Top 7 childhood destinies for horrible historical figures

Do dogs make cats? Do fdp’s big dogs make cute little kittens? This is what we are going to see today when we tell you about the fate of a few “sons of” and “daughters of” people who have left their mark on history in a bad way. A bit of a very, very bad sense. Without wanting to spoil yourself, you will especially learn that you can be the child of a bloodthirsty dictator and still become a completely respectable person. It is, after all, a top full of hope.

Bin Laden’s son is a painter in Normandy

Osama bin Laden, the late leader of Al Qaeda, had quite a few children, but the one with the most unusual fate was Omar bin Laden. The guy chose a completely different career than his father since he came to settle in Normandy and became a painter. Nothing to do with the climate in the Afghan valleys or with the preparation of attacks. Unlike his father, it is unlikely that Omar will do too much damage with his brushes.

2. Stalin’s daughter condemned her father’s dictatorship

Svetlana Alliluyeva is Stalin’s only daughter, and unlike her brothers, she openly opposed her father’s dictatorial rule. In 1967, when Stalin had already been silent for more than 14 years, Svetlana managed to escape from the USSR and hide in Switzerland before being welcomed by the United States. When she arrived, she directly condemned everything her father had done, and she ended up changing her name to Lana Peters and avoiding a minor murder of the families. Towards the end of her life, when things had calmed down a bit on the USSR side, she tried to return to live there, but quickly became angry, so she left. It’s not the anecdote of the century, but we had to tell you.

3. Yakov, son of Stalin, who died in the Nazi camps

We are not going to make the whole family the Little Father of the People, but the story of Yakov, his eldest, is quite revealing about Stalin’s character. Yakov was from his first marriage, and so much to say that Stalin never loved him. He found him too weak and too soft and no longer expected anything from him. The day Yakov informed his father that he was getting engaged, the two men quarreled on the phone, and the son tried to kill himself, but was unsuccessful. Stalin would then have swung: “He can’t do anything right. To say he could not even aim straight, I can have nothing in common with him.” Not very loving of him, but the worst thing is that he managed to make it even harder. In World War II, Stalin forced Yakov to fight, and when Yakov was captured by the Germans, it did not affect him at all. The Nazis had offered Stalin to exchange his son for a marshal, which the dictator refused, given that a marshal’s life was more valuable than that of a simple soldier. Yakov ended up dying in the camps, and Dad never broke up. A very beautiful story.

4. Nicu, Ceausescu’s son, just as awful as his father

If the eldest of the Romanian dictators had never been involved in the affairs of his father, the younger Nicu, he would have been appointed as successor to take over the head of the dictatorial regime. And so much to say that the guy was not sore: violent and alcoholic, he is best known for his forced relationship with gymnast Nadia Comaneci. The athlete had returned from the Olympics in Montreal with several medals and love from an entire people, but Ceausescu took the opportunity to instrumentalize and isolate her in the capital so she would be obedient and bring back other medals. Throughout this period, where Nadia has to live through hell, her son Nicu will take advantage of it to force her to enter into a relationship with him, which she has always denied. At the end of his father’s regime, Nicu was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but he did not serve his full sentence because he was ill. No justice here.

5. Jaffar, son of Amin Dada, dubbing commercials

Amin Dada, Ugandan dictator, is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of deaths in his country and remains probably one of the craziest dictators we have seen in the 20th century. Of his 60 children, some have become as violent as he is, but others, like Jaffar Amin, have just gone their own way. The dictator’s tenth child has decided to stay in Uganda, but instead of living off crime, he lives off dubbing commercials. It’s much less violent.

6. Vittorio, Mussolini’s son, became a film producer

Vittorio Mussolini belongs to the category of those who pushed in their father’s dirty business but miraculously got away with it. Because Vittorio participated as a pilot in his father’s campaigns, and he loved it. He really loved war and told about his fascination with bombing. Nevertheless, when his father fell, he only had to seek refuge in Argentina to live his cozy life without having to face justice. There he opened a chain of Italian restaurants, then began producing films, including some by Federico Fellini, and improvised as a film critic. And he never denied his father. On the contrary, he kept praising it in various scriptures. A beautiful rattle.

7. Saadi Gaddafi, football player son of Muammar Gaddafi

The third son of the Libyan dictator had a career as a footballer and in particular gained access to the Italian Serie A by joining the AC Perugia club in 2003. Only though he knew how to play football, everyone agrees to say, that he did. does not have the level in Serie A at all and that he only owed his presence here to political quarrels (which the former owner of the club confirmed and said Berlusconi wanted to improve relations between Italy and Libya). In addition, Saadi appeared only twice on a team sheet, among the substitutes, and played only 15 minutes, but that did not stop him from testing positive for doping. Fantastic performance. Incidentally, he was also a soldier for father, but it has been seen and reported.

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