2,363 young people in Arue for Inter-CVL 2022

The Polynesian Union for Youth (UPJ) is organizing its meeting day for holiday and leisure centers on Thursday 21 July at the Boris Leontieff sports complex. Va’a, hiking, team sports, manual activities or laser marking … In support of the 350 facilitators who will oversee this inter-CVL, the municipality has mobilized its agents and young people from Universal National Service have volunteered.

This is the fourth edition of this day with meetings in holiday and leisure centers, organized by UPJ in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, IJSPF and the town hall in Arue. An event that aims to highlight the “essential educational action” of summer camps and other summer camps that are more successful each year. “We had maintained our activities during the Covid crisis because it complied with the need to be able to offer supervised activities to the children, (…), but in 2021 we almost doubled the staff at the holiday center, reminiscent of Tao’ahere Maono, the director of UPJ. This July, we welcome more than 17,000 children throughout Polynesia. “.

Togetherness, meetings and discovery of activities

Seclusion, sometimes busy entertainment program … Of course, not everyone was able to attend. But there will still be 2,363 children aged 3 to 17 who will be there this Thursday, July 21 at the Boris Léontieff sports facility in Arue. The opportunity to highlight the “educational and cultural” efforts of youth associations and their hundreds of leaders and volunteers. But it is above all a matter of “allowing the meeting of these young people”, of “creating memories” together, of “finding common ground”, explains the President of the Polynesian Union for Youth, Patricia Teriiteraahaumea: “we are also convinced that it is also a device that allows our young people to see that in order to live together, there is respect for the rules”.

In addition to the trainees from the holiday and leisure centers, there are over 150 young people supported by the holiday program at the town hall in Arue, who in addition to making the space available, will “fully mobilize” to participate in the organization. of activities. Because it is a significant logistical challenge to receive such a large number of children. UPJ and its forty member associations have experience in this field: the children will be grouped according to “villages” by age groups, even divided into “kingdoms”, each associated with activities, themes and dedicated tutors. It is not about doing the same things as in a day of classic camp, the program must be exceptional, assures Tao’ahere Maono. Va’a and nautical activities – the first for an inter-CVL, BMX, hiking on the Tahara’a heights for teenagers, great games and manual activities for the youngest … “UPJ will also be able to offer all these resorts activities that cost and are not necessarily budgeted with their limited funds, resumes the Director, it’s the laser game, the bubble football, the match arena or the big buoys … “

15 young people from SNU try their hand at animation

Enough to fulfill the main mission of the event: “give a smile and live fully in the present”, insists Tavana of Arue, Teura Iriti. City Hall has mobilized several dozen agents, who will be added to about 350 candidate leaders and directors from member associations of UPJ. There are also about fifteen young people from the first session of the Universal National Service in Polynesia. Volunteers who have just completed the first stage of this SNU, a cohesion internship at the hotel school, and who are now to carry out a mission of general interest. Some have chosen firefighters, RSMA, IT or administrative services in the pro-rectorate or hussariat, this group has chosen to engage in the supervision of young people. For Education League chairman Pépin Mou Kam Tsé, this could be a way forward for them. “Our goal is to motivate young people to go to the end of their project, in this mission of general interest, but also to motivate them to continue to achieve their Bafaspecifies the director of the hotel school. and why not for some to take the holiday center director education ».

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