Akim breaks up with Lucille (summary of episode 925)

“Un Si Grand Soleil” in advance with the complete and detailed summary of episode 925 of Monday, July 25, 2022 – In this new episode, Lucille returns with a new suggestion for Akim, Verneuil sticks to his version of facts. Meanwhile, Manu is on an interesting track that he is not ready to let go of..


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The detailed summary of the previous episode of Un Si Grand Soleil is also online. Good reading.


Un Si Grand Soleil: Summary prior to episode 925 of July 25, 2022

Aurore sees his plans thwarted

The night has fallen on as Carole hears footsteps around her mobile home. She panics and calls Gary for help. After walking around the campground and making sure everything was normal, Gary goes to Carole to reassure her.

Carole thanks him and then apologizes for kissing him on the cheek the other day. It was an inappropriate gesture. Gary assures her that is not the case, explaining that it was his reaction to him that was silly. Otherwise, he would have reacted differently … Gary mentions Carole’s divorce. He felt that she was very fragile and did not want to take advantage of the situation. Gary confides in her that it does not mean he does not like her, on the contrary … But Lieutenant Bourdais did not miss their conversation. The next day, Carole tells him what happened last night. The latter understands that Carole is on edge and asks her to trust him, for he is the only one who can protect her if she is in danger.

During his meeting with Philippe Verneuil, Florent wants his client to tell him the truth. Verneuil refuses to be involved in this drug trade. Florent does not believe in him and advises him to seek another lawyer.

Thierry, for his part, believes he has found the wreck of Samuel’s motorcycle, Pilar’s accomplice … As a result, he wants to warn the scientist so she can come and pick it up to analyze it.

As he prepares dinner, Florent Claire confides that he is more and more convinced that Verneuil is lying to him and that he is stopping defending him because he is too emotionally involved. Enzo overheard their conversation. He sets off to join Aurore and asks her if she was aware that her father stopped defending his, but that is not the case. … Aurore hardly acknowledges the news because it thwarts her plans.

For his part, Manu meets Dr. Alphand, who treated Samuel, Pilar Otero’s accomplice, after his accident. He tells her that Samuel must come the next day to remove his stitches.


Akim and Lucille, it’s over

Lucille is back in Montpellier. Akim is cold and distant. Lucille tells Akim that she reflected during her time in Barcelona. She realized that his police work was important to him and she could not ask him not to. It is for this reason that she offers him to live their relationship at a distance. They would see each other every weekend for a year. This solution does not please Akim. He wants Lucille to stay in Montpellier. But the young woman can not bring herself to let such an opportunity pass her by, especially since she came into journalism late and does not want to risk ruining her career just because Akim refuses to do so. In addition, she has found an apartment and is going back to Barcelona tomorrow to sign the lease, and she will start at her new job next week. Annoyed by the discussion, Akim goes to work.

Lucille confides in Ludo about her problems with Akim. Ludo advises him to give Akim some time to think things over and reminds him that it is not easy to compromise. But the young woman is hardly optimistic about the rest of their love story.

At the police station, Elise enters the minutes of hearings with Akim. He tells her about Lucille’s solution, namely to have a long distance relationship. He regrets that they are not on the same wavelength. Akim does not want such a relationship. Elise advises Akim not to drop everything on a whim and really think about what he wants so he does not regret afterwards. Alex interrupts their conversation and sends them to Montcalm Park to settle a dispute.

Once this story is settled, Akim lets Elise go back to the police station alone and pretends she has things to do. In fact, he saw Noémie make his deliveries. Then he attacks the young woman. He admits to abusing her a bit after taking her to the police station and then worries about Noémie’s hair. In addition, he withdrew his complaint. Akim tells him that it is a bit of a mess in his life. The young woman offers him a cup of coffee.

Akim and Noémie get to know each other better while walking in La Grande Motte. Akim tells him that horses have always made him uncomfortable. Noémie explains to him that you have to learn to communicate with them because they are real emotional sponges.

Back home, Akim informs Lucille that his departure for Barcelona means the end of their history. He then criticizes Lucille for being selfish and thinking only of her. Lucille collapses in tears.

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