Saïd case: entrepreneur convicted of extortion

13. The Criminal Court followed the prosecution’s indictment. Said was convicted on Friday of extorting significant sums of money from his former partner.

The accused was not present at the Luxembourg City Court on Friday morning to hear the verdict of the 13the criminal chamber. And with good reason, the young man of Moroccan origin would have disappeared. “The defendant is officially on the run,” the prosecutor announced at the end of the June 17 hearing on the defense brief.

He had attended all the hearings during the five weeks of this trial before disappearing after the revocation of his release under judicial supervision by a judgment of June 8 in the Criminal Chamber. It was the ultimate twist in this case, which has known many. The Court of Appeal reversed this decision on 28 June.

Saïd was sentenced to 17 years in prison and to pay compensation to his victim, as well as to his mother and her two children. And more precisely 253,000 euros for his victim, 11,300 euros for his mother and 11,000 euros for the two children. Amounts very far from the one and a half million euros demanded by the young woman, who had to pay the amounts she accuses her former lover of having blackmailed her. The court ruled certain claims unfounded and inadmissible or declared itself incompetent to adjudicate them.

Half real estate developer, half entrepreneur, the young man had seduced Jiaoli by pretending to be what he was not and had offered to renovate one of his buildings. He would then gradually have put the young woman under his control to take control of his property. The young quadra had to flee to China, her country of origin, to escape him. Saïd had made his political connections work to find her clues and bring her back to Luxembourg.

Jiaoli had accused him of threatening members of his family and of violence, which she would always suffer the consequences of if she did not bring him daily sums of money. She claimed to have given him between 650,000 and 700,000 euros.

Not to mention the 537,000 euros for the renovation of its building in Junglinster. Allegations so unlikely that the defense of the thirties, provided by Mis Penning and Hellinckx had questioned Jiaoli’s credibility and tried to argue for the lack of hard physical evidence.

“It simply came to our notice then. There is no evidence or witnesses, “Mr.e Hellinckx. Nor a causal link between the irreversible deafness of loud noises, including sulfur Jiaoli, his vertebrae or post-traumatic stress and the blows received. The lawyer denied his client acquittal and asked the court not to maintain any aggravating circumstances.

An indictment revised upwards

The prosecution, which had requested 12 years’ imprisonment against Saïd, decided to increase the sentence by 5 years under Article 473 of the Criminal Code, which provides that in cases of theft committed by means of violence or threats and extortion, punishment imposed “will be between 15 and 20 years of age if the violence or threats have caused either a seemingly incurable disease or permanent incapacity for work or loss of absolute use of an organ, ie severe mutilation “. On the 13the the Criminal Court maintained in its judgment this aggravating circumstance against Saïd.

The prosecutor had assessed that the numerous offenses of intentional assault and violence against Jiaoli and his mother, threats and insults, extortion and abuse of weakness as well as forgery and use of forgery were granted.

He had painted a portrait of Saïd diametrically opposite the image of Prince Charming he had shown his victim at the beginning of their relationship: the image of a “manipulative”, “narcissistic” and violent man who made his victim come to life. “in a permanent threat”.

“Taking money does not show what we do with it,” M notede Hellinckx before pointed out that the first tests had taken place at the beginning of the relationship, before being beaten. “Jiaoli is dishonest,” he said. “Without evidence of assault and battery, there can be no extortion.” No more than abuse of weakness.

Saïd had claimed to have wanted to recover the money that Jiaoli owed for renovations carried out as a bonus in buildings belonging to him. The documents that could testify to this theory have disappeared, and the two main characters accused each other of making them disappear.

The case was complex and went beyond a simple scam or a love story that ended badly. It erupted in May 2019 after the young woman’s ex-husband, warned by her mother, warned police that Jiaoli was the subject of a kidnapping attempt by Saïd. Which, however, was not the case.

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