What are the signs of a loving friendship?

Love? Friendship? A bit of both? A romantic friendship often arises when you least expect it. It sets in gradually and often without even the two affected being really aware of it. Fortunately, the characters do not lie to detect it.

How many times have you heard someone around you justify themselves with the famous ones “He’s just a friend!” » ? If you ask yourself questions and there is doubt, it is because there is definitely something to dig into. There is actually no smoke without fire. Whether it’s you or someone close to youlove andfriendship can often be confused. How then do you spot the signs of one loving friendship ? We tell you everything.

A look that does not deceive

Among the signs of a loving friendship, there is first and foremost the look. You do not look at a simple friend in the same way that you look at someone you are in love with. Moreover, the look is also a sign of discover the disorder in a man who is attracted to a woman. Yes, when we are in the presence of a loving friendship between two people, we witness glances, full of tenderness, sometimes longing. It is said that the eyes are the reflection of the soul, and in this case it is even more so.

When you have one crush on a person, you will often tend to blur your face. Especially when you first considered each other as friends. It may be because you do not want to admit to yourself that one of you already is couple or that you simply do not want to ruin your friendship, which is so valuable to you. In any case, a person who is in love with his close friend will not be able to control his gaze, which in reality expresses all romantic feelings felt.

An exclusive relationship

Two people who are in a loving friendship may be aware of this and hide their feelings. But most of the time, the two affected are not aware that they are engaged in to fall in love one by the other. This is the whole complexity of amorous friendship. It will gradually bring the two people closer together and make them almost dependent on each other. One of the signs that we are witnessing the birth of a loving friendship is that the two people are self-sufficient. They are like in a bubble, in one exclusive relationship where others have no place. They complement and understand each other without having to talk to each other.

A man and a woman in a loving friendship can spend hours together without getting bored. When they are in each other’s presence, they do not get bored, they talk about everything as best friendsbut share too emotions Hardly hidden forts.

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Exist for each other. We could easily sum up a loving friendship like this. In fact, the most obvious sign of a loving friendship is the close relationship between the two people involved. They have a vital need to find themselves in each other’s presence. In everyday life, it is a very special way to avoid moving away from the loved one. Spending their days together, talking to each other on the phone or texting all the time, will be in constant contact. All reasons are good not to break the contact. It is by making this observation that people begin to question the true nature of the relationship.

A sexual desire

If you are wondering if you live one loving friendship, The answer is very simple. Do you imagine that you have a truly carnal relationship with the person you are thinking of? This friend who is so valuable to you and who you present to everyone as your best friend? If you feel like this person, whether you are imagining yourself in their arms or hugging them, then you are in love. The answer is clear to you. Yes, whatever one may say, it is almost impossible to feel sexual desire for a person considered just one friend.

The need to share everything

Two people in love, whether they are aware of it or not, have a need to share everything. They never get tired of spend all their time together. All opportunities are good to seize to laugh, have fun, touch each other, have a good time together. One of the signs of a loving friendship is that the two people are like ass and ass to be trivial. It is not possible to see one without the other, simply because they share everything. Their leisure time, their hobbies, their excursions, they are simply fused and in perfect harmony.


the couple's participation

The ultimate sign of loving friendship between a man and a woman is participation. The two boyfriends, who are still disguised in friendship, have a special relationship. They can be understood in an instant. They tease and tickle each other. Whether they are alone or surrounded by other people, their attraction and connection is unmistakable. Very often, the friendship that becomes a love story is anchored in a true bond. The person’s feelings are expressed by understanding the other without the need for words.

The need to please others

If you are wondering how to attract look of your friend or how to please him, stop talking about friendship. You fell in love with your friend and you have to admit it. Another sign of a loving friendship is actually that the two people will always look their best in each other’s eyes. We could almost talk about seduction unconscious.

For women, they will try to look attractive, dress in a style that will delight the other, do everything in their power to look beautiful and keep their attention. For a man, it will be more subtle. Men are more often in control. They will try to please by being caring and protective. A friend in love will try to prove to you, even unknowingly, that he represents the ideal man.

Total trust

Two friends in love, whether they do not know it or are aware of it, have one confidence absolutely in each other. In fact, they could almost put their lives in the hands of their friend. It’s not naivety, but just total trust that the other person is the best person you have in your life. This is expressed by harmless everyday movements. To entrust the keys to his house, ask the other to act, give him his bank card, in short, friends in love behave almost like a couple.

physical attraction

couple friend seduction

Although some confusephysical attraction with sexual desire it is not the same. In fact, physical attraction is expressed through a very specific body language. When there is a romantic friendship, one or the other of the parties will constantly need to be in physical contact with their crush. Of course, this does not mean that there is no desire to have carnal relationships, but it is more subtle. Physical attraction is one attraction inexplicable that pressure the man or woman to want to touch, brush against, be very tactile towards each other in everyday life. In fact, any opportunity is a pretext to feel close to the other and stay in their wake.

Projection into the future

A sign of a loving friendship is that the two people are looking forward to the future together. They have projects, dream together, share responsibilities. Friends in love will always find reasons not to get separated and consider a variety of things to do together. This is therefore part of the signs that do not deceive, because when it comes to simple friends, each lives his life independently of the other.

Attention to every detail

A person who is in love with another will generally pay close attention to the latter. In the case of a loving friendship between a man and a woman, the little attention is very present. In fact, the two loving friends take care of each other. Through gestures, gifts, attention, we try to prove to the other how valuable he is. Friends in love are always listening and willing to help each other. For example, a friend who is in love with you, even without admitting it to himself, will always be worried, will want to protect you, will do anything to make you feel safe and that you do not miss anything .

We can also put among the signs of amorous friendship the fact that every gesture is interpreted. This attention to detail is expressed by great sensitivity. The smallest glance, the smallest word, makes sense in the eyes of the lover.


Jealousy is an unmistakable sign that friendship has turned into love. In fact, two friends have friendly relationships with other people, others have dating without it really bothering the other. On the other hand, when there is a loving friendship, both people will have a very hard time not feeling frustrated when the loved one spends time with other people. It is a natural feeling that can join the need for exclusivity in the relationship. We do not want an uninvited guest to disturb the relationship, we are totally obsessed with the other. The idea of ​​imagining it with another person is unbearable and we feel jealousy and sadness when you are not with him.

The desire to spend time together

friends spend time together

That friends in love do not get bored at all. They always want to be next to each other. Both spend their days and their nights side by side, finding excuses for not having to divorce. They have an indomitable need to do everything, to share everything. This sign, although it may be present in connection with an innocent friendship, very often proves that two people have passed the milestone of friendship.

The beloved is idealized

Love is blind. When there is a loving friendship, this is all the more true. In fact, we will tend not to see the other person’s faults or rather to ignore them voluntarily or unconsciously. A friend who is in love with you will always speak well of you and stand up for you, even when you make a mistake. It is a sign that shows that you are his ideal person and that he is ready to follow you to the end of the world.

The signs of a loving friendship can be perceived by those around you, but they can also be seen by one of the two people involved. If you are in doubt when you notice several of these signs in your relationship that you have considered kind until now, you have your answer. You now know how to read between the lines and interpret your friend’s behaviors and reactions to you. Maybe this is the start of one love story ? In fact, according to statistics, romantic relationships that begin with a friendship are the ones that last the longest and are the most solid.

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