activities or for traditional games, awaken the gardener’s soul in your child by creating a kitchen garden! Even if you are a beginner and this is your first experience in the garden center, get started! Which plants to choose? Which potting soil should you buy? Watch a video tutorial on the internet, there are hundreds of them!

15. Create birthday cards

For a birthday, spend some time with your child making a birthday card. Credit: iStock

With few materials, you can create amazing birthday cards. Perform this activity with your child, he will have fun making a birthday card for a boyfriend or girlfriend. With paint, some paper or cardboard, you can create fun designs like a unicorn or a car.

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