Germany: indoctrination of children, resistance begins

Supporters of the Gregorian calendar mistakenly assumed it was June. The party, which claims to be the most progressive in the world, has meanwhile wrapped itself in a collective rainbow flag and celebrates the so-called ‘pride month’ with all sorts of festivities and activities. The “queer” part of the LGBTQ scene pays homage to the pride of not being heterosexual, which can only be understood as an insistent need to show off and communicate when there is nothing else to say.

The more unlikely, the better

As, in the context of the Global Diversity and Identity Policy, being a sexual minority has recently become a higher qualification for any leadership position, some feel the need to proclaim what they perceive as discrimination, as loud and clear as possible – the more unlikely the better. Companies demonstratively join the commitment to solidarity and tolerance, paint their company logos in rainbow colors, display the rainbow flag at their headquarters or on athletes’ clothing, and leave their advertising campaigns to “brand ambassadors” who would have been rejected in the 1990s are too big or too ugly, but which now marks “diversity”.

Calvin Klein congratulates all pregnant men (sic) On posters for Mother’s Day, schools encourage children to organize tolerance campaign weeks, and trans “women” explain to “organic” women on all media channels why hairy breasts are now a sign of femininity. What started with Christopher Street Day as an action day for the lesbian and gay movement, then “Pride / Fierté” became week and ended as “Pride Month / Month”. We’re about to enter Rainbow Decade. Are we not already there?

Frontal attack on false reporting

In perfect sync with the start of Rainbow Festival annual, five authors, guests of the daily The world, has launched a sensational frontal attack on the increasingly distorted reporting of public service television formats, which constantly distorts the biological facts of duality and transgenderism. The article condemns radical sexualization, indoctrination, “staged journalism” and a “queer” transgender ideology that denies scientific facts and even sets off a transhype. Hundreds of scientists and doctors support the call.

The criticism is harsh, justified and supported by a large dossier of examples that parents in particular should embrace, as these are mainly the youth broadcast formats on the national ARD / ZDF channels. funkypresent on the social networks Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Facebook with many profiles aimed at children and young people.

The titles of the articles that the scientists quote alone speak volumes about: “Kai, who gave birth to his child as a trans man”, “Among the cannibals” or “I drink human blood”, “Cruising: freedom through sex with strangers”, “Monogamy, a barrier to pleasure “,” 5 tips for masturbation “. Right from “How does it feel to be a prostitute? to “How does it feel to make porn?” , the range of sexual variations is freely available in words, videos and pictures.

Challenging the trans phenomenon is right-wing and reactionary

While public service broadcasters reacted to the attack on scientists with icy silence, the queer lobby, after a brief period of shock, fought back with a proven method: Recognized experts were personally attacked, their reputation torpedoed, after all, criticizing trans people and that rejecting LGBTQ ideology is right-wing and reactionary. Even the federal government’s new commissioner for queer issues feels compelled to label any criticism of the formats in question as ” hate speech Anyone who speaks of a simple double classification of the sexes is branded as a “quasi-creationist”.

the hashtag #HaltDieFresseSpringerPresse (“Keep your mouth shut”, ndt) did not last long on Twitter. The Springer publishing house resisted the lobby pressure for only two pitiful days. Its CEO Mathias Döpfner fell head over heels in a public contribution (see our previous article, box below) to an activism that does not struggle with arguments, but with aggression. Döpfner criticizes the authors invited by his journal, even assuming they say things they have not said, and then verbally distance themselves from them. There is a certain amount of humor in his suggestion that renowned experts who have worked with trans children for years would actually have no idea about the matter as he picks up his personal qualifications on the subject from the Hollywood movie quote.

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LGBTQ people’s sensitivity “hurts”

Döpfner’s criticism, which can also be understood as a warning to Springer Group’s own employees, could not be more banal: the content of the article allegedly hurt the feelings of LGBTQ people. But if avoiding emotional outbursts among readers and viewers now has to determine the editorial line of a newspaper, you might as well draw the curtain right away. It is almost tragic to see the legacy of a brave Axel Springer, a bulwark of freedom and difference of opinion, buried in a rainbow-colored coffin. Furthermore, if the group were to give in to the setbacks and boycott threats from the LGBTQ lobby, it would set a dangerous precedent for the entire media industry …

The complaints about the programs are already pouring in – impossible to let go. Too many viewers have long been severely annoyed by the moderators’ sexist gasps on many shows. The reluctance to pay for a television license has otherwise long since become a national sport. Aggressive shouts no longer carry. If gender criticism is supposedly “right-wing,” we have long been a nation of reactionaries. And to paraphrase Wowereit, Berlin’s gay mayor: That would be a good thing.

Source: Young Freedom06/11/2022. Translation: AC

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