Tony Stormmanns individually grabs gold in the children’s jump

Last meeting this week with youth championships in Oliva, Spain, the individual final in the children delivered its podium. With an overall score of zero points, three riders in the jump-off struggled to determine the medals. Finally, the gold returned to German Tony Stormanns and Dia Nova, who were already crowned by teams yesterday. Italian Anna Ruggeri adorned herself with silver at the reins of Dakotah 2, while Belgian Brent de Schrijver had to settle for a beautiful bronze for a bar on the ground with LIV Good Vd Cat Friend Z. The two Tricolores Mélina Bouillot and Lucas Delachaussée finished joint fifth.

Tony Stormanns tasted success … and the river this afternoon!

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Once again, what a scenario in Spain. While six riders were drawn before the final lap, three, the perfect number, took the medals in the lap. Like yesterday during the team final, the gold finally went to Germany. Still connected to his grandson from Cardento, Dia Nova, Tony Stormanns was the fastest. First to head out on this final counterclockwise course, he left all the bars on their cleats. His gray, perfectly listening to him, increased his amplitude, especially in doubles, to hang a stopwatch at 32”05 … which will remain undefeated! After finishing second in the very difficult CSIO Hagen Grand Prix in mid-June, the pair are therefore leaving Spain with two new successes: Two European titles! As tradition dictates, the fourteen-year-old rider took a short lap in the river on the Oliva Nova track after the award ceremony and received congratulations from his teammates!

Also without penalty in the jump-off, the Italian Anna Ruggeri took silver at the reins of Dakotah 2. With her daughter from Diarado, she left the field with a time of 32”89, too slow to go for a title! Already yesterday, the Amazon had participated in its country’s silver medal by performing a perfect round in the jump-off against France. With two more laps, the pair completed seven lanes in total in this championship without ever brushing themselves against the smallest bar! What a regularity for a first continental deadline!

Since the start of this children’s championship, one nation has been largely missing at the top of the table: Belgium. Already the holder of six medals in total, Plat Pays has, however, saved his honor in this category – which did not have to be, as it was ingenious – thanks to Brent de Schrijver and LIV Good Vd Kattevennen Z! Already members of the European Champions Team in 2021 (the year Belgium won the sovereign title in the three categories), this time the pair will return with an individual medal around their necks … and around their necks! The third and final duo who entered the field at the jump-off, they could not avoid a bar on the last obstacle, which deprived them of silver, as the time was faster than the Italian’s, 32”85! If we were to be pushy, we would say that the Red Devils lack a team medal in the children’s category, for equality between the categories but also for not leaving the south with an odd number … A challenge to be met with this next year perhaps?

Despite great promises, the Bleuets come within a hair of an individual title

Despite an annoying mistake, Lucas Delachaussée and Atcha des Coteaux achieved a very good championship.

Despite an annoying mistake, Lucas Delachaussée and Atcha des Coteaux achieved a very good championship.

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This dinner, when the first rider entered the Oliva Nova track for this final, France had three riders entered, two of them with very good chances of a medal.
Timothée Goffinet only started this last day with her faithful Volubie du Givre, who was already a member of the French team last year in Vilamoura, with a perfect course! Very comfortable on this lap, the pair could still hope for a good placement, although the podium seemed difficult as six pairs were already drawn with zero points in the break of this final. However, hopes were dashed when the bay made a mistake, in the second round, on the farm placed as number three. Just like yesterday during the final, the young rider may have overprotected this delicate obstacle. With a total of eight points over the entire championship and all the same three perfect courses out of the five races, the pair finished in a sixteenth place.

Shortly after, therefore place to the couple holders of a virgin score. The penultimate rider to start, Lucas Delachaussée believed in it for a long time, and so did we … until his Atcha des Coteaux overturned the last obstacle. When he showed a point on the thigh when he saw his mistake, the young rider seemed just as disappointed as us, and we understand that! Back in the second heat, the pair finished their championship in a magnificent way and eventually took a shared fifth place with a total of four points. What an annoying mistake was made on the last obstacle!

If the dilemma “bore on one or on the last?” is common in riders’ conversations, Lucas Delachaussée and Mélina Bouillot will unfortunately be able to discuss it. The latter, also with zero points at the start of this final, paid the price for the first of the two. After a perfect first round, just as extraordinary as the others since the start of the competition, it was far from crazy to consider an individual medal as his Canabis d’Albain burst onto the screen during the week. While he was still jumping high on the candlesticks, it was natural to wonder if the handsome stallion was actually able to hit any bar. Unfortunately, the disillusionment came very quickly at the beginning of the second act. Starting a little below the rhythm, the pair failed at … number one. Terrible, especially when the rest of the course looks more like a health hike than a European Championship final. Again, that’s the tough law of the sport. The young rider could still comfort himself with a fine fifth place for his first continental championship along with his stallion, who apparently produces as well as he is gifted!

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What a demonstration from the young Mélina Bouillot and her formidable Canabis d'Albain.

What a demonstration from the young Mélina Bouillot and her formidable Canabis d’Albain.

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