Johnny Hallyday’s boat was caught in a storm before his marriage to Laeticia

Before saying “yes” to Laeticia Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday had an accident aboard a boat. That day, those present by his side thought he would be disfigured. Zoom in on what happened.

As a reminder, it was in 1996 that the parents of Jade and Joy Hallyday got married. A few weeks earlier, the lovers took on a dangerous journey. An adventure remembered by the rocker’s cinema and friend, Gilles Lhotes.


If he was one of the most emblematic rockers in France, Johnny Hallyday also experienced difficult times during his life. Among them we can count his health problems, his suicide attempts or his several car accidents.

Gilles Lhotes in particular revealed that David Hallyday’s father was almost completely disfigured in the 90s. The facts took place in 1995. That year, the Taulier took a trip aboard the yacht Wild Eagle II. They went from Miami to islands populated by giant iguanas.

While their cruise went well in the beginning, it got sour when they returned. In fact, a storm had unfolded a little earlier, and therefore the sea was “still strong” and carried “various wastes,” as revealed by Gilles Lhotes in a book.

At one point, during a wave descent, a beam passed through the windshield and “grazed” between Johnny and his friend Tony Frank. A scene that Gilles Lhotes described as “unheard of violence”.

The cinema talked especially about the rocker’s reaction after this incident.

“Johnny lifts his hands to his face, the blood of several small plexiglass cuts”,

he said.

Witnesses to this scene could not help but worry about the Taulier. They were particularly concerned that this beam had touched the rocker’s eyes. Had the musician been disfigured on his wedding day?

The answer is no! Johnny had remained unharmed after this accident and even took this accident as a joke by letting go of a big “Yeaahh”. He was able to avoid the worst.


Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday shared their lives together for more than 20 years. Their love story was born in 1995. It is especially Laeticia’s father who introduced her to the Taulier at this time.

Marriage between J.Hallyday and Laetitia in Paris, France, on 25 March 1996. | Photo: Getty Images

Between the two, it was love at first sight, despite the fact that Laeticia was only 20 years old at the time and her future husband was 52 years old. Very much in love, Johnny Hallyday decided to say “yes” to the beautiful blonde a year later.

If Laura Smith’s father had already organized everything, his companion was first made aware of their marriage three days before their union. A detail revealed by Jade’s mother during her visit to “50 ‘Inside”.

Marriage between J.Hallyday and Laetitia in Paris, France, on 25 March 1996. | Photo: Getty Images

As a result, it is therefore the rocker who is responsible for preparing the celebration in all discretion. And although it was a big surprise for Laeticia, the wedding went very well. The couple was reunited on March 25, 1996 by Nicolas Sarkozy, who was still mayor at the time.

When they wanted to start a family together, the two dwarf parrots decided to adopt after Laeticia’s many abortions. The child who won their hearts is none other than Jade from Vietnam. She was welcomed by Hallydays in 2004. Then, four years later, it was little Joy who joined this clan like no other.

Marriage between J.Hallyday and Laetitia in Paris, France, on 25 March 1996. | Photo: Getty Images

Le Taulier, his wife and his two youngest daughters formed a very close-knit family, despite the rocker’s infidelities. Deception that had also forgiven the family mother. In the columns of the Paris Match, Laeticia revealed that her late husband’s infidelity had helped her a lot.

“It made me question myself, to be much more feminine, to seduce again with him”,

they trusted.

Actor and singer Johnny Hallyday and his wife Laeticia Hallyday are attending the premiere of Vengeance at the Grand Theater Lumiere during the 62nd Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2009 in Cannes, France. | Photo: Getty Images

Against all odds, therefore, Johnny Hallyday and his last companion held together until the Taulier closed his eyes forever. On the night between 5 and 6 December, the interpreter of the song “Allumer le feu” succumbed to cancer, leaving his wife sad.

Even though he is no longer with us, he is sure that the singer will forever remain in the hearts of his loved ones, including his widow and his four children.

Singer Johnny Hallyday and Laeticia Hallyday are participating in the 17th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards featuring presenter Lacoste at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 17, 2015 in Beverly Hills. | Photo: Getty Images


Thirteen years after his marriage, Johnny Hallyday once again experienced an accident aboard a boat. That day, the interpreter of “Que je t’aime” had just finished his show in Monte Carlo, as part of his last tour.

On board this yacht, which he had rented, the “youth idol” fell by sliding down a flight of stairs. As a result, her hip was displaced. After this accident, the rocker was transported to Mougins, in the Alpes-Maritimes, as quickly as possible.

There he was able to make the necessary investigations. Remember that the rocker had also had hip surgery 25 years earlier. An operation due to a shock that happened during another trip.

There is no doubt that he could have counted on the support of Laeticia Hallyday during these two difficult periods.


In addition to his thriving career, Johnny Hallyday was also able to be fulfilled by his children. In all, the Taulier had four children with three different women. David Hallyday, born of his relationship with Sylvie Vartan, Laura Smet, of his romance with Nathalie Baye as well as Jade and Joy, whom he had adopted with Laeticia Hallyday.

Although the rocker did not get along with the father of his last wife in his lifetime, he still loved Laeticia and their two daughters with all his might. Find out what kind of father he was.

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