Germany European champion, France in bronze in the children’s category !!

After an almost unbearable excitement, Germany was named European Champion on team in Children! Mannschaft dominated this championship from start to finish, finishing with a totally blank result. In the lead before this final and then forced into the jump-off against the Italians after excellent races and others that could be improved, France finally took the bronze after Italy, the silver winner. After the Junior and Young Riders championships ended in the fifth and eighth row, Hanen will therefore not leave Oliva empty-handed!

One had to have a strong heart to get to the end of this team final in the Continental Children’s Championship.
With a totally blank score, Germany were crowned European champions. Lennard Tillmann started as the opener and was the first member of the quartet to sign a perfect course on the reins of the Oreal des Etains Z. Later he was imitated by Ava Ferch, who this year is participating in her very first European event with Quintessa Smoked Salmon. Meanwhile, their teammate Antonia Häsler could not avoid two bars from her son of Nintendo, Dynamite N. As the last member of the team, Tony Stormanns, penultimate rider of the team. start list, entered the field with his Dia Nova, the math was simple (or almost). If he knocked a bar down, Germany would go to the play-offs against Italy and -potentially- France for the gold. If he removed two of the cleats, the podium was only possible in case of failure in the ultimate Habs and, after a barrage against Holland, which had a total of eight points. But no one needed to think about all these calculations. From number one, everyone knew the gold would go to the riders from the other side of the Rhine as the beautiful grays jumped with ease. Once the number thirteen is crossed, let’s relax.
Germany therefore succeeds Belgium and will thus break the supremacy of the Red Devils, who, let us remember, are European team champions in juniors and young riders this year, a year after winning the same two titles in 2021 in addition to those was acquired in Children. For the record, the Belgians are also in sixth place in this championship with nine points.

Once the German coronation is sealed, it’s time for stress for the most chauvinistic. After a course that was punished with twelve points for Romane Blanc, who unfortunately paid a bad distance at the entrance to the line of triple number nine, before again failing at vertical twelve with his Zig Zag Z, his young teammates had nothing else choice than to ensure the perfect course. This was the case with the young Mélina Bouillot, who, let’s be honest, blew up the screen. It is difficult to say which of her or her Canabis d’Albain is the most extraordinary, as the chestnut has shown exceptional qualities. A couple who, we hope, will reach very far. Then Timothée Goffinet went on the field with her faithful Volubie du Givre, already present last year at the European round in Vilamoura. Starting to complete a very neat and flawless course, the rider overprotected a bit of tackle number six placed after the spa, leaving his bay no choice but to remove it from its cleats. However, the couple ended their journey well then. Late at the start, Lucas Delachaussée had to complete a perfect course to secure a podium and meet the Italians in the jump-off. Despite an acrobatic triple pass where his Atcha des Coteaux jumped the three elements with a firm foothold, even adding a step between each obstacle while using all his generosity not to touch the smallest rod, the pair crossed the finish line with a zero displayed on the giant screen on the Oliva Nova track!
With a total of four points, the team took the direction in the playoffs against Italy for the silver and bronze medals!

For a bar too much, France ends in bronze

Mélina Bouillot and Canabis d’Alabin were again exceptional today!

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After the initial courses, it is therefore time for the reduced round consisting of six obstacles for seven bets, where all the riders on each team set off again. Starting first, the Italian Giovanni Vincoli set the bar high with Qitana Vdv, and finished his inning without error and with an excellent time of 39 ”. The tone is set! Romane Blanc were determined to attack on the wing and their central attempts were constantly abandoned in favor of the wings. georgette where her Zig Zag Z apparently shook her a little too much! The other Italian rider, Lavinia Lo Bosco, then failed number one at the reins of Océan and put the ball back in the middle. As in the first round, Mélina Baillot and Canabis d’Albain gave a demonstration. Regardless of the location or the turn, nothing seemed to disturb the chestnut, which in turn overcame all the obstacles with disturbing ease. But the pair were immediately imitated by the third opposing duo consisting of Anna Ruggeri and Dakotah 2. As in the previous round, Timothée Goffinet chose to secure a flawless course with her Volubie du Givre. Despite a good turn, however, the pair failed on the third element of the course, the old spa number five, as well as on the last obstacle. If the ultimate representative of La Botte at this stage of the jump set a perfect turn, the money was theirs, even before Lucas Delachaussée passed! But to keep the excitement going until the end, Enrico Santoni and Katrin took the double entrance with them. Everything therefore rested on the last Bleuet, which since the start of the competition has only drawn virgin courses with Atcha des Coteaux. Launched with a really good gallop, the pair could not avoid the same mistake as during the previous course. Returned in double on one georgette, the lively bay mare could not save her rider this time and left the second element of this obstacle on the ground. Despite faster stopwatches, France therefore had to settle for bronze for a beat too much. But no matter what, the kids have finally opened the Tricolores medal counter at these European Championships! And what a sport they offered us! Well done blueberries!
By the way, let’s not forget Louise Anquetin, who competes individually but is still on the podium. Today she got four points with Ucello de Hus.

See you tomorrow afternoon for the individual final. Ten pairs are in the lead with zero points after the first three rounds, including two Frenchmen: Mélina Bouillot and Lucas Delachaussée!

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