Roblox: ATM or simple game? How do you protect your children?

Roblox is a platform available on mobile (Android and iOS), but also via browser on PC or Mac. Launched in 2004, it allows children aged 7 to 15 to play with friends, but also to create their own games thanks to a system that does not require programming knowledge. Very popular with its 50 million active users, Roblox does not hesitate to encourage fashionable personalities among young people to talk about it (you do not know them, but they do).

Roblox profits from child labor?

What’s wrong with the production of games is that of the 10 million users who have already tried the creative experience, only a few have managed to “break through”: the games that Roblox presents, are rarely artisanal productions because one has to be very popular. and pay to put your game forward. Because money is at the heart of Roblox. You also have to pay to unlock features in games, improve your avatar, etc. But when it comes to creating games, the problem is getting kids to think they have a chance to become popular. Imagine a YouTube where it would be possible to pay to increase your video. If we can imagine passionate adult YouTubers falling into the trap, imagine kids … The craziest thing about all this is that Roblox does not take 10, 20 or 30% … but 73% of the income from creations! It is almost slavery, especially since in order to recover your money you have to generate € 1,000 in income. It’s huge. So even if your child’s game is a little successful, he may never see the fruits of his labor …

We better understand the 38 billion capitalizations on the site.

On Roblox, customizations or certain elements of the game are charged. You will need to purchase Robux to use them on the platform. If you ever decide to let your child spend their pocket money, you can set security measures in Settings> Billing.
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Roblox cleans up games with banned content, but your 7-year-old can play Runaway the Killer: There are no age restrictions when it comes to games. However, there is an age restriction in cats.

Content is not always customized …

Roblox is furious and it’s hard to tell your child he does not want to play it. For example, we can take a conversation with him and explain to him that he should not expect anything from the platform if he wants to create a game. We can also explain to him the commercial side of the platform. The other thing to see with him is the age required for this or that game. Roblox is a platform that is open to players over 7 years old, but it does not check anything when it comes to choosing this or that game. There are no age requirements, and although Roblox cleans up on swear words or inappropriate images, it does nothing against blood, murders or horror stories. Also note that Roblox obviously has a chat where everyone can chat. Needless to mention the danger of leaving a child alone and without a safety net. So now we’ll see how to make Roblox safer for your kids with some tweaks …

There is a lot of content on Roblox. Unfortunately, some games are “pay to win” or “pay to advance”. The kids give each other great tips on the playground: “You can try this game, there is no need to pay to have fun …”

How do you make Roblox safe for your children?

Well configured and with a dialogue with your child, Roblox is not so bad an app. It can be frustrating at times due to the incentive to buy in the app, but it’s a great playground. If your child is uncomfortable with another player or a game, it is possible to report them. Afterwards, you can configure certain aspects of Roblox yourself:

1 / Parental control

Go to the icon at the bottom with the three small dots and then go to Settings. IN Parental control, switch on the contact and enter your e-mail address. Confirm your address by clicking the button. Restart Roblox and turn on the switch again to set your PIN. This code will be needed to change Settings.


2 / Privacy settings

You can now go to Privacy and adjust everything that seems to be in line with your child’s age. He cannot change these Settings unless you have your PIN: who can send messages to your child, who can talk to them in the app, who can invite them to private servers, who can join them, etc. If in doubt, put “Friends” everywhere: therefore there will only be friends to interact with your offspring. It will therefore again be necessary to have a discussion to make it clear to him not to accept anyone as a friend … In the same menu you can also adjust the level of filtering the chat according to the age of the child.

As is often the case with parental controls, there are no miracle solutions …


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