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After the interview with Geoffray RICHELET responsible for FCG football school (to read here), we invite you to find David Vasco responsible for Sport e.Leclerc Academy in FCG.

Peter: Hi David, are you in charge of the academy that needed to be restructured?
David VASCO: “If we take a quick look back, I now arrived 3 years ago on calls from Christophe Noluveau, Richard Trivino and Patrick Fedrigo. There was everything to build despite what had already begun. I arrived at some point , where Gueugnon no longer attracted people, whereas everyone in my memory wanted to come here.For me, who knew FCG before, it was an anomaly and we had to start all over again from the right end: reforming a team of teachers , who I could work with, people I trusted.There were not quite a few of us in the beginning and we had to trust a small core and try to convince people of my ideas … We all have our own vision of things, but the idea is to share with others in order to move forward. After the recruitment of educators, the idea was to start on a coherent and simple project with the aim of returning to the regional level. “

How is the academy organized?
“We have a team of teachers: one per category for all 11-a-side football. Supporters included, this number rises to 3 people per category, which represents about forty people anyway! To make things work, you need arms, and the arms are the teachers.Without the educators, I could not transfer my ideas, so they put them into practice.They do an extraordinary job.
From an organizational point of view, the Football School section is led up to U11 by Geoffray (note Richelet), with whom I have close ties and who does a really good job with his team. I clearly delimit the transition from the animation football school, from baby ball to U11, and the transition to the sports part in U12 and which corresponds to admission in 6th grade. The football school now represents 150 young people and we are also investing with the aim of reaping the fruits of our labor in the future so that we no longer have to take players from outside except players who we will look for added value to strengthen. our team. For me: It’s good to look for young people elsewhere, but it’s better to get them to come! »

“To make things work, you need arms, and the arms are the teachers. Without the educators, I could not transfer my ideas, so they put them into practice. They do an extraordinary job. »

And how are the sports sections doing, whether it’s at Gueugnon college or high school? from Digoin?
“Today within the sections we choose and we choose. It’s not always easy to tell some young people that it will not be enough and that we will not take them, but we do not have whole sections and we do not even have enough space for what we want. I am thinking in particular of the boarding school, where it is complicated to have enough space … We have Michel Martin, who is a rapporteur at the intermediate level, and who participates in all class councils and has contact with the institutions. We have accommodations as soon as we see that it gets complicated at the school level. It is a sports school department and the 2 must go hand in hand. We do not ask everyone to be geniuses, but we do ask them to provide the maximum of their investment. Our desire is to switch to quality. »

We can add that detection courses and a goal of having a national team, e.g. U17?
“One must be clear and coherent while remembering where one comes from and not taking oneself for others. We need to move humbly forward: the idea is first and foremost to maintain our results to remain a very good one. regional club by continuing to question ourselves.It is very difficult to go up but very easy to get down.Recruitment is in this logic: we do not recruit to recruit, it must be built, well thought out and coherent. These days of discovery, such as the April camp, make it possible to bring in players that we had identified, to see them with our players, to see our environment and to discuss with the parents … This is a first contact before maybe more. .. “

“One must be clear and coherent while remembering where one is coming from and not taking care of oneself for others. We must move forward humbly.”

And what is the connection to seniors?
“I appear as an intermediary, a link between seniors and young people. The work for 3 years is done so that some young people manage to shake up the hierarchy a little bit and point a little at the nose, whether it is in R1 or even in N3. Today we have young people like the U14s playing against AJA, DFCO or Racing Besançon as the N3 group. In their training, they are prepared and trained so I can go to Fabrice or Philippe Correia and tell them: I have this and that level to play. These are kids we know in all areas and we do not want any bad surprises with these young people. They are from here, their families come to the stadium and they are extremely motivated to walk on their club lawn! »

And about women ?
“It’s a long-term job … Even more than for the boys. The team of teachers does a huge job with the women: they step up awareness-raising campaigns and promote our training. We have quality players and a core of young people from the club who work. We have “Communication is underway, it’s something that’s hard to take, but we can not ask Gueugnon to do in 3 years what other clubs have done for 10 years! We will get there little by little if we do things right.”

“These are kids we know in all areas and we do not want any bad surprises with these young people. They are from here, their families are coming to the stadium and they are extremely motivated to walk on their club lawn!”

In the end, what assessment are you making at the moment for the academy?
“It’s more than positive, insofar as it was complicated by Covid, but we went from the district level to the top of the table at the regional level. Each generation is complete and the groups are made to develop at the individual level.”

And what are the areas of progress?
“Strengthen the academy because this will condition the club’s positioning. Our educators are almost all under contract and it has a cost in relation to the total budget, but again, without the educators I can do nothing. It is this team of teachers who make the academy work.They trusted me for this project and they gave me the keys to act as I certainly give the direction I decide I instruct but it is not done alone.For us the most interesting prospects for a club like our national U17s that would be able to play in R1 or even N3 … That is a goal, but we must already have time to immortalize the club at the highest regional level, that will be good. “

“What I want now is for us to have more FCG identity. »

And do you have a desire beyond all that we have just said?
“Already to continue on this path there, because I feel that the young people, the staff, the players and the parents are happy to be in this club. We have people who want to move on with the club project and this, at all levels! is interesting to see everyone who wants to get involved in our roadmap.The idea is to unite all the components of the club around the project.
What I want now is for us to have more FCG identity. I contacted former coaches and former players and I would like these people who have experienced extraordinary things with our club to come and join us! Today we have educators who are eager for experience and advice, we have quality kids who want to reach as far as possible and wear the club’s colors high. We would need to be able to exchange so that we can have this intergenerational mix with this sharing of ideas. I think for example Royer, Stropolis Where Dessoly and many more … These are people I would love to sit around a table with and also in the field with us to act as a role model in a way … “

Thanks to Piero and David for this interview.
Photo credit: Corentin MURAT for JSL

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