Ashley Cooke at the “Bachelorette” show, Rachel and Jordan V.

second week of the bachelor was full of surprises, including Rachel Rechia Shipping in progress Jordan V at home before Ashley Cook and Brett Young could perform their duet, “Never Til Now,” for Bachelorette and her first one-on-one date recipient.

The 26-year-old flight instructor broke up with the 27-year-old drag racer during the night on their date after realizing there was not a strong enough bond. As a result, the musicians sang only for Rachel – a first for the franchise.

“It was very cool. I would say I did not expect it to be that real,” Ashley, 25, continued. We WeeklyThe podcast “Here for the Right Reasons” from Tuesday, July 19th. “A lot of the show – and all the things that happen, the drama that unfolds – it’s very organic and real. Real people you know meet true love. It was really cool and revealing and really interesting to see behind the scenes. And even yesterday in the episode where Rachel said, “I just want to be Rachel, [not] Rachel: The young man. ‘ It really humanized me to see her and see them from that angle.

Ashley Cooke, Rachel Recchia and Brett Young in “The Bachelorette”.

ABC / Craig Sjodin

While “Never Til Now” is truly a love song, the songwriter believes the track worked for Rachel’s solo moment after sending Jordan V. home.

“It ended like in a moment in full circle – because when I wrote ‘Never To Now’, it’s obviously a love song. But I was very single, I’m still single. And I was in a place where you know I’m tried to manifest my future person about who I would meet on the road and the kind of love I wanted, “she explained, confirming that she had not met. Jordan V. or co-Bachelorette Gaby Windey when it appears. “And it was a weird full-loop moment that we did not expect, but it turned out to be the same story for Rachel. And it’s really cool because I feel like it’s all connected, and it shows that love songs and [this] song in particular, a kind related to people in all different phases of love, whether you have found it or not.

Ashley Cook

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The “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night” singer added that Rachel was the “cutest woman on the planet” who sent her message after the episode aired. “She DMed me last night saying, ‘Oh my God, so good to meet you,'” she said. “I really hope Rachel was able to find that person because she seemed to have such a good compass for where she wanted to go and how she would find that love.”

Ashley, meanwhile, is focusing on her upcoming debut album and is on track Cole Swindell in September for 20 dates.

“I’m so excited,” she said We, and noted that she toured with the “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” crooner in 2021 as his “first of three” (aka she performed before it opened), and he invited her to be his “live support” during his 2022 tour. “It was really cool to see how it progressed so fast; we have become such good friends. And he really believed in me from day one. … We play in the Ryman Auditorium, which I’m so excited about – I’ve never played there before. Huge, legendary national hall, and we’re playing in my hometown for the very last concert. … I’m so excited. So it gets really, really special.

For a full summary of Monday’s episode of Love To See It’s Emma GrayTo listen We Weeklyfrom the podcast “Here for the Right Reasons”.

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