Michel Cymes: Adriana Karembeu comes up with surprising revelations about her relationship with the doctor

Are the relations between Adriana Karembeu and Michel Cymes purely professional? Or did they make a beautiful friendship? In the columns of femmes Actuelles, the football player’s ex-wife made some revelations about their relationship.

The two colleagues are friends and are seen regularly.

Adriana Karembeu begins by explaining that she did not know the doctor until they became colleagues. ” We have known each other for 10 years thanks to the show“, she explains. Before we give an answer to the right question, we all ask ourselves.” We discussed various topics and we became friends“. When we talk about friendship, we are talking about a real relationship that develops and continues, even when they are not on the set. ” We eat together on the set, we meet on holiday, he comes to Marrakech, we meet in Paris. Our spouses get along really well“.

If she’s getting along so well with him, it’s probably because Adriana Karembeu dreamed of becoming a doctor, just like her mother. She also studied for this, but had to give up to model. Very well has come to her since she is a well-known and recognized model, and today, thanks to her friend, discovers heaps of secrets about medicine, about the human body. Information that he kindly shares with her:

He is someone I can confide in, ask for advice. He is sincere to me and that is extremely important and very rare in this environment. I’m so lucky to have found someone like him.“. She will even go so far as to say about him that he is like a big brother.

The crazy couple rumors between Adriana Karembeu and Michel Cymes

Because of their involvement, rumors surfaced that they are a couple fast on the net. The two friends decide not to pay much attention to it. In the media, however, they express themselves. Michel Cymes is aware that, as public figures, they will never be able to prevent these rumors.

At first, everyone thought we were with Adriana. It swelled our respective spouses a bit. Once it’s gone, you can’t stop people from thinking what they want. The most important thing is that neither my wife nor her husband thought the same! That’s the way it is ! The moment you are in a mixed duo with someone on TV, people think you are sleeping with them.. »

But the most important thing is that it does not have a negative impact on his personal life: “Me, what interests me is that when I go home, my wife is in no doubt. And she has none! “Adriana Karembeu, for her part, learns not to consider her rumors, which are generally based on very few elements:”I take all this with great distance. Fortunately, we know each other well, otherwise you can imagine what harm it can cause?»

Michel Cymes’ argument with his wife

On the other hand, if the former doctor is now confident and indicates that his wife is not afraid of anything, she has not always appreciated the involvement between the two facilitators. In 2017, he returned in the columns of Femme Actuelle to a major altercation between him and his wife:

When I get home, I give my wife the manuscript to read, and she discovers the passage that says, ‘Adriana and Michel go into the igloo where they are to spend the night.’ She exploded: ‘It’s a joke! »

The doctor got away with it by suggesting a dinner with Adriana Karembeu and her husband to remove all doubt. They want to show that they are just friends and that their relationship is by no means sentimental. It worked as their collaboration continues and they still seem very close.

Together, they embody the program The Extraordinary Power of the Human Body, and it’s hard to imagine the program being presented by another duo of animators. We can only congratulate them on relieving the personal tensions. And to have put all these crazy rumors in check to be able to concentrate on the work.

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