Fabrice Luchini preferred her career over her daughter

On November 1, 2022, Fabrice Luchini blows out her 71st candle. In an interview, the actor admitted to having difficulty with his age. After all, we know the actor can count on his only daughter.

Like her father, Emma Luchini also works in the world of seventh art. If Fabrice is very close to his offspring today, he admits to having been absent from Emma for some time. At the time, his daughter did not even know who he was. Focus on their relationship.


We know him through his many film roles. “Alice and the Mayor”, “Gemma Bovery” or even “The best has not yet come”, these are the fictions that made it possible for us to know him. But if his career seems to be going really well, Fabrice Luchini is also a fulfilled man in her everyday life.

Fabrice Luchini will attend the premiere of Alice et Monsieur Le Maire during the 72nd Cannes Film Festival on 18 May 2019 in Cannes. | Photo: Getty Images

Thanks to his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Cathy Debeauvais, his daughter, he became the father of Emma Luchini. The latter was born in January 1979 and made her father very happy. But if the father and daughter today are very complicit, Fabrice admitted that he was not always present for his daughter.

In the columns of the Paris Match, the actor in 2019 had declared that he was “an absent father, like all actors”. Because of this absence, Emma Luchini therefore did not know that the actress was in fact her father. The beautiful brunette thought at the time that he was “a cousin”.

Actress Fabrice Luchini participates in the premiere party of Alice and Monsieur Le Maire at the 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2019 in Cannes, France.

In fact, at this point, Fabrice Luchini did not feel ready to become a father. He only began to be more present for her offspring when they were 14 years old, “when she was going through delicate periods”.


Over time, Fabrice Luchini has revived a very strong bond with her only daughter. The latter now represents everything to the actor. And every time he talks about the beautiful brunette, the actor can not hide his feelings.

Fabrice Luchini participates in the red carpet for the film ‘The Best Rest Ahead’ during the 14th Rome Film Festival on October 24, 2019 in Rome, Italy. | Photo: Getty Images

During her stay in “The Divan,” for example, he who played in “The Henri Pick Mystery” could not hold back her tears when she talked about his only child.

“My girlfriend’s girlfriend is my daughter, Emma. It’s a miracle a girl,”

he said during his interview.

Fabrice Luchini, proudly, could not help but admire the beauty of her daughter during this same interview. Fabrice admits that having a father like him “is not so happy”, but Emma Luchini had, according to him, accepted him as he is.

“I have not been a good father. When you have been a very good son, it is hard to be a good father. I was not good, it is undeniable “,

he concluded with tears in his eyes.

Fabrice Luchini participates in the red carpet during the 14th Rome Film Festival on October 24, 2019 in Rome, Italy. | Photo: Getty Images

As a reminder, Fabrice Luchini will be 71 years old in November 2022. By going through “Daily” in 2021, the actor confided in his old age. During the program, Fabrice shared his feelings about being 70 years old.

“It takes a little hit”,

he said.

So when Yann Barthès asked him if he was “happier now” than he was when he was 20 and 30, Emma’s father replied:

“I still had potential at the age of 20-30”.

Fabrice Luchini participates in the ‘Gemma Bovery’ Photocall at the Mercure Hotel during the 7th Angoulême Francophone Film Festival in Angoulême, France. | Photo: Getty Images

Fabrice went on to suggest that “old age” would mean “depression.” He makes no secret of the fact that he is “depressed” in relation to his age.

“What is extraordinary about youth? It is that there is a concrete potential that goes towards full of possibilities. After 70 years, it will be shorter, and then we read Pascal, who is in the next show”,

he added.

There is no doubt that Fabrice Luchini can count on her daughter, Emma, ​​to cope with this difficult period.

Fabrice Luchini participates in Alice and Monsieur Le Maire’s premiere party during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2019 in Cannes, France. | Photo: Getty Images

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Raised by an actress father and an actress’ grandmother, Emma Luchini was also interested in the artistic world while growing up. In fact, when she was younger, the beautiful brunette took art classes. So, after having her BACC, the daughter of Fabrice Luchini came to the cinema.

It is especially in the realization that she liked most. In 2006, she collaborated with Grégory Gadebois for his first short film entitled “On His Two Ears”. Four years later, she released her first feature film, “Sweet Valentine”. In this film, she starred Vanessa David, Vincent Elbaz and Louise Bourgoin.

Emma Luchini participates in Chaumet Cocktail and dinner for César Revelations 2011 on January 17, 2011 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

However, it was not until 2014 that Emma Luchini’s work began to bear fruit. That year, the young woman published “La Femme de Rio”, which she had written with her partner at the time, Nicolas Rey. This short film especially won César for best short film one year after its release.

Clearly, this Emma’s career in cinema brought her even closer to her father. In addition, the young woman in 2015 gave a role to her parent in her film, “A Promising Start”.

Actress Emma Luchini participates in the 36th Deauville Film Festival – Preview of ‘Kaboom’ at CID on September 5, 2010 in Deauville, France. | Photo: Getty Images

For this occasion, the beautiful brunette was invited to JT de France 2, in 2015, with her parent. During the interview, she remembered the footage of her film and her difficulty working with her father in the beginning.

“I was a little nervous the first day, I was a little scared to direct Fabrice, in addition to the fact that it was my father, to instruct the actor that it is with the career he has”,

remembered Emma Luchini.

Director Emma Luchini, winner of the 2015 short film Cesar participates in ‘Les Nuits En Or 2015’ dinner at UNESCO on 15 June 2015 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

In any case, it is certain that Fabrice is very proud of her daughter’s feature film. Note that other famous actors also play there, including Manu Payet and Zacharie Chasseriaud.


Thanks to his numerous interpretations in cinema, Fabrice Luchini was able to support himself very well. In total, Emma Luchini’s father has at least three houses and has invested in a restaurant. Experience his wealth.

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