Let yourself be transported to Lake Aydat thanks to the shuttle from Clermont-Ferrand

This morning in July 2022, the sun is already pounding hard on the concrete of Clermont-Ferrand. It’s decided we’ll take you to Lake Aydat, and without a car? Arrive at Salin’s bus station at 9:30.

In search of adventure

A blue and white bus is waiting. On the windshield, “Aydat”: a promise of vacation, for a day. Medhi, the driver, with sunglasses screwed on his nose, welcomes customers with a big smile. A foot in the coach and the holidays are already beginning.

At the front, six women stand ready for a two-hour hike around Lake Auvergne. A few seats further, Myriam and Thaddeus challenge with their big bags. The two Parisians are on the hunt for adventure and nature.

“We have already taken a trip in the Pyrenees, but this year we wanted to discover the Massif Central. We decided to reach Lake Aydat by bus and then set off for the bivouac for a week.”

Myriam (Paris on holiday)

They pass Lac Chambon, Lac de Guéry and Orcival. A total change of scenery for these city dwellers.

Myriam and Thaddeus, two Parisians in search of nature.

Holidaymakers and workers

At the bottom of the bus, three Clermont students, still a little sleepy, are installed. As a 22-year-old, Rayan and his friends decided to enjoy the summer.

“We would like to have a good day with friends, away from the city, but we do not have a permit. We have already been to Lake Cournon several times. We wanted to change. Departure is a little early, but is it worth it ?! It’s cool that this shuttle exists. »

With a round-trip ticket of six euros and a snack in the bag, the day is not expensive. It fits the tight budget of these computer science students.
When you get off the bus, at 10 o’clock sharply, the view of the lake and the surrounding forest is accompanied by a pleasant breeze. While daytime temperatures will exceed 30 ° in Clermont, how good is it to be refreshed by nature ?! On that day, the mercury will not exceed 25 degrees in Aydat.

In the morning the beach is quite quiet. Only children who laugh out loud come to break the silence of the largest natural lake in the Auvergne. In the middle of sand castles and colorful buckets, the three friends assemble their towels and put on their bathing suits. One thing is for sure, the day will be more contemplative than productive for the trio.

Dolce Farniente Auvergne

Not far from Rayan and his friends, Guy also enjoys the sun. Septuagenarian is well equipped. Sun lounger, parasol and sunscreen accompany him three times a week to a “dolce idle” in the Auvergne.

I heard there was a shuttle from Clermont, it’s a great thing the kids can come and breathe a little ?!

The space shuttle has already won hearts in two summers. And it is not Christelle, the manager of a restaurant by the lake, who would say the opposite. “We do not have room to house our seasonal workers, who are often young and not transported. It was hard to find staff. As the space shuttle connects Clermont and Aydat, we no longer have any recruitment issues. »

After this escapade in nature, Rayan and his friends join the bus stop. Medhi is there, true to the post. Back to reality, relaxed and tanned skin.

After a day by the lake, Rayan and his friends are waiting for the return bus.

Bodies of water, ponds, lakes … Where can you swim in Auvergne?

Mary Bernard

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