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CHILDREN – Relaxations and “No Kid” vacations are evolving around the world. Gardens of tranquility where child-free find their account while the parents are offended: “it is communitarianism!”. I spend my vacation in a place where there is no one, neither adults nor children, but if I were to go elsewhere, I would deliberately avoid everywhere with children – hotels, accommodation, beaches, etc. Children certainly make noise, they always have been, but in my eyes it’s not the worst.

The worst are the parents

Being around families is like living in a classroom. We are witnessing the expansion of the school domain with parents constantly urging their children to “facilitate learning” and becoming substitutes for the teacher. Every day, every hour, must be used to “stimulate the child”, to “raise the level”, to learn the new word, to explain to him the secrets of the solar system, the mechanisms of universal suffrage. The child needs to be cared for all day long, you need to accompany his acquisitions, find activities for it so that it is inevitably very, very intelligent (“awakened” is the euphemism, which means he has or will get better grades than his classmates at school) .

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Example. The other day I was sitting in a train next to a father who was dedicating body and soul to his educational priesthood. “Mia, look outside, what do you see?” The little girl: “A cow, a farm, a road …” The father: “It’s good. What else? “The little girl:” A car, a man … “The father:” It’s good, Mia, bravo. You forgot the telephone pole. Po-teau-té-lé-phone, repeat after me. And there is also a cedar over there on the hill, do you know the word? Can you now count the houses over there on the hill? “A little later:” Look Mia, we’re coming to a train station. Can you recognize the letters on the panel? ” Even later: “Bravo Mia, now we’ll look at your holiday notebook.”

communitarian, the child-free?

Spending my vacation with these parenting preceptors that seem to have become the norm, no thanks. The education of their dear darlings, who monopolize all their available brain time, exchanges with adults without children, does not interest them. They have a sacred mission to fulfill, to educate. Their conversation is about their children’s progress, Malo learned to read by the Kumon method, Vanilla skips a class.

“Meeting families is living in a classroom. We are witnessing the expansion of the school domain, with parents constantly encouraging their children to “facilitate learning” and becoming substitutes for the teacher.

Information of utmost importance that they want to share with the whole world. To please them, you can enter into dialogue on the topic of drop in the level of public schools and on the comparative advantages of the different types of education systems, parents are inexhaustible on the subject. You still need it, it interests you …

Compared to child-free annoyed by this pedagogical flood, they are obstacles, obstacles to education thoroughly. communitarian, the child-free? Communitarism is the tendency to make the special conditions of a society (ethnic, religious, cultural, social, etc.) prevail within a larger social whole. However, it is the parents who are communitarians.

Contrary to what they imagine, the rest of society does not want to share either their concerns or their 100% educational lifestyle. Let them stay with their children. For others, school is over.

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