Yannick Noah’s son was led down the hall by his mother Cécile

Yannick Noah’s eldest son is married after four years of relationship with Lais Ribeiro. The ceremony took place in Brazil and in the presence of both parents.

July 10, 2022 will forever be engraved in Joakim Noah’s memory. And with good reason? The young man is united for life with his beloved. During the ceremony, it was his mother Cécile who led him to the altar.


Born on May 18, 1960 in Sedan, Yannick Noah is without a doubt one of the most emblematic personalities of his generation. And rightly so, because in addition to being a talented tennis player, he is also a variety singer who is very popular among the French.

In short, on the career side, one has to say that Yannick Noah is a skilled and fulfilled man. But before he became the man he is today, the famous artist also went through difficult times.

Years ago, when he was still young, the tennis player had suffered a depression after winning a Parisian tournament. At that time, there was no one who could help him. Until he finally decides to open up to someone, who then advised him to leave France for New York, for a quieter life.

Of course, Yannick Noah followed this advice. And it is thanks to this that his life has changed completely for the better. For yes, it was in New York that he crossed paths with him that saved his life.

“I found my support by meeting Cécilia. By deciding that my career came after my family. My dream was to have children. We started a family very quickly”,

he recalled in an interview with “Le Monde”.

For information, it was in 1984 that the singer tied the knot on the Swedish model. A beautiful romance where they saw the birth of their two children, Joakim and Yelena, before they divorced in 1987.

Yannick Noah and Cécilia are admittedly no longer together today, but they still maintain a very good relationship. Even if it means having a good time with their children and grandchildren, as they did in 2021 in Hawaii.

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Yannick Noah is now single but happy. However, he never hid from liking women. In addition, he was married three times during his life and the father of five children.

Following her divorce from Cécilia Rodhe, the interpreter of the song “Saga Africa” ​​had actually shared life with Heather Stewart-Whyte, the mother of his two other children, Elijah and Jénayé. However, they ended up going their separate ways.

After their breakup, it was then in the arms of producer Isabelle Camus that he found love again. But like these two previous marriages, this too ended in divorce, after giving birth to a son named Joalukas in 2004.

Today, it seems that Yannick Noah has completely turned around, and has decided to spend the rest of his life alone … Unlike his son, Joakim, who is currently very happy in love.

The former basketball player has been in a relationship with his beloved Lais Ribeiro for four years and forms a mixed family together.

And with good reason? Before he shares life with the beautiful brunette, the former member of the Chicago Bulls is already the father of a daughter named Leia Irie, born in 2016, whose identity on the mother has never been revealed.

For his part, the Brazilian model is also already the mother of a boy named Alexandre when he met his lover.

Today, the two dwarf parrots are happier than ever. Especially when they recently formalized their relationship by getting married.

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As a reminder, it was in September 2019 that Joakim Noah and Lais Ribeiro got engaged. That year, it was the former basketball player who announced the good news on social networks.

“Freeing for you was the easiest decision of my life. Seeing that smile on the beach … I will never forget it. (…) I know you know because I tell you every day. I love you “On another note, this wedding is going to set everything on fire!”

he posted.

Happiness has also been shared as his beloved after the release of the singer’s son also announced to her many subscribers that she was going to be Mrs. Noah.

“Joakim surprised me at my favorite place in the world and proposed to me! I could not be happier! We are getting married, boys!”,

she posted.

Well, the big day is gone. For July 10, 2022, the two dwarf parrots said “yes” to each other for life during a beautiful ceremony that took place in Brazil.

The entire family gathered that day, including the groom’s mother, Cécilia Rodhe, who accompanied her son to the altar, as well as his father, Yannick Noah. For the occasion, the latter even posted on his Instagram account a bid message addressed to the newlyweds.

“I will gratefully drink this great pint under Sister Moon to celebrate the wedding of two wonderful souls. God bless you, children, family and friends. One love!”,

he captioned a picture.

And that’s not all. The famous artist also took the opportunity to take a picture with his ex-wife, Cécilia Rodhe and her son.

As for the ceremony, it was particularly magnificent. Starting with the bride who caused a sensation in a beautiful original dress, saw the little girl pouring rose petals.

Musically, it was especially the star DJ Black Coffee who provided the atmosphere.

The ceremony inevitably enchanted the guests. In any case, they all left with a small souvenir, for the bride and groom had their initials engraved on small sailors.

Congratulations to the newlyweds.

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