10 New Styles To Copy This Year To Pimp Yours!

It’s been a while since the bathroom has moved beyond the humble status of a practical room where one is content with just bathing and brushing teeth. After a thousand and one confinements, it has become a contemporary and perfectly equipped place of relaxation where you can take shelter, relax and forget the tumult outside. Then discover our book of styles to copy to create a modern, natural, exotic and hygienic bathroom by 2022.

10 decorative trends for a modern bathroom this summer 2022

The time to treat yourself and take care of yourself has never been so trendy and in tune with the times. And the modern bathroom for summer 2022 meets this need more than ever. Far from fixed aesthetics, it plays with materials, colors and contemporary styles to take advantage of only the best, but also to better last over time. This season, she is adorned with her finest attire to accompany you to Nirvana. Proof in some decorative inspirations that could mark the year well.

A colorful bathroom

colorful bathroom furniture trends summer 2022

Adding color to the white bathroom to give it energy is nothing new. This year, however, pop tones are no longer just available on furniture and tile. They are investing the space a little further by now dressing the bath, shower trays, decorative accessories and sinks. Modern, sophisticated and spacious, this contemporary bathroom shows us that it can be a real source of joy. The washbasin and bath in pink match the marble floor and walls perfectly. The presence of black details illuminates the decor even more. In short, the room has everything to please.

A modern and design bathroom

deco idea fashion model modern marble bathroom design 2022

If green is not very popular in modern bathrooms because it gives a bad look, this atmosphere proves otherwise. As one of the trend colors of the year according to Pantone (and not only), green looks great in the bathroom. Here, the veins of the green marble match the dark green floor perfectly. The good idea to accentuate this color? Good light, natural or artificial. Mirror, perimeter lighting, suspension, window, etc. You’re spoiled for choice.

A laboratory bathroom

modern bathroom decoration trend laboratory style summer 2022

Spotted among the kitchen trends of 2022, the modern laboratory decor consists of setting up aesthetic and practical accessories so that everything is at hand. So we pull out our prettiest towels and our cutest cosmetic flakes to display on a pretty wall shelf.

A modern and round bathroom

gray modern bathroom tiles 2022 rounded furniture

If round shapes are one of the biggest interior trends for 2022, they naturally invite themselves into the modern bathroom where they come in a total look to give a very elegant Feng-shui touch to the bathroom. . From the furniture to the accessories, including the sink, tub, mirror and rug, the basic idea is to avoid corners as much as possible. On the other hand, some prefer straight and clean lines that create a decidedly more minimalist and stripped-down atmosphere.

A natural and zen bathroom

Deco layout modern bathroom zen exotic nature summer 2022

A bathroom trend from 2022 that has been returning for a few seasons: natural decor. The essential elements to invite him to your home? Light wood, natural stone, honeycomb fabrics, greenery and lots of light. However, this season the modern bathroom will be only natural, but also zen and exotic. Ultra sober and practical, it relies on the contrast between light wood and dark colors. There are also natural materials and fibers present in decorative objects and coverings. A marble worktop, concrete walls and exposed ceiling beams. The choice is large enough to bring modern day life from the water feature to serenity. As a bonus, trendy bathrooms are increasingly daring with landscapes and murals.

A modern touchless bathroom

high tech smart bathroom decor touchless shower sink 2022

For several seasons, technologies have significantly improved our lifestyle. Antibacterial coatings, WC soft, anti-virus light… there are many ideas for furnishing a modern and hygienic bathroom. The last? Contactless solutions. Tap, flush, lighting, hand dryer, everything is controlled by sensors for your utmost comfort.

A modern, white bathroom

white wood bathroom decor trend 2022

True, the white bathroom is nothing new. However, it is a timeless trend that we can lower to infinity and according to our wishes. To avoid the slightly too sterile side, just choose it in a beige shade and decorate it with some natural materials to bring a little warmth to the room. For a graphic note, opt for black faucets, original tiles or an oscillating mosaic cladding.

A white bathroom where the sink merges into the decor

modern minimalist white bathroom bathtub cleared sink


The bathroom trend of 2022 is for limited surfaces

Deco idea small modern bathroom layout 2022

A bathroom with Scandinavian accents

deco idea modern bathroom wood scandinavian style 2022

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