Make it easier for your children to return to France with CNED supplementary education

CNED’s International Complementary Education (SCI) is a light distance learning program designed specifically for expatriate children educated in local schools. The aim: to enable them to maintain a connection, throughout their stay abroad, with the French school system and thus facilitate their return to France.

Gabriéla Nicolas, Kindergarten Education Counselor at CNED, tells us more about this unique course.

Streamlined training, 100% external

SCI is an education offered by CNED (Center National d’Enseignement à Distance), which is aimed at French-speaking students enrolled in a local institution abroad.

This light course includes essential concepts of official programs of National Education, in 3 majors *, from the large part of the kindergarten to the Terminal.

Much less restrictive than double schooling, SCI demands a few hours of work a week and can easily be taken next to the schooling at the local school. Thus, during your entire stay abroad, your child can stay connected to the French school systembut also with the language and culture of its country of origin.

SCI is exempt 100% remote control, from an online platform that brings together all the educational content. Primary and middle school students also receive paper-based lessons.

Distance learning provides real flexibility in the daily organization of work. Families organize themselves freely according to their personal limitations. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection.

As soon as the registration is validated, the student has access to the online platform and can therefore very quickly take over the courses without having to wait to receive the paper booklets. The hybrid format (for primary and secondary school), makes it possible to adapt to the individual student’s way of working.

The education is divided into 8 modules (one module corresponds to one month’s work), with theoretical courses, self-correcting exercises (written and oral) and homework.“, Explains Gabriela Nicolas.

At the end of the education, the student receives a printout accompanied by teacher feedback. 75% of homework must be completed to validate the course.

Individual support

Throughout the course, the student benefitspersonal pedagogical follow-up:

CNED teachers are all National Education teachers. They direct the homework in a personal way, give advice and individual help in a great goodwill, to help the student to move forward.

The student can scan and hand in his / her homework directly online on the platform. The correction is returned to him within 2 to 5 days.

Families can contact teachers at any time to ask educational questions. Supervisors are also available to accompany the student in his schooling.

This tailor-made support greatly facilitates the follow-up of the training. »

Easier to return to France thanks to SCI

With CNED’s international supplementary training, your child retains total continuity with the French school system. This way, when it’s time to return to France and reintegrate into the French education system, he has no shortcomings or delays compared to his peers: the return is calm, very gentle.

This education has many benefits for the posted child who is enrolled in a local school. The content is rich, varied and in line with the official programs, and the student benefits from tailor-made support throughout the course. CNED SCI also allows expatriate students to maintain their level of French and build solid skills that will greatly facilitate their return to a French school.

In order to return to France, the student may also, upon request, receive a level equivalence certificate issued by the cultural adviser of the French Embassy in the country of residence. This certificate facilitates enrollment in the French school. “, Adds Gabriéla Nicolas, Education Adviser in charge of kindergarten at CNED.

You will know more about complementary education


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  • SCI registration dates:
    • If you are stationed in the northern hemisphere: until December 29, 2022
    • If you are stationed in the southern hemisphere: from January 3rd to March 31st, 2023
  • SCI training periods:
    • If you are a foreigner in the northern hemisphere:
      • School: until June 30, 2023
      • College and high school: from September 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023
    • If you are stationed in the southern hemisphere: from 16 January to 29 December 2023

* Here are the different subjects taught by level:

  • Large kindergarten department : mobilize language in all its dimensions, build the first tools to structure one’s thoughts, explore the world and learn and live together
  • CP, CE1 and CE2: French, mathematics, questions of the world and moral and civil education
  • CM1, CM2: French, mathematics, history – geography and moral and civic education
  • From 6th to 3rd: mathematics, French, history – geography – and moral and civic education
  • 2nd general : mathematics, French, history-geography
  • 1 regeneral : French, history-geography, scientific education
  • General terminal : philosophy, history-geography, scientific education

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