Bitcoin (BTC), cryptocurrencies and NFT: useful links

You start in the world of bitcoin (BTC), cryptocurrencies and other NFT, you are a bit lost, it is normal. Here you can safely click to find out the price of your favorite crypto or NFTs, find out if a merchant near you accepts bitcoin (BTC) or even register on the reference forum to ask your questions .

We will not make a list (which would not be exhaustive) of centralized platforms or not allow you to buy bitcoins (BTC). It’s more about taking a (small) tour of the links that are likely to interest beginners. Not too much talk here, click on the links that interest you directly.

Follow cryptocurrencies and NFT prices

Many sites offer to follow the course with crypto and NFTs, we will mention several reference sites. Coinmarketcap and coingecko in particular. also offers you the courses in the NFT collections. We discover that even the famous Panini cards have got a makeover in the form of NFT.

Coinmap cryptocurrency
You can list a company that accepts bitcoins (BTC) on the coinmap.

Find a merchant that accepts bitcoins (BTC)

Still too few in France, thanks to Coinmap, we find merchants accepting payments in bitcoins (BTC) on a card. There are also distributors (ATMs) as well as on Coin ATM Radar. It should be noted that since the Pacte Act, ATM installers in France have to procure PSAN and therefore there is virtually no ATM in France. The coordinates that the locations in question show must therefore be checked before moving, if necessary.

Since May 2022, a website dedicated to businesses in France has existed: The Passage du Grand Cerf in Paris is a very popular Parisian tourist destination: around twenty shops accept bitcoin (BTC) there.

If you want to buy gift cards (Nike, Ikea, HetM and many others) or charge a phone, even on the other side of the earth, you can use Bitrefill. You can organize your trip on Travala or XcelTrip Travel.

The Reference Forum on Cryptocurrencies: Bitcointalk

The Mythical Forum, founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto himself, is the reference forum. You can go directly to the French section of the forum or, if you speak another language, do not hesitate to get information or ask questions in another section (about twenty languages ​​are represented, where English is the most important). It is on this forum that the famous phrase “HODL” was born. It is also on this forum that Ross Ulbricht will make Silk Road known for the first time in 2011. He will then be caught by the FBI and sentenced to life in a US prison. In short, moments of anthology to discover on the forum, where you can also find answers to your most basic and complex questions.

Explore blockchains

For Ethereum: or For Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:, or

Cointribune: The guide to getting started with crypto

Understand what one wallet deprivation of liberty Where non-custodialknow the different types of wallets (on desktop, on smartphone …) and many other articles that allow you to familiarize yourself with these terms are waiting for you at Cointribune. In the cybersecurity section you will also find many articles to combat fraud or even recover your stolen money on Metamask. Are you interested in a corner? Go first and see if it’s not a dead corner.

Of course, there must still be many useful links, and the list may not be exhaustive, especially as the world of cryptocurrencies is changing rapidly. The sites referred to here have existed for a long time and are, a priorihere to stay.

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