Stranger Things: This revelation about Will is likely to have the effect of a bomb

Stranger Things is Netflix’s event series. Like many other programs, this one was produced by the Netflix studios when the platform was launched. The goal was simple, attracting new users with quality series. If all the series have not worked, we can say that Stranger Things will definitely be in the pantheon of the best series ever.

Stranger Things, praised by critics as well as the public, by new star actors like Millie Bobbie Brown, will have everything to please. Many observers also compare it to major film successes such as Harry Potter, as the influence in popular culture seems strong, in addition to growing with the characters.

The story unfolds, the characters too

If you recently watched an episode of Stranger Things from season 3 or 4, you will probably find it difficult to watch the first few episodes again, and for a simple reason, the cast has grown tremendously.

In fact, the story is strongly linked to the five main characters, Will, Mike, Eleven, Dustin and Lucas. If the scenario initially remained childish (even though it was dark) with many gags related to their age, the years that go by, as much in the series’ universe as in ours, would have pushed the screenwriters to introduce new intrigues.

This road to adolescence reaches its climax in season 4, when our young boys officially start high school when they were only a dozen years old during the events of the first season, an age difference that is strongly felt in decision making but also screenwriting.

Relationships between characters take up more and more space

If we were to sum up adolescence, we would probably have to sum it up to the age of all upheavals, to the discovery of oneself and others. From season 3, we find a desire on the part of the authors to introduce these changes, with the budding relationship between Max and Lucas, but also Eleven and Mike, which will continue throughout the season. Season where Lucas will not stop fighting to win back his dear and tender heart.

Dustin, meanwhile, will also have found love, but not in Hawkins, which is why his story will not be the subject of a particular narrative arc, unlike Lucas and Mike.

What about Will’s love life?

If each of the main characters seems to be developing their own affects, even for slightly more secondary characters like Jonathan, Nancy, etc., it’s hard not to notice an absence of interest on Will’s part, or at least an absence of evolution in this area. .

If the story does not pay much attention to it, some might think that they simply chose to leave the shy boy in his corner for this reason. We do not share this idea.

During Season 4, Will seems very emotionally affected by many events. A series of photos with Eleven and Mike show that he is left out when the two boyfriends are together, but his suffering seems deeper than just a friend standing on the sidelines.

In a gripping speech from the back of a pickup on the way to Hawkins, Will will give a magnificent demonstration, the purpose of which will be to prove to Mike that some things may be hard to say, but that it is necessary to force himself to for the sake of his relationship, thus encouraging him to more intensely reveal his love for the Pupil.

After this touching passage, Will breaks down in tears on his side of the car, while Mike does not seem so upset by this message. It is very possible that these beautiful words repeat an ordeal that Will himself cannot overcome. In fact, he criticizes Mike many times for not talking to him anymore and not considering him, which may seem legitimate at first glance, but Will’s reaction could be described as quite out of proportion, especially during this crisis with tearing in the rear of the vehicle.

At this point, many fans are wondering if Will is actually in love with Mike. In season 1, his abusive father calls him “fagget”, a word from English that refers to homosexuality. Insult launched randomly or traces left by the authors? No doubt season 5 is likely to reveal to us the true nature of the relationship in Will and Mike.

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