The most beautiful “cartographic” sweaters

Tottenham, AS Roma, AIK… Focus on the best jerseys inspired by the geography of cities.

History, monuments, old outfits… There are many sources of inspiration for making football shirts. Over the past few seasons, OEMs have had a penchant for mapping. The opportunity to see the most beautiful outfits inspired by the geography of cities.


During the 2018-2019 season, Nike has launched many jerseys with strong symbolism. The North London club did not escape this with a green third jersey. The green color is inspired by the original logo of a brewery that owned part of Lilywhites’ land at the time.

The shirt’s graphics are based on the aerial view of the Tottenham club’s location in the North London Borough of Haringey, two details that materialize the link between the neighborhood and the club.

AS Roma

The capital of Italy and the 28 centuries old city, Rome and AS Roma are also marked by Nike on a third outfit in emblematic colours. Like many Nike clubs in 2019, the Vieille Louve was also entitled to a graphic representation of his city on his shirt.

Diving deeper into this outfit, we can make out the mouth of a she-wolf. La Louve has been a strong symbol of the club and of the city since it gathered Rémus and Romulus, the creators of the old city. The yellow color of the tunic takes its origin from the old flags of the city.

VS La Gacilly

It is in Morbihan (56) that we find one of the most beautiful jerseys in amateur football. US La Gacilly, a resident of Régional 2, celebrated its 100th anniversary with collector’s sweaters. Inspired by the Brazilian club Atletico Mineiro, the Bretons have reproduced an aerial map of the city of 4,000 inhabitants on the outfits. Dashemma Breton manufacturer, made the outfits.

Schalke 04

In the 2020-2021 season, Schalke 04 came up with a plan for Gelsenkirchen. The away shirt uses the map of the streets and neighborhoods around the famous Veltins Arena stadium. The tunic is quite simple. It consists only of a round collar and blue logos, without forgetting the former sponsor GAZPROM. VIVAWEST has become the main sponsor and now occupies the center of the jersey.


At the start of Euro 2020, Ukraine produced a very committed jersey with a political character. The country decided to put the layout of its country with the Crimea in the center of the hull. The jersey caused a stir and UEFA ordered the removal of the phrase “Glory to our heroes” from the collar. A political quote that UEFA did not consider appropriate to keep on the famous yellow tunic.

Since then, Ukraine has released a new jersey from the same segment. There is the outline of the country, Ukrainian flags and the phrase: “United for Ukraine”, a strong message for a country deeply affected by the war.

AIK Football

Nike and AIK Fotboll paid tribute to history with a shirt celebrating 131 years of the Swedish club. To mark the club’s identity, the American equipment manufacturer has decided to put a map of Stockholm on its chest, reaffirming once again the strong relationship that unites the capital and the team.

The AIK did well, as the proceeds from the sale of this tunic were donated directly to the Stadium Sports Camp, an association that helps make sports accessible to all children.


Genoa and Kappa have always been close to their supporters. De Rossoblu, who has been under contract with the Italian brand’s equipment manufacturer since 2019, has played the 2021-2022 season wearing a jersey decorated with tonal patterns that refer to the aerial plan of the city of Genoa.


Launched in 2019, the 4e The Naples jersey caused a stir in the Neapolitan city with a tone-on-tone set with lots of gray and black details that represent the 30 districts of Naples. Kappa called this creation “Gara District” and pays tribute to the neighborhoods around the San Paolo renamed Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

Hibernian Edinburgh

For his first Hibernian shirt, Joma created a home kit that uses Edinburgh’s street plan. “Our collaboration with Joma has given us a higher level of creativity that was not possible with previous technical partners. They understand the ambitions of our brand and by working closely with their design team we were able to create something completely unique for our supporters and the city,” said dHibernian Creative Director Peter Burt on the shirt.

Atletico Mineiro

Football and geography have come together thanks to The Coq Sportif in Brazil on the new Atlético Mineiro shirt. As with the Kappa and Nike shirts, the French brand placed the city map on the front of the shirt to celebrate the club’s 113th anniversary.

This one is more special than the others, not because of its design or choice of colour, but because it was created by a fan thanks to the competition organized by the team in collaboration with Le Coq Sportif. The shirt is full of details with the number 113 in the right corner or the flag of “Minas Gerais”, a red triangle, which is located under the collar.

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