The horoscope for the week of July 15-21, 2022: this astrological sign is worshiped by all!

What does the week 15 to 21 July 2022 offer for your zodiac sign? In love, at work, in friendship things happen, find out!

This week, the zodiac sign is cancer, like Maya Hawke. Radiant kindness and empathy attract you all. Is your husband cancer? He is committed to building a safe home. Large kitchen, beautiful fireplace, cozy atmosphere, he likes to develop into a cocoon that the beloved woman rules over.

Aries’ weekly horoscope (21/03 – 21/04)

Always more

Love words reassure you, hugs restore your confidence. But beware, this need for emotional security can be heavy for your lover. He feels he can never do enough. Question your fears instead of spreading them on your other half.

Astro Trainer: Do not ask others to fix you.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (22/04 – 21/05)

In the cabbage

Inattentive, you risk minor injuries or a collision in the car. Let others take care of the grill, it’s better … It’s not much, but it reveals the state of nervousness you’re in. Long planned projects cancel each other out and morale gets a blow.

The Astrocoach: Treat yourself to an activity that promotes relaxation.

The twins’ weekly horoscope (22/05 – 21/06)

Benevolent generosity

You feel useful. Reaching out to people in difficulty puts your little personal problems into perspective. Letting others benefit from your expertise improves your skills. You gain self-confidence and self-esteem. You can start by ending a toxic relationship.

The Astro Trainer: Limit sweet things, even if they taste like childhood.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope (22/06 – 22/07)

well loved

It’s simple, everyone loves you. Children see you as a good playmate. The biggest ones entrust you with their secrets. And the elderly appreciate the attention you give them. Your girlfriend is proud to have such an adored wife and appreciates you even more.

The Astro Trainer: Give yourself moments of absolute idleness.

Leo’s Weekly Horoscope (23 / 07-08 / 22)

Facing yourself

We see you very little. We hear you less. This estimate is explained by the massive investment that your job requires and above all by the assessment you make of your privacy. A breakup, disappointments require a question that you do with courage and dignity.

Astro Trainer: Carefully respect the speed limits when driving.

Virgo’s Weekly Horoscope (23/08 – 22/09)


A loved one suggests your way of making love. It’s not easy to hear, but it helps to understand the repetitive pattern you have been stuck with lately. Or it’s your children’s departure that forces you to relocate yourself in your relationship.

The Astro Coach: Take the time to realize what makes you happy.

Libra Weekly Horoscope (23/09 – 22/10)

Give and take

You are ready for commitment. It is wonderful, but it should not be done without conditions, especially in the affective sphere. Your lover demands more of you than of himself. While there are acceptable compromises, others are minor. Preserve yourself.

Astro trainer: follow your instinct, he is your best guide.

Scorpio’s weekly horoscope (23/10 – 22/11)

All sorts of things

You listen to every point of view, discuss with as many people as possible. When you learn a lot from others, you will be enriched by their experiences. It serves you in love. You meet someone with a geographical or social background that is very different from yours.

The astrocoach: reveal what you have best, empathy and clairvoyance.

Sagittarius’ weekly horoscope (23/11 – 21/12)

Learn at work

When optimism opposes reality, reality wins. You have seen too large, review your pretensions. You thought you would get funding, now you are in the red. The blow is hard. The experience is beneficial. The details you overlooked matter. Now you know.

Astro-coach: do not accuse the others, they have nothing to do with it.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope (22/12 – 01/20)

Very soft

You reach out to others and you are immediately appreciated. Tender feelings are born, a harmonious relationship is established slowly and firmly. As a couple, projects revive the cohesion of your union. What you undertake is promised to keep.

Astro-coach: your life gets new life, be ready to come back.

Aquarius’ weekly horoscope (21/01 – 19/02)

The path is marked

We can tell you what we want, you will quickly discover if the project is feasible or not. One eye on the accounts, the other on the business plan, you respect the financial constraints and your superiors’ directives. At home, pragmatism and efficiency bring order.

The Astro Trainer: Favor cultural excursions to quench your thirst for curiosity.

The fishes’ weekly horoscope (20/02 – 03/20)

Made the party

Well, dance now! This gentleman invites you so kindly that it would be rude to refuse. And most of all, you really need to distract yourself. After a recent interrogation, it is now time to clear your head and enjoy the present moment.

Astro trainer: make sure you do not let go, you are on the right track.

By Caroline Moisan, astrologer.

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