Analysis of the song Clic clic pan pan by Yanns, an iconic work of music

In 2020, we were lucky to have Bosh’s Djomb as our summer hit. In 2021, it was obviously La Kiffance de Naps. Well, this year, let me tell you that it will no doubt be the Clic clic pan pan by Yanns that will make you dance to the rhythm of sunburn and sunburn at 40 ° C. We therefore cordially invite you to read the literary analysis below, which allows you to understand all the subtle subpages of this work of art. Either way, it’s obviously too hot for you to do anything else.

A comparison with the sun that hides a beautiful reference

Our singer Yanns begins his song with the words “You are the most beautiful star” before continuing a little further in the text by “It’s wild as you shine in the dark”. In a subtle way, he tells us with these metaphors that he regards his beloved as the sun of his life, the one who illuminates his daily life, even though she is no longer by his side today. Furthermore, it seems fair enough to say that Yanns was inspired by the saying “Always aim for the moon, because even if you fail, you land in the stars” to hide in his text a reference to the singer Amel Bent and her song. Ma Philosophie, which also talks about “Aiming for the moon”.

2. The use of nicknames to charm his beauty

If the love story of Yanns is really over, the singer’s feelings for the chosen one in his heart are still very present. Thus, our singer seeks to win this young woman back, which is why he repeatedly uses emotional nicknames such as his song. ” My dear “, ” Miss “ Where ” My dear “. In this way, he hopes to bring back the memories of the good times in her and regain her place in her heart.

A text characterized by the artist’s loneliness

Yanns also seems to live in a daily heavy loneliness, which he confides in small touches in his text. So when he sings “There is still a place for me”, the singer expresses the emptiness around him and his desire to fill it with a loving person. Therefore, he puts all his attention on the girl who is haunting him, which he thus regards as “the only one I can trust”, because he once again has the impression of not being surrounded. We can thus connect his loneliness with his obsession with this same young lady with the words “When I’m left alone, I think directly of you” : By not finding herself one-on-one with herself, Yanns ends up thinking only of her.

4. An everyday life turned upside down by a completed relationship

Yanns’ complicated love story seems to have taken an important place, almost too much, in the singer’s life. The artist expresses his discomfort at the end of their story when he confides in his beautiful “I think of you every day”, “When I’m left alone, I think directly of you” or “I can not delete you”. Even more troubling, this relationship seems to have had implications for Yanns’ visual acuity, as he particularly says “Among the others, I see only you”. A relationship not far from being unhealthy, which raises questions about the consequences for our author’s mental and physical health.

5. A past that haunts the protagonist

Many times in the lyrics, our singer confides in this painful past that haunts him. We can especially see it when he says “I can not forget the past”, “I know the past is the past” or “You are not at all like before”. The repetition of the word “past” and the lexical field in this ancient time leads us to believe that Yanns no longer lives in the present, so obsessed is his love story, which has just ended.

6. A wounded man who entrusts to us his greatest desires

Quickly, Yanns also talks about his desire to change things. He explains, for example, that he wants to “be able to keep up with the times” and “gather what is broken”. The singer is so captivated by this love story that all his dreams and projects now revolve around her.

7. A protagonist plagued by misunderstandings

The end of his love story seems to have affected Yann more than he could have imagined. In his text, the singer tells us about his total misunderstanding of the situation through various questions: “Between us, I can not say what happened“, “For you to go, tell me what the hell I did” and “I do not know what you are playing”. The man searches in vain for answers to his questions and comes to question everything to understand why his relationship ended.

8. Loss of immediate speech skills

While Yanns’ romantic relationship already, as we could see in the text, seemed to have damaged several aspects of his health, it also seems to have affected his language skills. In particular, we can see that at certain times our protagonist is no longer able to express himself other than in onomatopoeia when he says “And it clicks, clicks click pans pans”. A more than disturbing and frightening speech in relation to the potential resumption of this love story.

9. A love that gives him criminal desires

Yanns seems so upset with the woman he loves that he turns to crime to externalize. He thus announces his beloved “I point your little heart”, as to be sure that the latter will always belong to him. We can therefore say that Yanns absolutely must discuss his obsession with this woman with a health professional before going overboard.

10. A ubiquitous fear of being abandoned

As can be seen through many passages in the text, the loneliness that the singer experienced has given him a strong fear of being abandoned. His fear of being left to fend for himself again is particularly noticeable when he declares “I feel like you’re hiding something, it’s ok, do not lie to me” and “I do not know what’s going on, I do not recognize you”. His fear is so uncontrollable that he is going to demean himself, which can be read in the words “I get paranoid sometimes”.

11. The protagonist’s need for security

This whole story seems to have caused our singer to lose confidence. Thus, in a discreet way at the core of the song, he asks his beauty to confirm her love for him in spite of everything that has happened between them. When he says “I know I’m stupid sometimes, but I’m the first one in your heart.”, he thus seeks the emotional approval of the one who holds his heart, and almost causes this question to be confirmed. But it’s hard to be fooled by Yann’s doubts.

12. The effect of losing track of time in the arms of his loved one and sore

Eventually, in anticipation of their possible warm reunion, Yanns promises the chosen one of his heart to do everything to satisfy her, which will even cause the protagonist to lose all notion of time in his presence. When he says “If minutes are seconds, I will make love with you for hours”he promises his beauty to forget everything for her, even her basics in time reading.

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