DIJON: Florian Cretin-Maitenaz at work with passion in his Cabane à Burger

“La Cabane à Burger” – aka “La Cab”, a fast food kiosk focused on gourmet burgers – moved to Dijon in early July. Florian Cretin-Maitenaz, the first franchisee of the network created in the Nantes region, offers twelve burgers, including two of his own, Le Bourguignon and Comtois.

Florian Cretin-Maitenaz is soon to be fifty and has decided to devote all his time to his passion: hamburgers. For him “everything is possible in the citizen, there are no limits!”. Having spent almost his entire career in rail transport, he is now working here in his Cabane à Burger, the first franchisee in France of the brand born a few years ago in the Nantes region (more information by clicking here ).

“The principle of the franchise was the best to get me started. I had never worked in the restaurant industry or learned how to run a restaurant, so I wanted something simple where I could make my burgers. There I have everything at hand to make me happy”, he explains to us.

Since Saturday 9 July, Florian Cretin-Maitenaz’s Cabane à Burger has been located in rue Salvator Allende, opposite Lidl and not far from the Carraz tram stop.
Developments have yet to take place on the plot of land leased to the Olanda company, but the citizen enthusiast already has a field day, even in the slack period that begins. He who planned to open in April, but whose business relied on the supply of steel, was delayed by two months due to the international context, positive: “It allows me to get my hands dirty and if necessary to send”.

In any case, now that the implementation is over, Florian Cretin-Maitenaz does not lack the will to convert the test as Jurassien, who is also Tavelois.
One of his two burgers, unique to him, is called the Comtois, rich in particular Morteau and Morbier sausage, accompanied by ground beef, rings of red onions, salad and mayonnaise.
The other of his creations is the Bourguignon, with smoked bacon, candied red onion and cheese straight from the Abbey of Cîteaux (+ minced meat, salad and mayonnaise).

Florian Cretin-Maitenaz, who lives in Genlis, asks local gardeners for their onions. He gets his ice cream at La Duchesse des Glaces in Dijon.

Choice and freedom on the menu

The stakeholder underlined: “It’s also what I loved about this franchise. I was immediately seduced by the graphic charter and the design, but also by the fact that I have quality products such as the organic bread with seeds, the fries, the sauces that have to be special at the end of the year at La Cab, while I have freedom on the map. I am entitled to five of my own burgers and I want fresh products, short circuit. There is of course no shortage of ideas. Epoisses and Brillat-Savarin tempt me for future recipes”.
Without forgetting the Nomad, specific to the network, the citizen of the month for July.

If he plans to perhaps revise his opening days depending on how busy he is in an area where he relies heavily on corporate clients, Florian Cretin-Maitenaz will keep his current opening hours “at least until the end of September”. La Cabane à Burger de Dijon is therefore open from Tuesday to Thursday from 11:30 AM to 1:45 PM and from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM, on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 AM to 1:45 PM and from 6:00 PM . La Cab is also on Deliveroo and soon on Uber Eats.
The burgers alone range from 7.50 euros to 11.50 euros. Aperitif boxes, salads and nuggets are also available.

For this start of the activity, Florian Cretin-Maitenaz has opted for a student job, which he will certainly extend to additional weekends from September. And for the record, the burgers were enjoyed this Saturday by a friendly family from Norway.

Alix Berthier
Photos: Alix Berthier

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