The triple murder of Angers moves me more today than the commemoration of Rafle du Vel’d’Hiv [L’Agora]

Attention, sensitive subject, so much the ayatollahs in the control society, “I am Charlie, but not with everyone” watching. Sensitive, but it is not yet totally forbidden (though?) To speak in this country. This weekend we witnessed a wave, no, a stream of media about the Roundup of Vel d’Hiv, which took place on 16-17. July 1942, and where thousands of Jews were arrested and then deported – because they were Jews – by the French authorities at the request of the German authorities.

Not an elected official, not a politician who goes there with his tweet, not a communications officer who has not been asked to do a little more than the neighbor. We were also treated to a controversy after the tweet from far-left MP Mathilde Panot. And the traditional indignations have replaced the eternal “never again” etc. etc. As if, almost 100 years later, we, that is, the people, were stupid enough not to already know this subject and our history as a whole (even if it is true that as far as the history of France is concerned, the generations that currently school, college, high school and even university do not know much anymore as this discipline has been deliberately massacred). As if it was absolutely necessary for politicians (and not historians) to tell us what to think, remember, and how to be indignant.

However, it must be said clearly: Roundup of Vel d’Hiv was a hundred years ago. And as Laurent Ozon also says on his twitter account, back then “ IIt took courage to go against the state, the police, the media, the majority in 1942. If one remembers #Vel d’Hiv, Think about it. You will have no trouble recognizing the heirs of the brave people of yesterday. They are the ones who dare to go against the wind today. You do not necessarily have them as friends, they can make you angry, but remember one thing: If everyone one day obeys again, goes to bed, follows along, then it is still them who dare to say “shit” to you today , who will take the risk to help you next time. Finally you or someone in a comparable situation huh ”. Nothing else to say on the subject. I do not get up every morning thinking about the Nantes drownings, the Native American genocide, the Terror, the Shoah, or whatever. I think of the present and the future.

For at the same time, three young men over the weekend were liquidated with a knife by a Sudanese migrant whom the French Republic has granted status as a political refugee. This happened in Angers, in political and media indifference (TF1 did not even deserve to mention the quality of the alleged aggressor). This also happened a few days after another young man was liquidated, in Amiens, also by a migrant held on our territory by the authorities of the French Republic. Shall we mention this seven-year-old, stabbed in the smart suburb of Rennes, in Cesson-Sévigné, this weekend? Or this 50-year-old shot and killed in a street in Issy les Moulineaux last week because he accused “young people” of making too much noise? Or this man massacred with a knife in Loriol sur Drôme last week for free in front of his wife? Or the young man who was stabbed to death in Metz last week?

Every day, the list of victims of the French authorities’ laxity grows longer. So excuse me for telling you that the triple murder in Angers moves me more than the memorial service of Rafle du Vel d’Hiv, an event that is almost a century old. How it moves me more than any historical event that anyone can use to then seek to instrumentalize memory for their own purposes. What matters to me is my people, who die every day in the streets of France, for a glance, for a cigarette, because they fell on a mad man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Our elected representatives, our politicians, are not even aware that almost 100 years ago, given their cowardice, their renunciation, they would no doubt have been the first to capitulate and obey orders. For they are the ones who today, representatives of the French Republic, hold potential assassins and criminals in our territory when they have nothing to do there, in the name of “human rights” or international treaties, to whom they kneel. It is they who dissolve those who for years have proclaimed and condemned the security, identity and cultural dissolution of this country. It is them, these poorly chosen ones living in their bubble, talking to you about living together and an inclusive society while our children lie on the sidewalk, victims of a “crazy knife”, a “crazy truck” or still some times. ‘terrorism’, which we should ‘get used to living with’.

But fuck you m… .everything as much as you are. This society of death, it is you who has contributed to giving birth to it, while we, on our side and for years, have warned, repeatedly, hammered in, constantly, that your community project was a furious madness. to be a real betrayal of his own people.

In a century, if this collapse continues, it will not only be Philippe Pétain that our descendants will look upon with anger, hatred and contempt. But these very poorly chosen French Republic today, capitulators, cumulators, cowards, self-interested, who lead not only our continent to ruin, but our children to the slaughterhouse.

Abandonment and betrayal to nausea as well as the media diversion of the popular gaze as our door on the street with open mouth.

And you still wonder why more than half of the population literally wipes their ballot?

Julien Dir

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