Vanessa Demouy was attacked for her weight of 56 kg

Like other stars, Vanessa Demouy faces many criticisms related to her body. The actress copes with this pressure perfectly and responds to her opponents with humor.

After breaking up with Philippe Lellouche and putting an end to a 20-year relationship, Vanessa Demouy found love again in the arms of a man whose identity she keeps secret. A real hen mother, she does her best to protect her children.

The 49-year-old actress is not afraid of criticism and the impact of age on her body. According to her own confession, she “ages well” and enjoys her life surrounded by loved ones. The details.


Vanessa Demouy and Philippe Lellouche have long been one of the most popular couples in French showbiz. Unfortunately, they broke up after more than 20 years of relationship. In 2017, the actress announced their breakup, and this news had the effect of a bomb at the time.

In fact, their couple aroused the admiration of the public, so welded and harmonious it was. In 2017, ex-lovers already showed signs of strife without this being confirmed. When Vanessa Demouy announced their breakup, some internet users could not believe it. The actress told Gala magazine:

“Philippe and I broke up. Since I had not married divorce one day when I had been fighting for a long time for my couple to resist, it was not easy to live with.”

She did not give the reasons for their breakup, but she talked about it in half words and said:

“It takes two to want. When one of the two gives up, make a clean cut.”

Vanessa Demouy also opened up about how she felt she was the only one dealing with the damage in their relationship:

“A couple’s life consists of big moments and others smaller. There you have to stick together, and yes, make concessions (…) From the moment you love and have children, you have to do everything to make it work (.. .) Often people who have my profile, hypersensitive, willingly empathetic, tend to forget themselves, and when we forget ourselves, we inevitably hurt ourselves ”.

they trusted.

It seems that infidelity is one of the causes of their breakup; at least that’s what the actress hinted at without saying it clearly:

“I do not know any woman who readily accepts not to have her husband’s exclusivity.”

It is for all these reasons that she filed for divorce. For indication, the couple has two children Sharlie and Solal.


This breakup was painful and difficult to deal with, especially since it was a relationship of more than 20 years. She probably suffered from it, but she could lift her head. In 2020, she hinted that she had found love again. On her Instagram account, she posted a quote from Jean-Loup Dabadie, which says this:

“The day someone loves you, the weather is very good. I can not say it better: the weather is very good!”.

The next day, during a question and answer session with Lorie Pester, Vanessa Demouy formalized her relationship without revealing the identity of the lucky winner.

On a strictly personal level, Vanessa Demouy is met by her children, to whom she gives a lot of love. A real hen mother loves the actress to spend time with her offspring.

She does everything to protect them, which is why she never uploads their photos. However, she made an exception for a special occasion.

On May 5, 2022, his daughter Sharlie celebrated her 11th birthday. She wanted to mark this happy event by posting a picture of her daughter on Instagram. We can see the girl on a beach, barefoot and wearing ripped jeans. This lovely picture comes with the caption below:

“Happy birthday my acrobat … my sunbeam”.

The actress seems fulfilled in all aspects of her life and that is the most important thing.


Like many celebrities, Vanessa Demouy is criticized for her weight. Far from being reached by these sometimes derogatory remarks, the star of the soap opera ¨Here it all begins¨ reacts its critics with humor.

On July 15, 2022, she posted a video on her Instagram account where she is standing near a palm tree with a plate of cake in her hands. His message is:

“Yes, I baked another cake … first and foremost because I love it … my dear ones too … and also because my pleasure and my little pleasures are more important than my waist … and so many of you think to worry about my weight that I do not need. “

It must be said that she is used to undergoing that kind of criticism. In 2020, that was already the case, and in response to her haters, the actress confided in Purepeople and said:

“It’s heavy for all women. It’s our lot. Because we have ovaries, people need to feel empowered to judge us on our physique (…) Tell me about my job, my benefits. All my life it’s been such a day I am too wrinkled, the next day I have done too much surgery.

She also made an update on the rumors about a possible use of cosmetic surgery:

“In light of certain ‘articles’ I must clarify that no, I have not been lifted (well, not yet, one day maybe), if you can see less of my wrinkles in certain pictures, it’s just a matter of light … So please let me be at peace with my physique also like this or not enough like this !!! “.

In fact, as her 50th birthday approaches, the actress has a very good understanding of her life and the impact of time on her body.

“I’m turning 49, I’m like, ‘Wow, how lucky!’ I age well, that’s the goal (…) As a 49-year-old you can not look like you were 20. And it suits me very well. Today I am much more confident in my femininity, with my body “,

she said.

She is happy and she is happy with herself.

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