Artcurial has successfully tracked its path for twenty years

Posted July 16, 2022, 12:00 p.m.

Artcurial, the first French auction house to celebrate its 20th anniversary with unique figures. “With 155 million euros in sales, this year we have achieved our best semester since our inception,” welcomes Nicolas Orlowski, CEO of the Artcurial Group.

The company, in which Dassault is a majority shareholder, boasts 15 records, including the one obtained for “Le Panier de fraises des bois” by Jean Siméon Chardin sold for 24.38 million euros, and 13 million auctions, including the 1996 Ferrari F50 , sold for 4.2 million euros. No less than 36 lots have been pre-sold or acquired by museums, and nearly 60 collections scattered, like Dora Maar’s estate with 750 unpublished photographs.

Reconstruction of Dassault Hotel

Artcurial has renovated the Hôtel Dassault, which serves as its setting at the Champs-Elysées roundabout, to give it the atmosphere of a private apartment with a groundbreaking art library, more intended for professionals and collectors, a sale equipped with the latest technologies and expanded exhibition spaces to offer cultural programming all year round. The restaurant, which is difficult to make profitable, should reopen by becoming a simple café-tea-room.

Over the course of two decades, Artcurial has built an original model that has led it to become the European leader in exceptional real estate brokerage: the group brings together 620 employees in 25 countries and a total turnover of more than 1.5 billion euros, but under different brands, unlike Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Used luxury

In addition to the auction house – “the only French success on this scale since the liberalization of the market”, according to its CEO – the group has diversified into luxury properties with the acquisition of John Taylor, a brand found in 11 countries, and at racehorse auctions with Arqana, one of the European leaders (160 million sales) owned by Dassault along with Aga Khan. In mid-August, the sale of yearlings (18 month old foals) brings buyers from all over the world to Deauville.

In January 2019, thanks to its acquisition of a stake in Monegasque Seaminds, the group also began selling and renting yachts, new or used, as well as fleet management (crew, maintenance …). Finally, in the Artcurial galaxy, Collector Square, whose shareholders are also Nicolas Orlowski and Dassault, and which sells vintage luxury bags and watches at a fixed price, is a success (50 million in turnover).

Rods in NFT

“It’s complicated to live next to Christie’s and Sotheby’s every day. Artcurial is an anomaly in the market. But we have taken side roads so the competition is not too fierce. The goal for the next few years is to continue to grow in France and in Europe by cultivating our differences and bringing our specializations closer together to maximize synergies, which has been delayed by Covid, says the group’s CEO.

After being the first in June to spread NFTs dedicated to a city, around the emblematic sites of Cannes (La Croisette, Palais des festivals …), it will launch generation 21, around art and lifestyle objects from XXI .e century (sneakers, posters, skateboards).

Distribution of the furniture to George V

The pioneer, who also gets her talents robbed by the two multinational art firms that the director of her Monaco office recently poached by Sotheby’s, will resume her summer quarters from July 15 to 21 at the Hermitage de Monte-Carlo with the third. edition of Monaco Sculptures, which brings together iconic artists from XXe and XXIe.

At the start of the school year, it will showcase the furniture of the emblematic George V, having already worked on the Ritz Carlton or Plaza Athénée, and will spread the collections of great Brazilian designers from the Château du Marais (XVIII)e), gallery owner Robert William Burke (close to Warhol, Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly), and featuring Christie’s, Didier Ludot and Félix Farringtons with eclectic flavors: from Lalanne’s Rhino to Line Vautrin’s mirrors and drawings by Yves Saint Laurent.

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