Different ages – Myriam, 62, and Christophe, 43: “My ex-husband is furious about the situation”

Different ages – Myriam, 62 and Christophe, 43: “It was my son who chose whether we should stay together or not”

According to an INSEE study, 6 out of 10 men are older than their spouses, but only 8% of couples have more than 10 years of age difference. There has been a change in recent years: the average age difference seems to be widening. How do these couples, who have been opposed for almost a generation, live? Is it possible to live a balanced relationship when the two partners are not at the same time in their lives?

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Myriam is 62 years old and Christophe, her partner, is 43. They have been in a relationship for 12 years: “I have not seen time go by. With Christophe, everything goes faster. But I also think it’s because I was very unhappy in my previous relationship.I had a son that I love but otherwise I was not happy at all.My marriage ended in divorce because my ex-husband met one, otherwise I know I would still be in a relationship with him. He released me unconsciously and I was lucky enough to meet someone I really liked a few months later. “

The two future boyfriends meet in the cinema: “It was an evening session and there was almost no one in the room. At the end of the film, he approached me and asked me if I agreed to talk to him about it. He was sorry and so was I. It did not look like a flirtation and it was not so, so I accepted.We took a drink.in the cafe next door which was still open.And then we never left each other . “

Like in the movies

Myriam and Christophe decide to meet again for another cinema session: “We saw each other two days later and then a week later. Always with the apology for the cinema session, because we are both very cinephile, always with a drink after. Third time, he asked me if he could kiss me. I had never been asked that, and it touched me. I wanted it too, even though I had never imagined that anything could be possible. Our story started like that. “

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Myriam hardly cares about how others look. She only asks for the blessing of one person: “It was my son who chose whether we should stay together. I’m not ashamed to say it, I had to ask him for permission. I would not, I would not to stick him in the paws of a stepfather he does not like or that he condemns me for a story he would not find serious.He was 20 years old at the time.We had a long conversation that we had never had before He surprised me by telling me that he knew I was not happy with his father and that I deserved to be now.He also told me that he trusted me.I had a big buzz of love for him in that moment. He had become a perfect young man. “

A mixed family

Christophe and Myriam’s son have a wonderful time together: “He does not play stepfather because he does not need it. My son is an adult now. I know he sometimes sends him messages. Messages to remind him to call his grandparents or bring flowers home but nothing more They talk a lot when they see each other and I know they respect each other My ex-husband is angry about the situation but everything he said about me never changed the image our son had of me.When I’m with the two men in my life I feel proud I know I’m lucky I do not say that all the sad things that happened to me before had meaning but I still know that I’m happy today and I know it because I’ve lived through difficult years.I know nothing is safe and it allows me to see even more how well it works with Christophe.We almost never quarreled. “

Myriam, her son and Christophe want to keep their bond intact: “We arrange holidays together, he comes to eat in the house at least once a week with his partner. I want a family, my family with me. When I got divorced , I thought I would probably be alone for the rest of my life.Now that I have men around me that I love, I will not divorce.If my son feels the need one day, he will be able to distance himself a little. But I want to be there for him, for his partner, for their future child. It took me a while to accept it, but it’s not because our family is composed that it’s not a real family. And Christophe has its place in all that. “


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