inauguration of an exhibition of works by Margrethe II

The Queen of Denmark is honored in Lotten. The Henri-Martin Museum in Cahors exhibits works by the artist queen, who has owned a winery in the region for many years. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, the Queen’s second son and daughter-in-law, inaugurated this exhibition in the presence of their children.

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Artist Queen Margrethe II exhibits in Cahors

For the first time, the French can discover a collective and retrospective exhibition of Queen Margrethe II’s multidisciplinary artistic work. In 1977, Queen Margrethe II sent her drawings to JR Tolkien, who was very impressed. The drawings had served as illustrations for the volumes of The Lord of the Rings, in the Danish edition. There is also a British version with the illustrations of the Queen. The drawings were signed with the pseudonym Ingahild Grathmer. For several years, Queen Margrethe signed her works with the initials “IG”.

Over the years, the Queen’s artistic passion grew. Today, she no longer uses her pseudonym to sign her paintings and other artistic productions. She devotes herself to painting, drawing and watercolor, especially when she is on holiday at the Château de Cayx, the vineyard in Luzech, bought in the summer of 1974 by Margrethe II and her husband Henri.

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Princess Marie opens her mother-in-law’s exhibition

In 2022, Cahors will take over Denmark’s colors. The city has chosen to honor its connections with Denmark on the occasion of the Tour de France’s passage in the region. Tour de France which started this year in Copenhagen, with Crown Prince Frederik as ambassador, who followed the first stages of the race very closely before Grande Boucle returned to France. On July 22, the 19th stage takes the cyclists to Cahors. A few minutes earlier, they will pass almost in front of Queen Margrethe II’s Château de Cayx.

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On July 15, Princess Marie, who works in the culture department at the Danish Embassy in France, was invited to inaugurate the retrospective exhibition of her mother-in-law’s works at the Henri-Martin Museum in Cahors. Princess Marie was accompanied by her husband, Prince Joachim, and their two children, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena. Prince Felix, Joachim’s second son from his previous marriage, also accompanied them.

“I think that by looking at the works on display here, we will very quickly forget that the artist is a queen, as much as the richness and diversity of her talent is expressed with great restraint.”, said Princess Marie in her inaugural address at the exhibition, recalling how much Lot and the Cahors region had been dear to the Queen for more than 50 years. In addition to recharging her batteries every summer at the Château de Cayx, Queen Margrethe is French-speaking and Francophile. Her late husband, Prince Consort Henri, was French, as was Princess Marie.

“In addition to the close ties that exist between Denmark and France, and more specifically between the royal family and Lot, and of which this exhibition is a living testimony, this event also has for me, in the role assigned to the Danish embassy. in Paris, a special meaning “, continued Marie, who also pointed out that this exhibition was the first at the Henri-Marti Museum since its reopening after 6 years of work. The exhibition can be seen until March 2023.

More than 60 works by the Queen have been nominated, including a painting of orange flowers she painted at the age of 7. Queen Margrethe II is interdisciplinary. She is also an excellent embroiderer. Queen Margrethe II is also a parementique specialist who has made many liturgical robes and other church fabrics, such as antependier or chasubler. Finally, she is also a renowned director who has recently been responsible for artistic direction and costume design for several ballets adapted from Andersen’s stories.

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