5 totally crazy NFTs to know … or not!

NFTs have grown by 2021 to become a more than $ 40 billion market. Alongside the speculative bubble, NFTs are revolutionizing the art market and representing a new application for cryptocurrencies. Like any field in its infancy, the NFT market gives rise to sometimes amazing products! Let’s take a little consideration in relation to the surrounding, anxious climate and discover 5 completely crazy NFTs!

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“Twig”, an NFT … for dogs!

The name “twig” means “twig” in French. NFT “Twig” is a classic stick that looks like any piece of wood used by dog ​​owners to play with their pets.

The stick that acts as the NFT has been “selected” in the woods of the West Village of New York. This place is apparently very popular with dogs for its smells and its trees. NFT went on sale on the Opensea platform for $ 1,200. In addition to the NFT, its owner also received the right stick with its display stand in aluminum. The story does not tell whether the owner’s dog preferred his wooden or NFT stick!

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Source: betweentwonaps.com

“Cyber ​​Eau de Parfum”: a perfume in NFT!

“Cyber ​​Eau de Parfum” is an NFT perfume. This NFT is designed by Looks Labs, a company located in Berlin. Specifically, this NFT has no odor. In fact, NFT represents the perfume bottle with the infrared spectroscopes of the perfume, the bottle and its packaging. A way to digitize the molecular constituents of this perfume.

“Digital perfume is the so-called digital reflection extracted from a physical perfume. (…) In this particular case, we visualized the scientific data as works of art. (…) Potentially, if we have a machine that can convert these molecular reflections back, we can recreate the smell, or we can have an AI algorithm that can “decode” the smell and reproduce it in the near future. Jodan Katzarov, founder of Look Labs

This NFT was above all a means of marketing around the real perfume developed by a master perfumer based in Grasse. 888 “Cyber ​​Eau de Parfum” was put up for sale shortly after. The number refers to 1888, the year the perfumer was created. The starting sale price for NFT was set at $ 20,000.

The scent is accompanied by a digital work of art
Source: dienen.com

One color in NFT

We warned you you will see all the colors in this article! As we know, the color spectrum gives rise to an extremely wide range of shades. What if you became the official owner of one of these colors? Is it possible !

With the site tzcolors.io you can actually buy a particular color in NFT. Over a thousand NFTs can be purchased at a starting price of $ 100. You will find several shades on sale such as “Vampire Black”, “Youtube Red”, “Piggy Pink” etc.

A sandwich in NFT

A picture of a sandwich in the NFT, pretty banal, right? Yes, but this NFT sandwich has its own story! In fact, the creation of this NFT brings us back in 2017 in the Bahamas. Does it mean nothing to you? And if now we’re talking to you about the Guys Festival, does that remind you of anything?

that “Fire Festival” is notorious as a high-profile scam. The festival was to bring together an audience of stars and provide luxury services. The guests who arrived in large numbers on the spot were quickly disappointed by the reality. The organization of the festival turned into a nightmare with performances that in no way corresponded to the announced standard. A scam when you know the admission ticket was … $ 12,000. In addition, the person responsible for this festival was sentenced to 6 years in prison. The Netflix streaming platform recently released a documentary about this “festival”.

Trevor DeHaas, one of the unfortunate guests, tweeted ppicture of his sandwich to testify to the scam. The sandwich is painful to look at with its two slices of cheese and its salad. Later, he decided to make money on this accident by selling his tweet with the picture of his sandwich in the form of an NFT. The starting sale price was set at $ 80,000 by Trevor DeHaas. The money he hopes to raise with the sale of this NFT should enable him to pay certain medical expenses in connection with a kidney transplant.

An NFT arm

Croatian tennis player Oleksandra Oliynykova has put up an NFT for sale that matches one surface of the skin placed on his arm. The goal for her is to encourage sponsors to come. The surface is 15 cm by 8 cm. NFT went on sale for $ 5,000 and gives its owner the right to choose a tattoo.

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